The husband of the underworld is vigorous

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The leader really knelt on the ground, stuck out his tongue and barked a few times. The other bodyguards did not know what evil method she had used and did not dare to rush up.

The leader really knelt on the ground, stuck out his tongue and barked a few times. The other bodyguards did not know what evil method she had used and did not dare to rush up. He also saw that the boss, who was usually domineering, was so funny that he wanted to laugh but dared not, and his face was red. The leader's face was livid, and it was estimated that he had never lost such a big man, and cold sweat poured out layer by layer. I saw that Ma Wei was almost done, so I asked her to stop. After she tore off the yellow amulet, the leader immediately got up from the ground and said respectfully to her, "Daxian, please come with me." After walking for about twenty minutes, I arrived at the door of a villa. I noticed the door number, General Wang Juntie. The general is a man of Juntong, that is, under the control of Solo. I ran through the relationships in my head. After entering, I found that Solo's men enjoyed much more than Solo's. The hall was decorated with luxury, and there were some antique playthings on the furniture of pear flowers and wood. In the center of the hall, there is also a fish leap dragon gate array, jade carved dragon mouth containing a bead,push button toilet flush valve, bead material is not stone or jade, but somewhat looks like wood. The water kept spitting out of the dragon's mouth, sliding through the beads and falling into the blue and white porcelain fish tank. The beads are very smooth washed by water, but the whole bead has a faint green light from inside to outside. When I saw the light, I knew it was not good. It was similar to the light I saw at the gate of death. This family must have attracted ghosts. Sitting in the hall was a middle-aged man in a suit, with a military background and a dignified temperament. He saw Qi and me behind him and asked, "Who are these two?" In the past, the leader introduced us and told us what he had just experienced. Wang Juntie nodded slightly and looked at us with wise and sharp eyes. He must have guessed that we just gave these people a run for their money. 。 It is said that beating the dog depends on the owner,stainless steel squatting pan, and I regret the impulse. Yixuan is upstairs. Take them up. Wang Juntie ordered a sentence and did not talk much to us. This is not to let us go, if we cure Wang Yixuan, naturally can escape this disaster, but if not, it is estimated that the end will be worse than the fat Taoist priest. Wait a minute. "She sat down in the sofa and looked at Wang Juntie." The price of catching ghosts is not low. Besides, the ghosts in your house are not ordinary. Let's talk about the price first, so that you can't pay if I do it. " She spoke easily and naturally, and I was frightened to hear it. Wang Juntie is a general who can shoot us into a honeycomb with a wave of his hand and a dozen guns. Fortunately, Wang Juntie was not as petty as I thought. After listening, he raised the corners of his mouth slightly and showed a kind smile. "You tell me the price, and I'll see if I can afford it." "I want that bead." She pointed to the dragon ball in the dragon's mouth. Wang Juntie froze for a moment and nodded later, "Yes." "You're sensible. There's something wrong with that bead. It's good for you if I take it." She smiled and stretched out her hand to get it. Shuo Shuo Shuo! More than a dozen guns were aimed at us at the same time, and the bullets were loaded. My body suddenly soft, Time Delay Faucet ,Self-closing Shower Valve, Qi Qi hold me, bright big eyes with a trace of anger looking at Wang Juntie. My heart that bitter ah, Qi is really not afraid of heaven and earth, even the barrel of a gun are not in the eye, this situation also dare to get angry! Wang Juntie looked at us kindly. "Don't take it in a hurry. You two should go upstairs and have a look first." The meaning of the words is very clear, cured Wang Yixuan, we come down to take beads, can not cure Wang Yixuan, we come down to eat guns. How sure are you? I don't want to die yet. I'm pulling her nervously. She took out a short metal stick from her cloth pocket and held it in her hand. The stick was made of copper, engraved with Sanskrit, pointed at both ends, and in the middle was the place where she held it. Seeing that I didn't understand, she explained to me, "This is a Vajra pestle, the treasure of Buddhism. I spent a lot of effort to find it. Generally, evil spirits will disappear when they come across it." As she spoke, she took out a yellow amulet and pasted it on her forehead. "This is a fairy cover, which can cover her own Yang Qi and is not easy to be discovered by ghosts." After finishing this, she seemed to be fully prepared and lifted her feet to the second floor. I followed her to remind her if she would also give me some amulets and magic weapons. She answered me very seriously, "You don't have to, you are responsible for attracting the attention of the ghost, with the baby self-defense, the ghost will not dare to approach you." Three black lines fell from my forehead, and I suddenly felt that it was not reliable to be with Gu Bo when I was with Qi. It's a good thing I didn't go to the underworld. She and Solo will surely make me die down there! The door of Wang Yixuan's room on the second floor was closed, but the cold air that could not be blocked spread outward, making the whole corridor unusually cold. The ground was covered with a thin layer of frost, and the temperature downstairs was like a winter and a summer. With a serious face, she took out a bronze bell from her pocket and handed it to me. "This ghost has some cultivation. Take this evocation bell.". If the bell doesn't fall on the ground, the ghost won't be able to get close to you. Be sure to take it well. She was afraid that I would be possessed by a ghost, so I took the bell carefully and held it in my arms. When the door opened, she kicked the door open. In the room, a man heard the sound and came out. He should have just taken a bath. He was only wrapped in a bath towel. His muscles were white. The skin is exposed. The body is slightly thin. His hair was still dripping with water, and his eyebrows were slightly frowning. Seeing us, the rising peach blossom eyes reveal doubts. I heard the sound of Qi swallowing saliva, and my heart jumped. Shit! Look back, and sure enough! She had a nosebleed and slipped to the ground as soon as she leaned against the door frame. Nima, this is a beautiful man's trick! I hurried to help Qi, she can not fall, if she fell, what can I do! Tell this guy I'm in the wrong room? Wang Yixuan looked down at me, a pair of peach blossom eyes shining with charming light, he hooked his fingers to me, "You, come here." My mind swayed and my mind went blank. Ring! Ring! The sudden ringing of the evocation bell woke me up. By the time I realized it,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, I was already lying on the big bed in the room, and the bell fell to the ground at some point, and the sound was made by the bell falling to the ground.