[Story of CIMC Fighting "Epidemic"] I Deliver Love Water and Materials for Wuhan Free of Charge

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Original title: [Story of CIMC Fighting "Epidemic"] I Deliver Love Water to Wuhan for Free In this epidemic, the shortage of relief supplies in the epidemic area has become one of the most closely concerned issues. Medical personnel are fighting on the front line day and night; the forces from all walks of life in the rear to fight the epidemic are also gathering in Wuhan without stopping. Enterprises in various fields are taking action without stopping, and a large number of donated materials are emerging. How to transport them to the places where they are needed in the epidemic area at the first time has become the most urgent problem. This issue of "Anti-epidemic Story" comes from CIMC Kaitong (Wuhan) Logistics Development Co., Ltd. of CIMC Logistics Sector. The narrator is Li Ting. He told Xiaobian about some experiences of him and his small partners in the past half month: how to overcome all difficulties, actively seek logistics solutions, and smoothly deliver social donations to hospitals in epidemic areas under the circumstances of the whole Hubei lockdown. He said that the company's services are almost free of charge for all the aid materials to Wuhan, and at the same time, it has to pay for the transportation costs. The following is Li Ting's own account. Had a very difficult year. At 9 o'clock in the evening of January 22, I drove my family back to my hometown, Caoshi Town, Honghu, a small town two and a half hours away from Wuhan. I was going to buy New Year's goods as usual, and the whole family would have a happy and peaceful New Year. In the early morning of January 23, I received the news of Wuhan's lockdown, and saw the news of more and more infected and severe patients dying in Wuhan reported by the media, and began to feel a little scared and uneasy. My work is closely related to logistics. Years ago, I went on many business trips to other places, frequently shuttling through crowded places such as railway stations and airports, and I came into contact with many people outside the company. During this period, I received many phone calls about my health, including colleagues, leaders, customers, as well as hotel staff and community workers who had stayed there. It was the first time that so many people were concerned about my safety. I was a little flattered. At the same time, I felt that a kind of panic began to spread in the crowd. This year, without visiting relatives and friends to pay New Year's greetings, not to mention dinner, I spent day after day in such a special mood. Receive the task to send 2000 boxes of love water On February 4, the company mobilized us to assist in the logistics of some donated materials in Wuhan, and I didn't even think about agreeing immediately. You should know that after several days of "confinement" at home, the whole person is about to go crazy and is thinking about doing something meaningful. Being able to contribute to the fight against the epidemic at this moment is exactly what I want. Next, I began to expect and imagine what kind of tasks I would receive. Expand the full text On February 6, it was officially notified that Guangxi Bama Lilang Mineral Water donated 2000 boxes of mineral water to Wuhan Fourth Hospital, and CIMC Logistics will provide free logistics services for the whole process of transporting these materials from Guangxi to Wuhan Hospital. At present, flights and buses throughout Hubei have been suspended,Medical Full Body Coverall, and the logistics sector has urgently allocated railway business lines, and initially determined the logistics plan: Guangxi Nanning Station-Railway-Wuhan Wujiashan Central Station (China Railway Union)-Highway-Wuhan Fourth Hospital. What I need to solve is the transportation and delivery of materials after they arrive in Wuhan. On February 7, Guangxi began to ship donated materials. During this period, I nervously carried out various preparations for receiving and transporting materials. I contacted the Fourth Hospital of Wuhan and Wuhan Wujiashan Central Railway Station for many times to find out how much the hospital can receive at one time, how many times it can receive and store all the materials, and whether the railway department can operate normally. I communicated constantly by telephone and Wechat to ensure that the information was accurate and linked up with the work of the front shipment. The matter of a phone call has become extremely difficult. On February 13, the container loaded with donated materials arrived at Wuhan Wujiashan Central Railway Station smoothly. I began to prepare to pick up and transport supplies according to the plan, but found that things that could be solved by a phone call on weekdays became extremely difficult, although I had already made psychological preparations. After the lockdown of Wuhan, the normal land transportation has been blocked. No driver, no car, how to get supplies to the hospital? I began to call all over the world. At first, I asked the local epidemic prevention headquarters in Wuhan and learned that I was going to find a railway station. I asked if the railway station could work normally and if it could provide normal transport capacity. As a result, the other party could only help me coordinate the venue. Asked the community under the jurisdiction of the hospital, they said that the central station of the station did not belong to their jurisdiction, let me continue to look for the station.. If there are no conditions, we must create conditions and find ways in any case. I began to mobilize my colleagues, volunteers from logistics associations, free shipping disposable coverall ,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping, as well as various channels and resources accumulated over the years in the logistics industry, and tried every means to find material support vehicles in Wuhan. Some news came one after another. Some private teams even offered 40,000 yuan, but I declined. We did these things for public welfare and could not meet each other's requirements. Finally found the first car. On the morning of February 14, good news came that our colleagues contacted the transport vehicles that provided guaranteed materials for Wuhan Zhongbai Supermarket. That afternoon, we began to deliver the first car, although the remaining space of the car can only hold 200 boxes of water, but my colleagues and I are still very happy. At 5 P. m., the first batch of mineral water was successfully delivered to the Fourth Hospital of Wuhan. Unable to find a porter, the driver, who had never met us, acted as both a driver and a porter, personally unloading 200 boxes of water one by one. Finally, the delivery of the first batch of water was completed, and then there were 1800 boxes of water waiting for transportation at Wujiashan Central Station. We continued to contact the logistics and distribution arrangements. On February 15, the whole city of Wuhan began to snow heavily, and the weather was very cold. The planned delivery arrangement had to be cancelled because of the extreme weather. The rest of the supplies have not been delivered yet. The situation in Wuhan is changing every day. We feel very anxious. On February 17, Wujiashan Central Station called to urge us to unload the goods as soon as possible, saying that the station could not store them for a long time and asked us to arrange them as soon as possible. However, at this time, we encountered difficulties again. The warehouse of the Fourth Hospital of Wuhan is not enough to receive the remaining materials for the time being. After I relayed the meaning of the station to the hospital, the hospital asked us to wait for the notice, and she went to report to the relevant leaders. We had already contacted two refrigerated trucks, but now we had to stand by. Drivers have many other tasks to transport guaranteed supplies, and at this time they can only be busy with other things first. I didn't dare to touch a bottle of water. Late at night on February 17, news finally came from the hospital: after coordination, the remaining donated materials could be distributed to the main hospital area of Wusheng Road and Gutian Branch Hospital respectively. I immediately contacted the two drivers who had communicated well before, and subsidized part of their freight and fuel money, and finally finalized the matter. In the early morning of February 19, just after dawn, two drivers arrived at Wujiashan Central Station to load goods. It's still the old way. There are no stevedores. The driver comes by himself. The two drivers cooperated with each other, and it took almost half a day to unload the goods from the container and load them into the material support vehicles they drove. To tell the truth, I can feel the driver's hard work, but this batch of supplies is donated to the hospital's anti-epidemic supplies, without permission, we can not use. Because I was not at the scene, I had to appease the driver and insist on it, or solve it in other ways. Finally, the driver overcame the difficulties and did not dare to use even a bottle of water. 56 P. m., when I heard that "another driver has finished unloading", I breathed a sigh of relief, which meant that the 2000 boxes of mineral water donated by Guangxi Bama were finally delivered to the Fourth Hospital of Wuhan, and the task of free logistics service for donated materials was successfully carried out. At that time, I felt happier than I had ever felt before, and I quickly told my friends the good news. There was a burst of cheers in my work group, and everyone felt that they had done a very valuable thing. At the end of the article, pay tribute to the driver brother whose name is unknown in the article, and pay tribute to these ordinary people who are fighting in the front line of the "epidemic"! They are all a microcosm of the battle against the epidemic. At the same time, CIMC Logistics and its enterprises are taking practical actions to contribute to the battle against the epidemic. Tianjin Zhenhua Customs Broker actively assisted donors and sent a batch of 50,000 N95 mask purchased from the United Arab Emirates to Hubei through Tianjin Charity Association to support the front line of anti-epidemic. Zhenhua Logistics imported 30,000 3m medical masks and donated them to Tianjin Teda Hospital. Zhongji Logistics purchased 2.5 tons of disinfectant and supported Shiyan Xiyuan Hospital in Hubei Province with the assistance of Zhenhua Qingdao Shipping Agency Company. A batch of masks purchased by CIMC Logistics Southeast Asia Business Center in Thailand were donated to Jingshan Red Cross Society of Hubei Province. Nepton Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd., a joint member of CIMC Logistics, donated a batch of epidemic prevention materials to Hubei. Some of the materials were sent from Suzhou to the First People's Hospital of Xianning, Hubei Province, and some were airlifted to the Third People's Hospital of Wuhan, Hubei Province,Medical Quickly Delivery Antivirus Coverall, with the assistance of Shanghai New Air Helicopter Co., Ltd. Article Source: CIMC Car purchase consultation telephone return to Sohu, see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com