Ting Lan Si Yu by Di Ge

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The man in the driver's seat did not speak, but stepped on the accelerator and turned back from the road ahead.

The man in the driver's seat did not speak, but stepped on the accelerator and turned back from the road ahead. The hotel manager heard that General Manager Shen had come back and hurried to the lobby to greet him. Shen, who had gone and returned, saw the manager and asked bluntly, "Have all the people who attended the auction today gone?" "Gone, General Manager Shen, they have already left." Hearing what the manager said, he didn't stay any longer. After turning around and taking two steps, he suddenly stood still and turned around and asked, "Is there anyone waiting for Siyu today?" Manager first a meal, then react to come over, "you said to find Mr. Shen's people?"? That's not true, but today a girl mistook you for Mr. Shen, just when you picked up Miss Zheng. Then, for the first time in his life, the hotel manager saw them. Shen's face changed again and again. The next second, he turned around and left, as if there was something urgent. Zheng Xirui was still sitting in the co-driver's seat. As if he hadn't seen her, he got on the car and stepped on the accelerator to the bottom. Zheng Xirui did not say a word all the way, so quiet that he did not seem to care where he took himself. Also more than 20 minutes away, and the Shen family house completely opposite direction, finally, he parked the car at the gate of a community. There are several exquisite European-style buildings,custom cosmetic packing, only two or three in one building, where retired government officials or state cadres live. Zheng Xirui looked at him again and again to dial the number that did not answer the phone, he seemed to be very patient, without any anxiety and anger. Later, he changed the number and dialed, "Secretary Guo, check Anfei's phone." Secretary Guo seemed to ask something else, and he only said neatly, "Hurry up." Secretary Guo has been extremely efficient,cosmetic plastic tube, and soon a number was sent over. This time I got through, and a man answered it. Anfei, where is your sister? "Eh?"? Brother-in-law? He recognized it at once, "At home." Are you there? "Put her on the phone." "No.." At home. Said Anfi in a drawling voice. You let her out, I am in the gate of the community. "He paused and added," I will go up and knock on the door if I don't come out. " After about five or six seconds, Anfei spoke, "My sister said you come up and let my parents meet you, a cheating heartbreaker." "Okay, I'll go up right away, and I'll kiss her in front of your parents." Chapter 30 After about five or six seconds, Anfei spoke, "My sister said you come up and let my parents meet you, a cheating heartbreaker." A cheating heartbreaker? Are all painters so imaginative? Siyu said slowly, "OK, I'll go up right away and tell her that I'll kiss her in front of your parents." "***, cosmetic tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, so hot?"? Then you go quickly. An Fei had just said half of the sound, only to hear two whines from the phone. You are not allowed to come up! An Xun took the phone, said a long time, reluctantly, "I go down." He put away the phone, turned to look at Zheng Xirui, and found that she was motionless with her head down, and finally had no patience. He said, "Get off." "Si Nan." Zheng Xirui looked up and her eyes were red. She stared at him. "I thought you promised to get engaged at least because you didn't hate me. But you said you would go back to England for more than half a year without any news. Now you have a lover, but I'm still your fiancee. Can you avoid it a little?" She said so many words in one breath that every word was an accusation. The hand ready to open the door paused, and soon he said sorry in a low voice, then opened the door and got off, reached out to stop a roadside taxi, turned around and opened the door on Zheng Xirui's side, and still said, "Get off." How to say that she is also a spoiled family girl, so low three gas, the other side is still unmoved, Zheng Xirui can not stay any longer. She got out of the car without looking at him and lifted her feet into the taxi. "I'll wait for your explanation." "Break off the engagement and find someone who likes you." He said to her before closing the door. The car immediately drove away. Anxun dilly-dally for a long time before coming down, hair neatly pulled, wearing plush cotton boots, hands in the blue cotton-padded jacket pocket on the body, awkwardly walked to the edge of the iron gate of the community, and did not open the door to come out. Look at this, like a little high school student, angry look like, and boyfriend quarrel with the female students. When Anxun saw him looking at himself for a long time without speaking, he asked him through the iron railing, "What are you doing?" Siyu unbuttoned his suit and pulled his tie. "Are you going to talk to me like that?" An Xun said coldly, "Ang." Siyu smiled, looked at the security guard in the duty room beside him, and said to Anxun, "You make me feel like I'm visiting a prison." The security guard giggled, Anxun turned to stare at him, and the security guard held back his laughter. She looked at Siyu. "It's time to visit the prison. You can go." Si Yu did not move, but his voice was gentle and coaxed. "Don't you have anything to ask me?" "I don't want to talk to you," Anxun kicked the stones on the ground with his head down. "I want to think about it." Too many questions, Shen Sinan and Shen Siyu, twins, but now Shen Sinan is Shen Siyu, where is Shen Sinan? When did Shen Siyu become Shen Sinan? Or has it always been? Who bought the painting? Who was she emailing with? Who's the engaged one? And most importantly, who is the engaged one. Si Yu knew, "let me give you some time again?" An Xun nodded. How long? "Two or three days." Siyu raised his hand and looked at his watch. "Ten minutes, starting now." "Are you coaxing people?" An Xun is not happy, she is angry, why he is not gentle. Siyu Weidun, he put down his arm, glanced at the security guard brother who had been listening silently, turned around and walked to the railing where the vehicle came in and out, holding the railing in his hand and jumped into the community like that. An Xun was startled, even the security guard did not react for a long time,aluminium laminated tube, this. Blatantly in front of him? The posture is still so handsome. Siyu walked to Anxun in two or three steps. Anxun had a slow look on his face. He reached out and hugged her into his arms. He said in a low voice, "Baby, I'm afraid. That's why I'm so eager." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com