Unleashing Destruction as the Barbarian Hero in Elden Ring

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When first embarking on a playthrough of Elden Ring, the allure of the classic "barbarian" approach is undeniable

When first embarking on a playthrough of Elden Ring, the allure of the classic "barbarian" approach is undeniable. This brute force focused build hones attributes like Strength and Endurance to maximum effect, empowering warriors to charge mercilessly into battle while withstanding unthinkable punishment. Wielding the heaviest of arms alongside armor forged to withstand any assault, it represents a playstyle centered around dealing devastating damage through each massive blow. Below we delve deeper into fine-tuning this archetypal Hero character build to new heights of brutality.


Selecting Colossal Weapons of Ruin

From towering greatswords to hulking hammers and polearms shining with righteous lightning, the lands between offer a vast assortment of titanic tools of carnage for the Hero to wield over time. Beyond raw damage potential, one's chosen arm also influences available Ashes of War attached for varied attack patterns. Starting with the trusty War Cry to buff allies, more esoteric abilities unlock amid progress beckoning experimentation. Honing proficiency across different classes grants fluid adaption to any foe.


Talisman Techniques for Maximum Endurance

Beyond direct implements of harm, various talismans exist to further bolster devastating capabilities. Naturally focusing on enhanced equipment load and stamina regeneration through exploration of available enhancement charms, additional trinkets emerge enhancing survivability through combat. With plentiful room for enhancement, utility increases exponentially the further one delves into myriad options available.


The Pursuit of Imposing Armored Intimidation

Armor selection remains suitably formidable, prioritizing heaviest defensive sets attainable dependent on rank achieved. Yet even starter pieces showcase resilience exceptional for peers incapable wielding such mass. Strength and endurance scaling grants tremendous viability across myriad armor types encouraging experimentation. Limited only by imagination and acquired smithing stones, potential for personalization grows boundless.


Investigating Attribute Diversification

Beyond primary attributes, room exists delving into supplementary abilities expanding utility. Dexterity opens array of utilizable tools. Faith or Intellect may provide access to untold implements of destruction. While detracting from archetypal identity, judicious dabbling injects new nuances alongside intrinsic play style. In all, focus upon decimating foes through superior offense and defense defines this towering terror. May fields run red in your heroic wake!