Good Death

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Moon Ji heart way, no wonder called dumb, really some wooden, "dumb, why do you carry such a big sword ah!"!

Moon Ji heart way, no wonder called dumb, really some wooden, "dumb, why do you carry such a big sword ah!"! It's more than five feet long. Dumb was about to answer, but Xuanyue rushed to say, "His sword is used for decoration, or to open a road or something. It's just a decoration. How can it be more powerful than your mercenary soldiers?" "I think so, too," said Wan Li. "But Brother Dumb's sword is even longer than mine. It looks heavy!"! Brother Dumb, among the magicians, your physical strength should be considered good. Dumb took a look at Xuanyue, he did not understand, since the two sides cooperate, why hide their martial arts skills? But he did not say much, but nodded slightly to Wanli. Because of Xuanyue's poor physical strength, every time she walked for a while, she clamored to rest for a while. She walked for a whole day, but they didn't go to the next city. As night fell, the pearly moon gradually replaced the sunset, and the light suddenly darkened. Yuehen looked at the sky and said to Xuanyue, "Miss Xuanyue, it seems that we are going to camp in the wild today. This is still the territory of our Red Hurricane clan. Our speed is too slow now. When we get to the next city tomorrow, it seems that we really need to buy some horses." As soon as she heard about camping in the field, Xuanyue's big eyes lit up. She lifted the cloak on her head and said with a smile, "Good!"! Let's camp first. Where shall we camp? Seeing Xuanyue's dreamlike smile, the moon marks were obviously dull for a while. In order to cover up his embarrassment, he hurriedly said, "Camping usually requires finding a leeward place and clearing a piece of open space." Yueji pointed to a forest by the side of the road and said, "Elder brother, let's stay there. There should be no wind tonight." The moon mark nodded and led the crowd into the woods. Under the bright moonlight, the woods were full of jagged shadows. Occasionally,Nail machine supplier, the breeze moved lightly, and the sound of Sharara's leaves sounded, which made the silent woods more mysterious. Yuehen brother and sister, Wanli and Miaofei skillfully took off the bundle behind them and took out the tent made of soft cowhide from it. After a while, four small tents were set up. I don't know where Yuehen found the stone and nailed the foot of the tent. Four tents form a circle, leaving more than ten square meters of open space in the middle. Dumb wanted to come forward to help, but was pulled by Xuanyue, the reason is: you can't do anything, just join in the fun. After finishing the tent, Yuehen came over and said with a smile, "Miss Xuanyue, you will be wronged for one night today. You can sleep in the same tent with my sister. Although it is crowded, you can always shelter from the wind and rain.". Dumb brother, you and I sleep together, although we are not small, squeeze should also be able to get through. Xuanyue curled her lips and said, Nail Making Machine price ,iron nail machine, "No, who wants to sleep in the same tent with her? I'm used to sleeping by myself. You can spare one for me." Speaking of her habit of sleeping, she peeked at Dumb and could not help thinking of the comfort of sleeping in Dumb's arms that day, and her pretty face was flushed with shame. "But there are only four tents. How can we divide them?" Asked Yuehen in embarrassment. "That's not easy," said Xuanyue. "You go and sleep with that big man in Wanli. Give me your tent, and Dumb and your sister go to sleep. That's all right." She said so, is deliberately to humiliate Yueji, Yueji challenged her yesterday, she still has some hatred, not to mention Yueji's appearance is not bad, the figure is. As a woman, it is hard to avoid some jealousy. Yuehen lost her voice and said, What? How can that work? My sister is a girl. Dumb was startled and said, "No, no, I, I can sleep outside. I don't need a tent." Xuanyue pouted and said, "Look how timid you are. That day, you were still.." She wanted to say that you slept with me that day, but when she thought it was wrong, she quickly closed her mouth, but her face was already red with shame, and her heart beat faster. She glanced at Dumb and murmured, "Whatever you want. Anyway, I don't care. I want to sleep by myself.". ” Yueji then came over. To everyone's surprise, she just glared at Xuanyue and walked to Dumb's side with a smile. "Am I terrible?" She said? What's wrong with sleeping with me? Dumb was startled and said coyly, "No, no. The Great Magician Giger said that men and women are not close to each other and can't sleep together." After listening to Dumb's words, Yueji immediately laughed, laughing like a silver bell, "What ah, little brother, you are not just stepping into society ah!"! It seems that my sister will give you lessons in the future. Yuehen frowned and said, "Yueji, don't tease Brother Dumb. Tonight, Brother Dumb and I will sleep in the same tent, and Brother Wanli and Miao Fei will sleep in the same tent. That's all right." Yueji ignored her brother's rebuke and whispered to Dumb's ear, "Don't you really want to sleep with me at all?" The breath of Yueji Rulan blew on Dumb's magician robe. He could clearly feel the sweet fragrance with temperature. His body seemed to be completely stiff. He hid to one side and said, "I don't want to, I don't want to, I'm going to relieve myself." With that, he turned his head and ran to the side of the woods. Looking at the dumb who was scared away, Yueji couldn't help laughing. The reason why she teased Dumb was not that she had any special affection for him. Originally, she thought that Dumb and Xuanyue must have some special relationship, and Xuanyue's horrible magic could not be provoked by herself, so she could only tease Dumb and make Xuanyue angry. But who knows, she teased Ah Dai for a long time, Xuanyue actually did not put it at all, just looking at the tent of the moon mark with great interest. Moon Ji thought to herself, what is their relationship? Is it really just a common friend? Yuehen glared at her sister discontentedly and said, "You should restrain yourself. Brother Dumb is so honest. Don't bully him." Yueji pretended to be wronged and said, "Where did I bully him? People see that he is a little boy. Can't you teach him?" The moon sighs helplessly: "You ah,Automatic nail machine, don't give me trouble.". I'm going to make a fire, roast the dry food, and have a good rest after eating. I have to travel early tomorrow morning. 。