Ex-husband wants to remarry every day [entertainment circle]

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Gu Koukou took Lu Lin away into the yard. Lu Lin was still complaining about the cat: "I don't know what's good for me!"!

Gu Koukou took Lu Lin away into the yard. Lu Lin was still complaining about the cat: "I don't know what's good for me!"! If I were you, I would eat anything! Lu Lin: "You feed me to try?" "Are you a kitten? Do you need to be fed?" Gu Kou Kou gave Lu Lin a white look and went into the house. The temperature in the room is not high, and it is better after turning on the air conditioner. The next day out, the cat actually squatted in the doorway, Gu Kou Kou reached out to embrace it, but did not resist. When Lu Lin got up early in the morning, he saw his wife come in with a dirty kitten, asked him for the car keys, and sent the cat to the pet hospital in the town. Gu Koukou decided to adopt the kitten and named it Rainbow. Rainbow body is all over the wound, also want to have a physical examination, Gu Kou Kou paid the fee, left the rainbow in the pet hospital, two days to pick up. I didn't expect to meet a star who had just arrived in Qiannan on the way. Wu Tianchang is currently shooting a reality show called Let's Travel Together. Coincidentally, one of Wu Tianchang's programs is planned in Qiannan Town. Meeting Gu Kou Kou in the small town of Qiannan was an unexpected pleasure for Wu Tianchang. He looked at his neighbors and moved other thoughts. Wu Tianchang rolled his eyes and said, "Coincidentally, Kou Kou, guess who is the guest this time?" Gu Koukou couldn't guess, "who?" Wu Tianchang answered mysteriously: "Your sister Qiao is slow!"! When she left the capital, she told me that she had been to Qiannan, which was very beautiful. Gu Koukou unexpectedly raised his eyebrows,Coil nail machine, "that's a bit of a coincidence." Wu Tianchang: You and Lu Shao.. This is "Travel." "Honeymoon!" Two people answer at the same time, Gu Kou Kou asks money to be less, saw Lu Lin one eye, also change one's words: "What he says is what." Wu Tianchang clapped his hands and laughed, "last year you two Chinese New Year's Eve party, I saw something wrong, this is not,Automatic Nail Making Machine, so soon together.". Are you two remarried now? Lu Lin felt that Wu Tianchang this little elder brother is not bad, unexpectedly has such a wise eye, unexpectedly early in the morning saw that he and Gu Kou Kou were born a pair. Lu Lin put his arm around Wu Tianchang's shoulder and said to him, "I haven't remarried yet. It will be soon." Gu Koukou: "Well, it's almost time. I'm going to talk to the two families during the Spring Festival." Lu Lin smiled so brightly that the corners of his mouth almost reached his ears. Two days later, Qiao Man and other permanent guests who traveled together also arrived in Qiannan, officially starting a two-day and one-night shooting trip. When Qiao learned that Gu Kou Kou was also there, he asked Wu Tianchang's address and ran to the small courtyard of Gu Kou Kou and Lu Lin. Only Gu Kou Kou and Lu Lin went out to pick up the rainbow, and when they came back, they saw Qiao Man squatting at the door, surrounded by the staff who were following him. Lu Lin said indignantly, "You and I want to live in a world of two people, and there must be so many people to disturb us!" Gu Koukou: "I knew it would be no good to meet Director Wu." The two men had no choice but to get out of the car and ask Joe to go slowly into the yard. Joe slowly looked left and right, turned the whole yard around, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail production machine, and stayed at home for dinner. Then he asked Gu Koukou: "In the afternoon, the program group said they were going to pick strawberries. Would you like to go together?" Lu Lin became interested: "Picking strawberries?"? Where to pick it? It's an hour's drive from here, and there's a strawberry base. Hey, brother-in-law, let's go together. Gu Kou Kou just want to refuse, hear the land neighbor immediately agreed to come down, it is too late. Wu Tianchang this is clearly to rub the heat of Lu Lin, and so on have the opportunity, she must also earn a good Wu Tianchang! Lu Lin wore a black down jacket, Gu Koukou also wore a black down jacket, but his neck was empty. He took out a black and white plaid scarf from the bedroom and wrapped it around her. Joe watched slowly and covered his face. "Oh, my brother-in-law is so kind to you." Gu Koukou raised his hand and clapped it on Qiao's shoulder. "Then I'll give you your brother-in-law?" Lu Lin stared at Gu Koukou with a pair of eyes and looked at him unhappily. Joe slowly restrained his envious expression and shook his head and waved his hand seriously. "No, no, I don't like my brother-in-law's annoying character." Lu Lin: "??" Who's annoying?! Gu Koukou hurriedly took Lu Lin by the hand, stood on tiptoe and whispered in his ear, "Don't be angry. I like you to be annoying.". ” Lu Lin was silly and happy again. Joe pouted slowly. "What are you whispering about? I feel like I'm a dog." Lu Lin put Gu Kou Kou's hand in his pocket and said to Qiao slowly with a smile, "Yes, I'm just annoying." Qiao slow also do not know what is wrong with the land neighbor, the driver outside urged, three people get on the bus, follow the program group to pick strawberries together. Soon, the strawberry base arrived. When Wu Tianchang saw Gu Koukou and Lu Lin together, his eyes lit up. He also said that the strawberries in the strawberry base were picked casually and paid by the program group. Take advantage of what you get for nothing, and don't take advantage of what you don't get. Gu Koukou and Lu Lin took the basket and went down to the shed to pick strawberries. Joe took a slow step and insisted on squeezing Lu Lin and Gu Koukou together. For the sake of Qiao's sister, Lu Lin went to one side to pick strawberries and let the two sisters talk to themselves. Sister, you are willing to show your face in this program. Are you ready to remarry publicly? Gu Koukou picked a huge strawberry and carefully put it into the basket. "Well, I didn't tell Mr. Lu and Dad about this.". I have promised to remarry Lu Lin. Joe heard the news slowly, but also very happy, "that's good, ha ha, my sister is twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, it's time to get married!" Gu Kou Kou: Your sister and I are very old? I was not going to get married before. "No, no, no, of course my sister is not very old. Well, if you can be with the person you like, I will be different." Jo pluck a grotesque strawberry in distress and threw it into that basket. Gu Koukou heard the boredom in her tone. "What's the matter?"? Do you also have trouble in love? Joe slowly encouraged, "well, not Ji Hexuan, when he said he was my black powder, I do not believe, after all, with my face, few black powder,Iron Nail Making Machine, where to know, he is really." Gu Koukou was quite surprised, "a person with the character of Dr. Ji can also be black?" 。 3shardware.com