Shangguan tripod falls into the pagoda

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He turned to Yu Yiqi and said with a smile, "Brother Yu, this young disciple has a lot of things to do. My second brother doesn't want to have the same experience as him."

He turned to Yu Yiqi and said with a smile, "Brother Yu, this young disciple has a lot of things to do. My second brother doesn't want to have the same experience as him." Yu Yiqi had a bad fit for a moment and said, "That's right." Yu Zhaoshan finally pulled his hand back from his opponent's shoulder, but he did not take the opportunity to kill him, which was quite unexpected by Yu Yiqi. Yu Yiqi said, "I still remember that a few months ago your master and disciples plotted against me and confined me to the sarcophagus. Today you asked me to come here, but you want to repeat the same trick?.." Yu Zhaoshan said with a dry smile, "The second brother is oversensitive. In the past, you and I were not in harmony because of a misunderstanding. The second brother invited by the foolish brother came here in order to clear up the misunderstanding and get back together.." Yu Yiqi kept silent. Yu Zhaoshan replied, "Something big is going to happen. We should work together to deal with the major gangs in Wulin. How can we weaken the strength of our religion by fighting on impulse? What does the second brother think?" He always greeted each other with a smiling face, and his words, in particular, were quite high-sounding, and every sentence touched people's hearts. Although Yu Yiqi was good at heart, he could not figure out what this brother really meant for a moment? "It's best for you to know that," he answered. "Brother Yu," said Yu Zhaoshan, "there's a banquet in the pavilion in front of us, so I'll ask you to come over and have a drink with me." Yu Yiqi nodded and said, "Are all the believers here?" Yu Zhaoshan said, "Apart from the fact that the sub-rudders from all over the country have not yet arrived,Flushometer valve, some of the leaders of the Chief Rudder Sect have come.." At this moment, Zhuo Qun, the leader of the four men in black, stepped forward and clung to Yu Yiqi's ear and said, "I'm afraid there's a banquet at Hongmen on the pavilion. We can't afford it." Yu Yiqi snorted and said, "I have my own disputes." Although Zhuo Qun's voice was already half low, Yu Zhaoshan could still hear him clearly. He glanced at the four men in black and said, "As far as I can remember,Time Delay Tap, the four of you seem to be the four Taurus villains who often appeared in Jianghu more than ten years ago and were as famous as the Four Red Flower Demons.." As soon as the four words "Four Evil Men of Taurus" came out, even Yu Youliang, who was hidden in the dark, did not feel frightened. These four people had disappeared for a long time, but when they appeared in the martial arts world, they were so cruel and overbearing that they could be said to be afraid of people's eyes and ears. Therefore, when Yu Youliang made his debut, the Great Zen Sect especially mentioned the life anecdotes of the four evil men to him. When the four men in black heard this, they were still indifferent. Yu Yiqi answered, "Elder brother, you have a good eye." Yu Zhaoshan asked, "When did Second Brother accept the four culprits as his subordinates?" Yu Yiqi said lightly, "At the same time when the eldest brother subdued the four red flower demons." The Red Flower Four Demons died at the hands of Yu Yiqi. Yu Zhaoshan's eyes changed slightly. He immediately changed the subject and said, "The thatched pavilion is not far ahead. Second brother, please move.." At the end of the speech, the master and the three disciples took the first step, Self-closing Faucet ,Concealed Flush Valve, and Yu Yiqi made a slight move and followed them. The "Four Evil Men of the Golden Bull" surrounded their master's temple in the back. Yu Youliang dodged and dodged a few feet away. In front of these top masters in the world, he never dared to be careless, so he always kept a considerable distance, otherwise he would most likely be found hiding. After passing through Pinglin, there were hundreds of poison believers guarding Buka everywhere. Yu Youliang's action was even more difficult. Looking ahead, he saw a thatched pavilion with an area of about three acres built behind the shade of the forest. There were many believers around, each holding a torch, and the fire shone as bright as day. Yu Youliang looked at the situation around him, and it was hard to get close to the pavilion, so he had to hide himself on the spot and then make a reason. Yu Zhaoshan took Yu Yiqi and the four culprits to the pavilion. The banquet had already been set up, and the smell of wine and meat was so strong that people could not help but have a big appetite. The Four Heavenly Kings of the Hundred Poisons Sect and Master Sun Gongfei were all present. As soon as Yu Yiqi stepped onto the steps of the pavilion, they lined up and bowed to Yu Yiqi to the ground. They said in unison, "Master, please forgive me for not meeting you far away." Stunned, Yu Yiqi said, "What?"? What are you waiting to say? "Is it an accident?" Said Yu Zhaoshan with a smile? Foolish brother stay invitation, in order to discuss the matter with the second brother. ” Yu Yiqi murmured, "Master Bai Du.." Is the eldest brother going to talk about the change of ownership of this religion? "That's right," said Yu Zhaoshan. "Why don't you take a seat first, second brother, and drink three glasses of mellow wine before we talk about it in detail?" As he spoke, he picked up the flagon on the stone table and poured a full glass of wine for Yu Yiqi. Then he poured a glass for himself and drank it down. Yu Zhaoshan said, "This is an old flower carving that I specially ordered to be sent from the south of the Yangtze River. Second brother, please taste it." Yu Yiqi said in a half-joking tone, "Have you ever poisoned the wine?" Yu Zhaoshan returned the favor with a smile and said, "Playing with poison is what we teach with all kinds of poisons. Is that in the wine?"? Nature is poisonous! Ha! Ha! Ha The voice of the man paused and continued, "I'm afraid the poison is not strong. You and I haven't been poisoned, and the wine has been driven away." As he spoke, he poured himself another cup and was about to drink it when Yu Yiqi said, "Wait a minute!" Yu Zhaoshan said, "Is it possible that the second brother.." Yu Yiqi interrupted, "I suggest we change our wine glasses." Yu Zhaoshan blinked and said, "It seems that my younger brother still doesn't trust me." Yu Yiqi said, "a joke is a joke after all. It is necessary to guard against others. It has nothing to do with believing or not." Yu Zhaoshan clapped his hands and said, "That's the way it should be. My second brother is as careful as his hair. He always makes the foolish brother admire him." Then he reached out and exchanged the glasses of the two men on the table. Yu Yiqi raised his head and said, "Drink this cup for us to clear up the past." Yu Zhaoshan also raised his head to drink and said, "Let's drink this cup for our reunion." Yu Yiqi kept his eyes on Yu Zhaoshan all the time, paying attention to his opponent's speech and behavior. At this moment, when he raised his glass to drink without hesitation, he could not help being suspicious again. He thought to himself: "Unless the two glasses of wine are not poisoned, Zhaoshan will never do what he says. It's so natural and unrestrained. Is there a mistake in my judgment?" He turned his mind a few times, then suddenly put his hand on Yu Zhaoshan's right arm and said, "Elder brother, don't hurry to drink this glass of wine." Yu Zhaoshan was slightly stupefied and said, "Didn't the second brother change his mind and want to change the wine cup again?" "It suddenly occurred to me," said Yu Yiqi, "that if the cup of wine in my eldest brother's hand was really poisonous, and I changed the cup for a selfish reason, so that my eldest brother drank the poisonous wine,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, wouldn't I be trapped in injustice and heartlessness? So-so we might as well switch it back. Yu Zhaoshan shook his head and said, "Second Brother, this is not appropriate." 。