Don't talk to me.

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The black shirt was inexplicably promoted by the director of the Education Department. He respected the role and still stood cautiously one meter away from him, nodding with relief: "Good boy." Yu Sheng: ".." You can probably make an appointment after the exam. Just

The black shirt was inexplicably promoted by the director of the Education Department. He respected the role and still stood cautiously one meter away from him, nodding with relief: "Good boy." Yu Sheng: ".." You can probably make an appointment after the exam. Just do it. Fight to the death. The invigilator went back and forth several times, and the mouse of his seat had been changed. Yu Sheng did not want to put the precious time of the afternoon into such a meaningless waste of life, rubbing his temples ready to go back to continue to brush the title, eyes swept and resumed the previous lazy posture against the black shirt in the corridor, but the footsteps involuntarily paused. Nanmenwai Street is not too far from here, but you can get there by climbing over the wall. But halfway through the exam, he climbed over the wall and ran out to buy two cups of porridge. Even though Yu Sheng never aimed at passing the exam, he had never seen such an arbitrary operation. Especially the other side looks like a good student. Yu Sheng's own grades have always been stable below the passing line, but he has always respected the efforts of students with good grades. The few students who study hard in No.3 Middle School are covered by him, so they have a space to concentrate on their studies. Yu Sheng looked at the time and then looked at the person who was still leisurely leaning against the corridor. He couldn't help frowning: "Don't you take the exam?" "Test." The black shirt rubs the forehead: "The system is too abnormal, the speed is quick to have to answer again, irritated can't stand, come out to breathe." Yu Sheng opened his eyes wide in surprise. Unexpectedly, he is also a poor student. Just looking at his face, he really didn't expect that the other party would have the same trouble as him. Probably brush the title brush really too collapse, suddenly someone stood on the same front with himself, Yu Sheng inexplicably gave birth to a little sympathetic impulse, the original gas also disappeared more than half: "You were also stopped?" "Thirteen times." The black shirt sighed lightly,turmeric extract powder, noticed the word "also" he used, and raised his eyebrows a little unexpectedly, "Friend, are you so stuck?" "Thirteen times you didn't look for skills." Yu Sheng had no choice but to teach him the experience: "Pinch the pulse to answer the question, six heartbeats a question, just not to be stopped, but also to block the time." In order not to give the examinee a clear concept of time, the question bank is displayed in full screen,turmeric extract powder, and there is no place to read seconds. Yu Sheng tried to look at the table in the examination room, but who knew that the second hand of the bastard silent quartz clock was actually rotating at a uniform speed, and it was impossible to find out where it was in five seconds. Having completely overturned the previous speculation about the black shirt, Yu Sheng glanced at him and rolled up his sleeves: "Can you feel the pulse?" Teenagers have not yet begun to draw out formally, their bones are thin, and their thin wrists are exposed from the cuffs. You can't see the crisp strength when you hit someone. The black shirt raised its eyebrows. He looked at the teenager in front of him, his long and narrow eyes hidden behind the lenses, bending up with interest. Unable As he approached, he leaned down on his broad shoulders and held out his hand in a low voice. "Can you teach me?" Yu Sheng: ".." This man always has the ability to remind himself how much he really needs to be beaten when he just doesn't want to beat him. Having just been stuck out seven times by the system, Yu Sheng looked at the warrior in front of him who had been stuck out thirteen times and was still not enlightened. He adjusted his state of mind, pulled his wrist, grabbed the other hand and pressed it: "Have you found it?" The boy's hands were long, the bones were clear, phycocyanin spirulina ,pumpkin seed extract, and the knuckles and the skin of the palms were against each other, quickly catching each other's temperature. The black shirt frowned and raised his eyes. "Why are your hands so cold?" Yu Sheng took a deep breath. Teach him to brush the time, he can not feel the pulse, teach him to find the pulse, but also think his hands are cold. This person really needs to be beaten to a certain extent, can live to now, is really with this face to create a miracle. Once again silently read the other side was stuck a full thirteen times, Yu Sheng did not pay attention to his words, pressed his index finger and middle finger down, and asked a word: "Looking, no, yes?" Noticing that the teenager was on the verge of an explosion, the black shirt nodded in time and said succinctly: "I found it." Yu Sheng retired with success, shook off his hand and turned back to the classroom. - Three hours, one minute at a time. Having almost solemnly finished the answer to the last question, Yu Sheng clicked on the submission, threw away the mouse, and threw himself heavily back into the chair. The bell rang for the end of the morning show. The students, who were tortured by the overwhelming number of questions, rushed out of the examination rooms in an instant. Those who were familiar with the terrain went straight to the canteen, like locusts passing through. The provincial key students who came to take the exam had a special classroom for lunch break. Most of them brought lunch and were discussing today's exam questions while filling their stomachs. The question bank does not prohibit skipping subjects to answer, nor does it restrict the order of answering questions. Have many people to try to remember an answer to come out to contrast, meet just discover the problem order of everybody is different, add problem amount too big, knowledge dot is too dispersive, do not know how to begin at all, also can regret to give up only, buried oneself in the afternoon again the review note of a few course. Yu Sheng did not squeeze with the army, collapsed in the chair, and concentrated on wandering back to the blood for a while. Brother Sheng, brother Sheng? Duan Lei went over to take his schoolbag and helped him bring his clothes back together: "Do you still have a stomachache?"? Do you need to take a break? Can I get you something to eat? Yu Sheng rubbed his wrists and shook his head. "No, it's all over." He got up, glanced at the two empty cups of millet porridge, paused, picked them up together and threw them into the trash can. In fact, he usually does not like to drink porridge, always feel that even soup with water is not satisfying, not as good as rice noodles steamed bread to eat. But today's millet porridge stew is really good, soft glutinous sweet, but also put a lot of red dates. He bit the straw while answering the questions, and unconsciously finished the two cups of porridge. With something in his stomach, he didn't feel any pain. Yu Sheng rubbed his sour eyes staring at the screen and put on his coat: "Let's go to dinner." "Well-brother Sheng, are you finished so soon?" Duan Lei hurriedly trotted to follow up: "I really collapsed in the back, and I wanted to be confused by my feelings. As a result,jujube seed powder, I couldn't do it fast or slow, and I couldn't do it with serial numbers, so I went back to do the exercises honestly." 。