I called Alyssa up and invited her over for dinner.

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She arrived promptly at seven PM. She was dressed in a clinging blue dress, her legs encased in sheer stockings and her feet in heels.

I called Alyssa up and invited her over for dinner. She arrived promptly at seven PM. She was dressed in a clinging blue dress, her legs encased in sheer stockings and her feet in heels. I greeted her at the door with a light kiss on the cheek.

Alyssa and I have a good friendship, based on years of knowing each other well. We’ve never been lovers, but we’ve shared slaves many times. Whenever I want to have one of my female slaves serve a woman, Alyssa is the one.

We moved to the living room where I’d just opened a bottle of wine. She sat across from me, with her legs crossed. We chatted about idle topics, the weather, our jobs, etc. The subject of our last get-together came up. She’d helped me dominate a slave. Both she and I were well serviced that time. I’d fucked my slave while Alyssa was eaten out by her. The slave had thoroughly satisfied us both.

I said, “I noticed that you really seemed to get into it.”

“Yes, I just really got into it. She has a very pleasing tongue.”

“I could also see when you stopped being her dominant and started giving in to the pleasure she was giving you. It was erotic.”


“I’ve suspected that you’ve a submissive streak in you. Is that true?”

Her eyes locked with mine. I could see the conflicting emotions behind her eyes. She’s never mentioned anything even remotely like that to me, and I could see that my last statement has hit some sort of nail right on the head. I could also sense her fear, and how much the thought of her being submissive scared her. I also began to see that the idea was exciting to her.

“I’ve never submitted to anyone before, but the thought has entered my fantasies. Some parts of submission turn me on, but others either scare me to death or completely turn me off.”

“Such as?” I asked.

“Well, the idea of surrendering to someone is great. I like the idea of being tied down. I’d like to be fucked while tied over a chair. But the idea of pain doesn’t do much for me. Maybe a light spanking, but not much heavier than that.”

Her last sentence surprised me. I’ve seen her dominate slaves before, and she could be quite cruel and sadistic. I said as much.

“To tell the truth, one of the things I really get off on when I’m with a slave is fulfilling their fantasies. I only give pain to those slaves that want it. With some of my slaves, I’ve never even spanked them. I like the idea of giving a submissive what their fantasies call for. It’s exciting to excite a slave. But I don’t really like pain.

“On the other hand, I’d like to feel like I’m owned, that what I’m doing is for my dominant’s pleasure. I’d like to be a little humiliated, to prove how much I’ll do for either him or her. I find those thoughts arousing.”

I glanced over her body and could detect signs of her arousal. Her nipples were erect, pushing against the material of her dress. She crossed and uncrossed her legs a couple of times. Her breathing was quicker. I spoke.

“Come over here.”

She got up from the couch and crossed over to me. I reached up and pulled her head down to me for a kiss. She melted against me as I pushed my tongue through my lips and into her mouth. Her hands came around behind my back and started pulling our bodies together. Our tongues explored the insides of each other’s mouths.

My hands caressed her back, running the soft material through my fingers. She kissed me back as passionately as I’d kissed her. We broke from the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes.

Some invisible wall between us had come down. “I’ve wanted you to do that for a long time” she said. I stood us both up. I started to remove her dress, but she insisted on doing it for me. She slowly slithered out of her dress to stand before me in her bra, panties, garter, stockings and heels. I led her into the dining room. I had her wait there for a minute, and went to get a couple of things.

When I returned, I put a waist belt on her, and cuffed her elbows to it. I put ankle and wrist cuffs on her, then ran a thin chain between the wrist cuffs and the waist belt. I had her sit in on of the chairs and attached her ankles to two of the legs.

I went into the kitchen and returned with the food that I’d prepared, a medium rare steak, baked potatoes, some broccoli, and another bottle of wine. I poured us both a glass of wine. I raised the glass to her lips and gave her a sip of the wine. She fell into her role quite well. I stopped for a second and thought about how much she trusts me. Even with all of her fears, she willingly surrendered to me. She knew that she was safe.

I fed her her dinner as I ate my own. Most of the time I used my fingers to put morsels into her mouth. Each bite was accepted as a gift that she was delighted to receive. She constantly licked my fingers clean, running her tongue between the digits, and occasionally sucking one or two fingers into her mouth. Each bite seemed to drive her deeper into her fantasy.

After dinner, I got up and released her from the chair. I had her do the dishes while I retired to the living room. I looked at the crotch of her panties and noticed further signs of her increasing arousal. The part over her pussy was very damp. She did the dishes and found me in the living room.

“Time for dessert, Alyssa,” I blurted out. I then stood up and removed my clothes. I went back out to the kitchen and returned with a bowl of fruit cocktail that I’d made. I latched her ankle cuffs and connected her wrist cuffs behind her back. I then laid down on the floor and placed several pieces of fruit salad on my body. I made sure to put some of the juice on the parts of my body that didn’t have fruit. “Enjoy your dessert,” I said.

She began at my feet. She licked the juice from my toes, and ran her tongue over the rest of my sole. Her tongue slowly worked its way up my body. Every time she came to a piece of fruit, she opened her mouth a little wider and used her tongue to lick it into the wet areas behind her teeth. She’d loudly chew on the fruit and gulp with an obvious pleasure.

As she worked her way towards my now rock hard dick, she bypassed it. She liquidly licked my chest and my neck. She paid particular attention to my nipples, spending much more time than she needed to remove the fruit and juices. By this time my cock was so hard that it almost hurt.

She ran her tongue down my torso in a wet slippery S shape when the only area left was my crotch. I could smell her arousal. She began to lick the areas around my dick, lightly grazing my hard-on. She took each of my balls into her mouth and sucked gently, running her tongue around the surface. Finally, she started to work on my cock, licking each side.

She worked continuously up and down the sides. She took the head into her mouth and pushed herself down on it very slowly, millimeter by millimeter it seemed. When she’d put me into her mouth as far as it would go, she started running her tongue around it while she sucked. She built up the tempo, gradually taking longer and longer strokes. God was she good. She brought me to a toe-curling orgasm, hungrily gulping down my semen. I thought I was going to cum forever.

I lay back spent on the floor and she just collapsed against me. We stayed in that position for a few minutes. After I had calmed down, I stood up and led her into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, I unlatched her hands and laid her face up on the bed. I removed her panties and bra, leaving on the garter belt, stockings and heels. I took each of her wrists and ankles and attached them to the four corners of the bed. I went out and got a glass of ice water. We each had a sip to refresh ourselves.

I then started in on her body. I began by running my hands along her body. Her breasts were standing up, almost like they were at attention. Her nipples were hard, and I got quite a moan from her when I ran my palms against them. Her belly was taught, and her leg muscles strained as she arched forward to receive my caresses.

Each touch brought increasing pleasure to her. When I laid her on the bed she had already been very wet, but after I’d massaged her for a while, she was drenched. I brought my hands to her pussy and began to play with it.

I separated her outer lips with my two pinkies, and used my other eight fingers to examine her. I put a couple of them inside her, while my thumbs sought out her clit. She threw her hips up off of the bed to drive my fingers in even deeper. My thumbs were driving her crazy. Her breath escaped her lips in ragged gasps.

She was throwing her head back and forth wildly. As she approached orgasm, I removed my fingers from inside of her to give her a chance to calm down. She started pleading with me to take her over the edge. I merely smiled and watched her agony for a few minutes.

I began again by licking her neck and nibbling on her earlobes. She really began to thrash on the bed. I continued to lick my way down her body, pausing for extended periods at her most sensitive areas. She particularly liked being licked on her wrists and her feet. She became a single pleasure point. It seemed that anything I licked drove her crazy. I paid particular attention to her reactions, looking for her erogenous zones, trying every square inch of her body. I eventually licked my way up the insides of her thighs.

I could tell that the lack of an orgasm had driven her to heights of passion she didn’t know she could reach. Higher and higher I drove her. When I finally placed my lips against her drenched pussy lips, she exploded, bucking her hips against my face. I continued my assault on her.

I licked all around her pubic area, running my tongue from her clit all the way to her ass and everything in between. She continued to cum and cum again. It felt like I had my face in her vagina for hours, but it was probably only 45 minutes or so. I pulled my face away and crawled up her body.

She stretched her neck up and licked her juices from my face. I in turn kissed her face and licked all over. Our tongues intertwined and she strained against her bonds, trying to hug me to her. I looked her in the face and said, “Do you want to be fucked now?”

“More than anything in the world. Please fuck me. Put yourself into me. Take me, I’m yours.”

I reached down and let her ankles free. She drew her knees back to her chest as I stooped to enter her. I rubbed the head of my dick against her opening. She tried to push herself up onto me. I pulled back just a bit. This was my fuck and I was going to be the one to enter her. I put the head of my dick in and waited.

She kept trying to impale herself on me, but I kept pulling back to control the flow. She stopped trying to make it happen and laid back on the bed. I started to push myself in. Everything we’d done up to now had left her very damp and ready for me. I could have slid all the way in if that was what I wanted. But I didn’t. I started with short strokes, slowly increasing the depth of my thrusts.

She began thrashing her head again, screaming, “Yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me! Take me! I love your dick! I love your dick! Oh god! Oh god!!”

Already I was in an advanced state of excitement. I kept my orgasm from happening for as long as I could. I couldn’t take it any longer. I felt my orgasm well up from the bottom of my balls. I exploded into her as she had her most powerful orgasm yet. I came and came and came. It was one of the most explosive orgasms I’ve ever had. I finally collapsed against her, panting and gasping for air.

When I awoke from my stupor, I reached over and unlatched her wrists. She curled up against me, and we fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.

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