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As soon as she sat down, Fu Xiaotian suddenly looked up again and said, "Xia, let's go too." "Go?" Xue Meixia said, Now?

As soon as she sat down, Fu Xiaotian suddenly looked up again and said, "Xia, let's go too." "Go?" Xue Meixia said, Now? There are ten days to go before the appointment of Wushan. Where are we going? Fu Xiaotian said lightly, "Go wherever you go, and then go." By now, Xue Meixia could only nod and say, "All right.". Xiaotian, listen to you. With her mood now, she lost interest in everything, even too lazy to speak, she felt like her soul was out of body, people, as if numb. Xiaoxiang Academy Scan Yangchun Baixue OC R Xiaoxiang Academy Exclusive Serialization Please do not delete this information : Chapter 19 Doubtful Wulin Tie July 15, known as Zhongyuan, commonly known as Hungry Ghost Festival. The moon rises in the east, and the silver shines lightly. The twelve peaks of Wushan Mountain, in the faint gauze-like clouds and mists, are more delicate and beautiful, exploring the mystery. The Goddess Peak is tall and straight, reaching the sky through the clouds. In this quiet moment, only the night wind blows through the branches. The gurgling water pierced the silence, and apart from that, no sound could be heard. The beauty of Goddess Peak lies in its beauty and tranquility, and the myth of ancient times adds a mysterious color to it. Under the cool light of the moon, when the night is thick, it is surprisingly quiet and more charming. Like a goddess from under the moon,DIN screw plug, wearing cicada wings, jade bones and ice muscles, standing in the wind. Just as the bright moon was rising, suddenly, a burst of vigorous laughter pierced the emptiness of Wushan Mountain, and two figures floated under the Goddess Peak. When the moon is full, it is particularly bright, and the moonlight tonight makes Wushan slender and visible. You can see clearly in the bright moonlight. On the left is an old man with unkempt hair and a hundred knots of quail clothes. He has a clear face and silver-haired beard. It is Cang Yin, the five elders of the Beggars' Sect, who is chasing the soul with nine fingers. Walking on the right was an old man in a brocade robe with hair and beard like snow and a dragon head crutch in his hand. It was Qi Zhentian,titanium machining parts, the Lord of the Dragon Castle that day. The two old men walked briskly, talking and laughing all the way to the Goddess Peak. Cang Yin shook his head and said with a smile, "I'm always a beggar. I want to be unyielding. Which day is not easy to choose 365 days a year?"? Xia Shaoxia, the first genius in the universe, why did he choose the day when the King of Hell released ghosts? In broad daylight and at night, it makes my beggar feel a little nervous. The old beggar has killed people all his life. I'll ask the Shaolin monks to chant sutras for me later, so as not to be haunted by those ghosts. Haoshou Shenlong Qi Zhentian gazed at Cang Yin, laughing and scolding and said, "There is a saying that if you don't do anything guilty, you are not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door.". You're an old man. You've probably done too much in your life. Otherwise, why are you so afraid? At the age when you are about to be buried like Cang Laowu, even if you let those ghosts arrest their souls, it's not a premature death. Why should you owe the Shaolin monks a debt of gratitude? Actually Don't worry, you old beggar. Tonight those ghosts have something to eat everywhere. Why just look for you, a beggar who can't see oil and water even if he squeezes his bones? Cang Yin burst out laughing, and the sound shook the night sky: "Qi Laoer, I have you. I can't see that your shriveled old lips are really damaged. I should be relieved at what you said.". But, old Qi, if the wronged ghost finds me a beggar, Investment casting parts ,CNC machining parts, you can't run away and do nothing to save me! Qi Zhentian smiled and said, "Cang Laowu, don't laugh all the time. Let's go quickly. Maybe the old Shaolin monks have arrived early." Cang Yin shook his head and said with a smile, "That's old Qi. You're too ignorant. On the Ghost Festival, the monks and Taoists are busy crossing over those ghosts. The old beggars think they'll never get ahead of us.". ” Qi Zhentian, "Ha!" With a cry, he said, "It seems that I am really old and confused. How can I forget this?" After a slight pause, his expression suddenly changed to solemnity. "Laohuazi," he said, "you've always been called Laolingjing. Why do you think Xia Shaoxia called us here tonight?" "Old Qi," said Cang Yin with a smile, "we've already arrived. What's your hurry? Why should it be revealed later? Are you afraid that Xia Shaoxia won't say it then? Qi Zhentian rolled his eyes and pretended to be angry and said, "Smelly beggar, I told you to stop laughing. Did you hear that?"? I ask you, do you know or not? Cang Yin shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, "Old Qi, if you ask me, which one will I ask?"? Like you, old Qi, I'm always a beggar, and I don't know what the Earth Hall is. Qi Zhentian knew it was true. He frowned and said nothing. After a while, he suddenly raised his eyes and said, "Stinky beggar, do you think it's the same as the Wulin Tie passed on by Qian Du Men last time.." Cang Yin, with white eyebrows and a pair of eyes, ejaculated. "Pooh," he said angrily, "Old Qi, the old beggar sees that you are about to stretch your legs and stare!"! What is the little bastard of the Thousand Poisons Gate? He deserves to be compared with Xia Shaoxia. If he could get half of Xia Shaoxia, my old beggar would have run away with him.. Qi Zhentian stared at him and scolded him, "What are you shouting about, a smelly beggar?"? Are you sure to compare? I only ask you if Xia Shaoxia. Before he had finished speaking, Cang Yin laughed and said, "Old Qi, the beggar said you were about to stretch your legs and stare. That's right!"! You don't have to think about it at all. Xia Shaoxia forbade all the heroes in the world to participate in the conspiracy of the Thousand Poisons Gate. The reason is that we can't attract tigers and drive away wolves, which will bring more disasters. In this case, he will.. Qi Zhentian responded in kind. Suddenly, with a cry of "Pooh", he scolded angrily, "Smelly beggar, I don't think you need your hedgehog head!"! Excuse me, how do you know that Xia Shaoxia is not planning to lead Qunlun, with the strength of our Han nationality, to light our China, to restore our China, to drive out the Manchu Dynasty, and to avenge the humiliation? Hearing the words, Cang Yin, who was chasing the soul with nine fingers, stared at the door and could not make a sound. For a long time, Fang repeatedly shook his head and said, "Awesome!"! Qi Laoer, I learned, the beggar did not expect you to hide this trick, beat me a rake.. He hesitated for a moment and then said, "It's possible. I don't dare to say so, but I hope so. Suppose, as you said, the old beggar wants to take a bath and burn incense, and kowtow three hundred times to God." At the foot of the Goddess Peak,deep draw stamping, the two men stopped, looked at the path, and then took a step. autoparts-dx.com