Mingming is very moved -- Mu Sangwu

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The bucket of water was full, her arms were thin and long, her forehead was oozing fine sweat, the veins on her hands were slightly bulging, and she was moving step by step with great difficulty.

The bucket of water was full, her arms were thin and long, her forehead was oozing fine sweat, the veins on her hands were slightly bulging, and she was moving step by step with great difficulty. In fact, secretly, he seemed to be expecting something, maybe she spoke again, maybe he could help generously, he thought. But Shen Yu did not, just do not know is coincidence or unintentional, she passed in front of him, the foot slipped, almost fell. The bucket of water wobbled and spilled most of it on his clothes. Even Shen Yu was still lifted by his quick eyes and quick hands, so he didn't fall down. Ah I was scared to death. Shen Yu breathed a sigh of relief. He was speechless. Immediately let go of the hand, no good airway: "Shen Yu princess is really delicate." "You are not a gentleman at all." Speechless, he lowered his head and picked up her bucket with one hand. "If you can't, don't be greedy," he said. Then, Shen Yu laughed very happily. Now that I think about it, did she deliberately ask him to help her? …… It's just that the Shen Yu in front of us doesn't seem to be the Shen Yu before. This makes him feel very complicated,Prison toilet for sale, like a girl who takes care of herself, suddenly, she can take charge of her own side, and she doesn't need to act like a spoiled child to take care of her. On the stage out of his reach, she can shine like a pearl and be sought after and loved by more and more people. A little unhappy. You don't need to suffer. He thought for a moment. What I didn't ask you to marry me so that you could learn to bear hardships. No need, no need. Qin Mu reiterated. Although he had said it, he had hated her delicacy and temper. However, he had to admit that he had long accepted and got used to all this. Shen Yu didn't expect him to say that. She pouted and asked,Manual Flush Valve, "You said that again. You don't like me to be so delicate.". Besides, I can't be so capricious all my life, can I? "Who can be a princess all his life?" "With me, you can be." Such ambiguous and with vague emotional words, he said so seriously, really let Shen Yu can not help but be moved. Yeah, how could she give up loving him? He always releases such signals consciously or unconsciously. It is possible for two people to love each other. She smiled, and even her eyes became sweet. She suddenly leaned close to him and asked provocatively, "What do you mean?"? Are you going to spoil me as a princess like my father and mother? He avoided, did not answer, the body also unconsciously away from a little, after all, now in the car, if uncontrollably do something, certainly not very good. Who hit it? "What are you doing?" Qin Mu Shen did not speak. Don't go to trouble with that man. I volunteered. I'm an actor. When Shen Yu saw that Qin Mu Shen did not answer, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, he naturally knew that he had guessed his mind and hurriedly explained. Before there is Zhou Yingying, after there is Huang Shiduo, now resources are slowly sliding iron wheel, the reason behind is because of Qin Mu deep, this even if he does not say, she can also guess. That's what they deserve, and she won't speak for them. But this is different. See Shen Yu so anxious, Qin Mu naturally also gave up the idea, but also feel some terrible, when to become like this? I can't see her being bullied. No matter who bullied her, he would not let her go. Such an idea has become instinctive. Protecting her has become a normal function in the body, and the more you want to resist, the stronger you want to resist. I see He said. After finishing work, they went to KTV to sing. This is the ghost idea that Qin Mu Shen came up with under Shen Yu's compulsion, because since the last incident, Yin Lu and Zhou Yue have never been in contact, but also pretend that nothing has happened, ask, is also a casual attitude. But Shen Yu knew that Yin Lu's heart was suffering. She asked, how do you choose? Yin Lu didn't answer. She just said, I don't know. But in the end is to face, since they escape, then Shen Yu and Qin Mu Shen came up with a way to ask them out to get together. They were also very cooperative and did not break the appointment. Only when Shen Yu appeared with Yin Lu, Zhou Yue's face was somewhat embarrassed. He quickly lowered his head and took a sip of wine, but nodded lightly and said nothing. Zhou Yue has always been polite, but this time he lost his temper. Yin Lu's face is also a little embarrassed, but also trying to hide, see Qin Mu deep, forced a smile to joke: "You two couples really have leisure, actually ran out to sing." "Yes, let's sing and chat tonight. It's rare for us to get together." Shen Yu answered. Sit down. Qin Mu said, patting the position beside him. Shen Yu was just about to run over, but Yin Lu took Shen Yu's hand and sat down by herself. Qin Mu Shen: "." Shen Yu: "." Finally, Shen Yu and Yin Lu sat in the middle, Shen Yu's right side is Zhou Yue, the left side is Yin Lu, and Qin Mu deep far away. They ordered a lot of delicious food and sang while eating. Singing has a kind of magic, and the awkward atmosphere suddenly becomes harmonious under the influence of music. In order to make Yin Lu happy, Shen Yu also took the lead, pulling Yin Lu to sing a song "one like summer and one like autumn" to praise friendship. Under the influence of Shen Yu, Yin Lu also left behind those messy troubles and shouted crazily with Shen Yu. Crazy up, the voice is out of control, out of tune or something, this is no way, two girls so hand in hand to jump around singing, no matter good or bad, roar cool, two people laugh together. The expressions of the two male audience members who were forced to answer were very complicated. Shen Yu. Is singing like this. Zhou Yue was a little surprised that the goddess was tone-deaf under her appearance. Qin Mu is indifferent: "She sings to be happy." The implication is that Shen Yu's singing is so unpleasant. Oh. The two girls sang louder and louder,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, and the two boys chatted until finally they could not ignore their singing and could only eat without love. The most terrible thing is that at the end of the song, Shen Yu has to turn around and ask, "How is it? Is it good to sing?" 。 cnkexin.com