Beauty Remembers by Qi He Xiang

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Original Title: Knowledge of Cutting Tools: Drill Technology 1. Craft /Processing 1.1 Craft According to the diameter and tota

Han yuandie didn't know where the sword came from. Cheng Anlan never said it, and she didn't think of asking. She just answered casually, "I don't know." Chang Xiaobai hesitated to speak, as if he was still a little disappointed. Han yuandie saw it in his eyes. Although he didn't take it to heart, he said, "I'll ask you later. If you still remember, I'll send someone to tell Sister Chang." Chang Xiaobai hesitated for a moment, as if he wanted to refuse, but finally he smiled: "That's a girl from Lao Han." Chang Xiaobai sat here for a while and drank two cups of tea. Seeing that it was nearly noon, he took his leave. Han yuandie sent her to the door. He came back and stood in the room. He walked slowly over to pick up the sword and looked at it over and over again. She felt that something was wrong with Chang Xiaobai's movement. People in the world, Chang Xiaobai is very measured, Han yuandie is very clear, but on this sword, she asked and asked, even if she said to ask others, she pushed the boat along, which seems to have no sense of propriety, which means abnormal, as if she wanted to find out the origin of this sword, anxious to let her appear abnormal. Han yuandie thought about it again, or felt that Chang Xiaobai was really abnormal, so she planned to ask Cheng Anlan, no matter what reason Chang Xiaobai was eager to find out the origin of the sword,Narrow aisle rack, he helped her just a little. Chang Xiaobai saved Shen Fanfan, and Han yuandie was willing to repay her. However, Han yuandie did not see Cheng Anlan for two days in a row, but heard that the Cheng family was willing to go home after Cheng Anlan returned to Beijing because of dissatisfaction, and ordered people to smash the door of Cheng Anlan's private house in Zouma Hutong. Han yuandie's first thought when he heard the news was, is something wrong? Others do not know, but she is clear in her heart, Cheng Anlan that private house although only two slightly older doors do gatekeepers, no guards and so on,long span shelving, but there are still many Cheng Anlan brothers living in that house, now only Luo Sanluo five two brothers found a good house to buy, moved out, the other Xiaochuan, Xiaohu, Meng Qi Meng Jiu, There are still seven or eight brothers, such as Lei Peng, who worked hard with him in the Northwest Army, living in it. Han yuandie has seen, in addition to Ogawa Xiaohu is a scout origin, smaller, the other several each tiger back bear waist, such as wolves like tigers, ordinary people, not to mention hands, Narrow aisle rack ,Industrial pallet rack, single walk out of the appearance, can frighten people. When Han yuandie went, those few were afraid of scaring the future sister-in-law, and they all stood a little farther away. With these people there, what ability does the Cheng family have to smash the house in Zouma Hutong? Not only is Han yuandie don't believe, His Highness the king of Qi more don't believe, now, His Highness the king of Qi in his study in the palace of Qi, Cheng Anlan a scolding! "I think you are too arrogant!" His Royal Highness, the king of Qi, who was usually giggling and laughing, had a very rare dark and handsome face. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot. "Who can you hide from such a trick?" Cheng Anlan stood on the spot, lowering his head and saying nothing. When His Highness the King of Qi saw this, he knew that the bastard was not convinced. Yushitai is a hearsay, but Yushitai is not a fool who listens to the wind or the rain. What kind of person is Zhao Fugui? He was born as the son of a tenant farmer, and he was only a second-class Jinshi. He became a third-grade Yushidafu when he was just forty years old. He is not proficient in the collection of classics and history. The heart of the emperor is his strong point. You are as stupid as yuanyuan. Do you want to get a ghost to take Yusitai Your Highness, the king of Qi, is not good at being angry with this little bastard. "Don't think you're one of your own if you go back to help Yushitai." His Royal Highness the King of Qi was so angry that he sat down. Cheng Anlan still knew to pour a cup of tea and serve it. His Royal Highness the King of Qi took it over and drank two mouthfuls. He took a breath and then scolded: "That's true. It's also the duty of Yushitai. Zhao Fugui is just selling my personal feelings!"! "They're as clever as ghosts. How can you fool them with your little tricks?" Cheng Anlan still did not speak. His Highness the King of Qi scolded, and when he was almost angry, he calmed down a little: "I know what you're thinking. You just don't want to go home. That family is really not a good thing. It's stupid.." You don't look so stupid anymore! But no matter how, after all, you are surnamed Cheng, and you are the grandson of a serious elder. Even if you take up the righteousness of heaven and earth, everyone knows that you are wronged, and no one thinks that you should break out of the house. Filial piety together, the righteousness of the world, is the king also dare not bear an unfilial comment, not to mention Cheng Anlan. This is an era when a father has to die if he wants his son to die, that is, such a big event as getting rid of the clan can make the crowd think that Cheng Anlan is really wronged, if it is a common thing, even if it feels a little wronged, it can not be said to be wronged. His Highness the King of Qi said, "If you were a member of a side branch, you would have to get rid of the clan and set up another house with your family. But this is your own grandfather and grandmother. Where can you go?"? If you don't go back for a few days, because of your grievance, you can still take the lead. When your grandfather comes to the door in person, the words of others will not be like this. "You fool, not to mention trying to take over the Cheng family, but to come up with such a trifling thing." His Highness the King of Qi cursed, "Is it so easy to bear the reputation of unfilial piety?"? With this reputation, the emperor dares to use you? Now that you have been wronged, apart from the clan, even if your grandfather comes to ask for it in person, you don't pay attention to it. If the emperor wronged you once in the future, will he also look forward to it? His Royal Highness, the king of Qi, wished he could clap dozens of hands on Cheng Anlan's head and wake him up. He was in a good situation, and I don't know how he went to the horizon. Cheng Anlan explained, "I dare not complain about the emperor. Even my grandparents didn't. It's just.." The first wife came to my house the other day and met yuanyuan. She put out the picture of her future mother-in-law and scolded yuanyuan for crying. I thought that if another door had been set up, yuanyuan would not have been so wronged. His Royal Highness,heavy duty warehouse rack, the King of Qi, rolled his eyes, a thing that makes people dizzy!.