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At the beginning of the second round, Chen Bin divided the whole nine-tailed fox team into two groups. He and the blue and white were in one group, and the mecha were in the other group.

At the beginning of the second round, Chen Bin divided the whole nine-tailed fox team into two groups. He and the blue and white were in one group, and the mecha were in the other group. If they could cooperate nearby, they would cooperate nearby. If they could not play one-to-one directly, they would not be afraid of marking. As a result, Chen Bin and Lan Bai killed the Garuda King and Jiu Yao, and Xiao Cang killed the Black and White Belief. Then, the Red Wolf and Xiao Cang were killed in battle, and Lan Bai was killed in battle. Finally, they won with the amount of blood of a string falling and a quiet night cruise, and the Fox with Nine Tails was defeated again. The new strength of the nine-tailed fox really surprised the god-killing players. In this way, it can be said that in the case of forced response, by the time of the third inning,hydraulic fitting supplier, it was only a one-head disadvantage to lose! However, the key problem of the nine-tailed fox has not yet been solved. The way of playing is very wrong. The nine-tailed fox doesn't have this tradition. The nine-tailed fox has never been a team that relies on individual strength to fight hard. But what to do? Second and third innings. Because there is no need to worry about the team battle, Chen Bin is basically not distracted in the battle with Fang Chenqiu. But can the nine-tailed fox give up the team battle? Of course not! All the training is focused on the basis of team battle. The equipment and player experience of the nine-tailed fox. There is no advantage for them in non-team battles. However, if you still want to stick to the team battle. Chen Bin went back to the original point-in order to find the opportunity of team battle, he had to be distracted. Blue and white frowned. Looking at the beginning of losing three games in a row,ball valve manufacturer, I know that the mecha are a little confused. The eyes of the eternal night have revealed shock. When has the nine-tailed fox been beaten like this since the establishment of the team? "It's so strong that we really can't beat it." Yongye is a bystander in the end, he has not played, a little see the signs, no matter how to play, can not find to move up. An opportunity to start a high-speed mobile battle for the team. Well, our map selection for the second round is already a very favorable terrain, but.. Yong Qilin said. How can the reorganized Deicide be so powerful? Yongye is obviously right to kill God, and has not yet been freed from the impression of the previous bottom team in the professional circle. The Lord God is in charge, and he is no worse than us. Plus black and white beliefs, 14 tube fitting ,38 tube fitting, they are also professional star players who have played for so many years. Yong Qilin said. Don't say it. There was already a hurt feeling in the eyes of the Red Wolf. Chen Bin and Lan Bai both know that this is not good. A practice match. It's all about practice. Instead of undermining the confidence of the players. Especially for such a new team, such a group of new people, it is not a good thing to be hit head-on by the reorganized Deicide. Although at the time of the dissolution of Huiyao. Chen Bin emphasized that whether a team is a good team or not can only be seen when it loses the game. But. It is impossible for Chen Bin to ask a group of players who have signed professional contracts for only two months to have such a professional mentality. Trying to pull back their confidence. You can only save the situation and win the god-killing team! Instead of losing on one side. While asking them to do something. It's not your problem, "Chen Bin interrupted their discussion clearly." Fang Chenqiu was aiming at me at the beginning, which made me fall into the dilemma of giving up the team battle and distracting myself from the reading battle. " “……” The blue and white eyes moved. Only he knows that this is really not Chen Bin's problem! Why does Chen Bin have the weakness of being distracted when he reads the battle situation? That is entirely because, for too long, the whole system of the nine-tailed fox relies on the team battle, and the pressure of the team battle is on Chen Bin alone. Especially after the retirement of Blue and White. The nine-tailed fox's tactics, which require constant coordination, lost its double command, and Chen Bin had to put more energy into reading the war situation. The habit formed over time caused him such a problem! Distracted? Chen Bin such an excellent professional player, if all the way down smoothly, how can this fall, even new people generally do not make mistakes? All the fans only saw the magnificent team battle of the nine-tailed fox and the beautiful and amazing team execution of the nine-tailed fox! But who can see what Chen Bin has paid for this? Of course, blue and white want to understand, but also just opened his mouth, but did not explain to the new people of the nine-tailed fox, Chen Bin was targeted by Fang Chenqiu the cause and effect of the problem, also did not explain any details. Now, he has come back. The nine-tailed fox is not the nine-tailed fox that used to have only five people and no team members to replace. Believe, everything will change! And I'm afraid the change will start with this practice match. "I think I'm going the wrong way." While blue and white were thinking, Chen Bin suddenly raised his head and looked at him with a smile. What's going the wrong way? Blue and white rarely fail to understand Chen Bin's meaning, but this time, he really didn't understand. I've been thinking about solving this problem for myself. Chen Bindao. ……” Blue and white were also awakened. But how can this problem be solved in a short time? Chen Bin laughed. Blue and white know, Chen Bin of course also know, his problem is under the pressure of years, unconsciously formed, absolutely not in this practice match. It can be solved in a few minutes. And he's second, third. Have been caught in the dilemma of understanding the problem. Completely forgot that winning the game doesn't have to solve the problems thrown by the other side. There is a simpler way. That is, give each other more difficult questions! Lan Bai just fell into the same thinking pattern with Chen Bin. Suddenly he jumped out and immediately felt much more open. Don't think about how to solve your own problems for the time being. If we can find out the flaw of killing God and target it,pipe fittings manufacturer, we can also win the game. As for the flaw of killing God. That's a lot more than a fox with nine tails! "So, next map, we choose.." Blue and white immediately had a lot of ideas. Falling Star Lake! Chen Bin and Lan Bai reported the answer at the same time! …… Map of Falling Star Lake. It is the only small water battle map in the 27 maps of the CS competition system.