Wizard world

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It took Anglie more than a year to finally reach the area where the Sixth Ring Tower is located without stopping along the way.

It took Anglie more than a year to finally reach the area where the Sixth Ring Tower is located without stopping along the way. The place with the highest density of wizards in the legend-Nora Heights.. On the vast open plateau. Green and yellow lawns, gray-white broken stones, and winding loess paths stretch to the far end. There were white clouds floating in the pale blue sky, and the strands were as shapeless as cotton wool. On the yellow winding path, a gray-robed knight rode a lean white horse and drove forward slowly. The knight was dressed in a grey robe with a hood, and his body was covered with light grey dust. Anglie has been walking on this plain for four days. One of the two horses he bought died of illness on the way, and now this is the only one left. The wind of the plain made his gray robe cling to his body. It's a little chilly. On the side of the path ahead, an upright brown road sign was stuck askew on the ground, with some dim black handwriting on it. The one-man-high wooden road sign looks very shabby. There was a slight hint of relief on Anglie's face. After such a long journey, it's almost here at last. He quickened his horse's pace and dismounted when he reached the guidepost. Wiped the dust off the sign. It reads in Angma: Nora-Land of Plenty. Anglie raised his eyes and looked forward. After the wooden sign, there were two curved white stone pillars on both sides of the path in front of him, like two white fangs piercing the earth, standing quietly on the roadside. He led the horse. He walked over and stood beside the white stone pillar, which was more than two people high,eye cream packing tube, and touched the curved stone surface gently. The surface of the stone is cold and rough, with many fine honeycomb weathering holes. This is the sign of the Nora border.. Anglie stood by the pillar for a moment before continuing on his way. Less than a few kilometers ahead, there are more and more other detours around the path, which are like many khaki ribbons spread on the plain, and finally converge into a fine gravel road more than ten meters wide. Angri led his horse onto the largest carriage lane paved with fine stones, and he had a vague feeling of walking expressway on the earth before. Before and after can not see half a figure,polyfoil tube, only can not see the end of the road. After a journey of more than two hours, there are more and more paths around the main road. Only then did Anglie see a grey-robed man running all the way on a horse come in from a branch road on the left, rush in front of him, and without looking at him, he patted the horse's buttocks anxiously and disappeared from view. There seems to be something urgent. With the advance of Anglie, the number of people coming in from some forks on the side gradually increased. There were more and more people riding alone on horseback, and some people were driving carriages and oxcarts, carrying things like grain and fruit slowly forward. Angley noticed that most of these people were dressed in gray robes, and some of the young people even had a faint breath of energy, which meant that they were second-class apprentices. Anglie walked all the way, custom cosmetic packaging ,plastic packing tube, but he didn't see an ordinary person, all of whom were apprentices. Along the road, a stretch of gray mountains gradually emerged in the distance. On the left side of the gravel road, a large calm lake appeared. The mirror-like surface of the lake clearly reflects the blue sky and white clouds. Two groups of travelers are parked by the lake. One group is washing their faces and filling water. A group of people gathered around their carriages, and there was a bonfire, which seemed to be cooking something, and a faint smell of fish soup drifted over. Anglie led the horse slowly over and took a large black water bag from the horse, which was empty. He led the horse to the lake and let the white horse lower his head and lick the lake. Anglie crouched down, poured out the remaining water in the water bag, and poured it directly into the lake. rq 167 Land of Plenty-Nora 2 A large number of bubbles emerged from the mouth of the water bag, the lake was very cold and clear, and the bottom of the lake where the water was shallow could be seen, and a few green water plants swayed gently with the fluctuation. . The lake was made a circle of tiny ripples by Anglie, and a silvery fish came slowly from the deep water. The head of the little fish was flat, like a cross-section of the body cut off, with a pale yellow face with a sad face and a mouth full of fine white teeth. The strange fish saw Angley's hand in the lake, and his two small eyes showed a trace of greed. With a sudden swing of the fish's tail, it disappeared directly into its original position and bit Anglie's hand fiercely. Sniff! A silver metal spike suddenly shot out from the tip of Anglie's finger and pierced the strange fish. Out of the water with a crash, Anglie watched the little fish with interest. Apart from the abnormality of the head, this small fish is no different from the normal silver scale fish. When he was taken out of the water by Anglie, the strange fish struggled a few times, wagged its tail, and a faint red blood dripped down the tail. Anglie's action seems to have attracted the attention of one of the groups of people not far away, the original two groups of people, those who fetch water have been back on the road. And the men in the carriage by the campfire, two of them young men and women, looked up when they saw Anglie wearing a strange fish. Angri took the dead fish, threw it on the rocky beach by the lake, and went straight to the people by the campfire. These people are wearing uniform clothes, although some of them are hunting suits. Some were in robes and some were in skirts, but they all had a small white arrow symbol on their left shoulder clothes. The symbol seems to be made of metal, and the pure white color is very conspicuous. Anglie glanced at their carriage, whose black body was also printed with this white arrow symbol, which was very simple and atmospheric. A young man by the fire stood up at the sight of Anglie. He was wearing simple brown leather armor and boots,plastic laminted tube, and looked as if he was the leader of the group. What can I do for you? The man asked, speaking standard Angmar. This common language seems to be the first choice for people to communicate wherever they are. The other five men by the fire also turned their faces to Anglie, and a few of them stood up. emptycosmetictubes.com