Quickly wear the life of a big belly

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Gu Xiaoxi will soon celebrate his first birthday. Shen Xiuping also asked them to stay, saying that at least let him help Gu Xiaoxi finish his birthday and then consider leaving.

Gu Xiaoxi will soon celebrate his first birthday. Shen Xiuping also asked them to stay, saying that at least let him help Gu Xiaoxi finish his birthday and then consider leaving. In fact, Gu Ziang had been ready before-studying medicine is not a simple thing, even if he has a talent in this area, it is impossible to master it in just one year-so he wanted to go out of the valley to find Xuanyuan Che, just want to find out about the news of Xuanyuan Che first, and then make follow-up plans. Baby, what gift do you want? Gu Ziang asked as he led Gu Xiaoxi back. Dad ~ "Gu Xiaoxi smiled at him with his little face up." Uh? Let Daddy be your gift? Gu Zi looked down at him with a gentle face. "Gu Xiaoxi rubbed against his leg, especially relying on and trusting him." That's good. Gu Ziang was sprouted by his little action. "Well, then Dad will be your gift." Gu Xiaoxi just laughed and wanted to jump, but because he had not yet mastered this skill, he just used his little body to exert himself, and no one jumped up. This lovely action made Gu Zi Ang laugh. Gu Ziang actually helped him make toys, and he followed Uncle Jiang to learn some handicraft related things, because he felt that children must have toys in their childhood, but this era is also in the isolated Shen Yi Valley, although there are some gifts carefully prepared by Shen Xiuping, but for Gu Ziang who has seen more children's toys, it is far from enough. So after he learned handicraft from Uncle Jiang, he would blindly think about trying to make toys for Gu Xiaoxi in his spare time. As a result, Shen Yigu has more toys that no one else in the world has ever seen-such as guns, cars, mecha, building blocks, transformers,die casting parts, etc.-Of course, they are all made of wood. Gu Childe, if this is sold outside, it will definitely feed you and Xiaoxi. Uncle Jiang couldn't help feeling when he taught him the techniques related to carpentry. Gu Ziang joked, "Handwork is enough. You don't need medical skills, do you?" When he said this, he also raised his eyebrows and glanced at Shen Xiuping. Shen Xiuping echoed with a smile: "Yes, you don't need to earn money with the medical skills I taught you." "Just kidding, Master. Don't be angry." Gu Ziang jokes aside, Shen Xiuping also made a few gifts suitable for him, basically with medical related items. This time, Gu Ziang made a small house for Gu Xiaoxi, and he was able to put all his previous toys in it, Stainless steel foundry ,socket screw plug, which was particularly spectacular. Gu Ziang felt that he had left almost all the patience of the two worlds to Gu Xiaoxi. On the day of Gu Xiaoxi's birthday, Shen Xiuping naturally spent a lot of money, prepared gifts for silver, and bought a big table of food. Having lived here for so long, Gu Ziang also learned a little cooking skills, especially those related to medicinal diet, and he learned the most. Brother Shen, I'll do it, and you can do whatever you want. Gu Ziang filled the wine for Shen Xiuping and filled it himself, and then without saying much, he simply drank the wine. Shen Xiuping couldn't help asking: "You drink slowly." But seeing Gu Zi Ang smiling and showing him the bottom of the cup without any care, he also drank the wine in his hand in one breath. Gu Ziang toasted him three glasses of wine in a row, and he drank them all in one breath. Shen Xiuping accompanied him to drink them in one breath. After this round of toasting, Uncle Jiang quickly advised, "This is our Xiaoxi's birthday banquet. You two are drunk later. Will you still eat vegetables?"? Will you give us Xiaoxi to catch Zhou? Isn't that right? Xiaoxi? Gu Xiaoxi was holding a small bowl in both hands to drink the yogurt that Gu Ziang had given him. When he heard Uncle Jiang's question, he put down the small bowl and answered crisply: "Yes!"! Seven (eat) vegetables! With a little yogurt on his mouth, he looked so cute that the others couldn't help laughing. Gu Ziang put down the flagon and glass, picked up the chopsticks and began to pick up the food: "Uncle Jiang is right. Let's eat." "Open seven (eat)!" Gu Xiaoxi followed to learn Taoism. Ah- "Gu Ziang gave him a mouthful of eggs, Gu Xiaoxi also hurriedly opened his mouth," ah-whoo- "ate the eggs. Laughter has been echoed in Shen Yigu, until later Shen Xiuping began to drink by himself, across the table, gently looking at Gu Ziang and Gu Xiaoxi two people. Uncle Jiang saw everything in his eyes. He sighed silently and suddenly said, "Mr. Gu, I really don't want you to leave with Xiaoxi. Can you stay for two more years?"? Anyway, Xiaoxi is still young. How hard it is to take him to wander outside. Are you really willing to give up? When Shen Xiuping heard his words, he poured the wine with his hand and then looked at Gu Ziang quietly. Gu Zi'ang smiled, wiped Gu Xiaoxi's mouth, and put him on the ground to play with the toy pile on the other side of the blanket. Then he opened his mouth and said: "I don't want to give up you, but I really can't rest assured to deal with it. Xiaoxi is fine now. I can protect myself and take care of Xiaoxi with the medical skills that Brother Shen taught me. I really want to thank you for taking care of me and Xiaoxii during this period.." "What's so important that you have to take a child to deal with it?" Uncle Jiang continued to ask him to stay, "actually." We've never asked you what you've been through, but we can guess a little bit, otherwise you wouldn't have been alone in that situation. "Uncle Jiang." Shen Xiuping opened his mouth to stop Uncle Jiang from lobbying again. Uncle Jiang did not shut up, but sighed and went on: "Uncle said something from the bottom of his heart. You are just thinking about your husband, or revenge or other matters. Uncle doesn't know who your husband is, but if you fall into such a situation, he is not a good man. It's not worth you thinking about him and thinking about him so much, and you have to go all the way to find him." "Uncle Jiang, you drank too much." Shen Xiuping opened his mouth again to stop Uncle Jiang's words. Uncle Jiang shook his head. "I didn't drink two cups. How could I drink too much?" He grabbed Gu Ziang's hand and said in all earnestness, "Ziang, you see,metal stamping parts, my young master needs talent and appearance, and his personality and conduct are all one in a million. Would you like to think about it and stay in the valley all the time?" Gu Ziang raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked at Shen Xiuping a little helplessly. Shen Xiuping also gave him a helpless look: "Uncle Jiang likes children too much. He doesn't want Xiaoxi to leave, so he tied you and me together. Don't mind." 。 autoparts-dx.com