Buddha is originally the Tao _ Dreaming into the Divine Machine _ txt Novel Paradise

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"Brother Dao, don't panic!"! I'll help you subdue the Zhunti Taoist! With a roar from the south, a fire monster came out,

"Brother Dao, don't panic!"! I'll help you subdue the Zhunti Taoist! With a roar from the south, a fire monster came out, stepping on a dragon and holding a snake, with a python head and a human body. It was Zhu Rongshi. Then the twelve ancestral witches all came from all directions, wrapped up the Zhunti Taoist, and beat him up. Master Tongtian killed Zhunti Taoist: "Zhunti Taoist, you can have today!" The Zhunti Taoist parried on all sides and suddenly snorted. A piece of sleeve robe was cut off by Master Tongtian with a sword. Had no choice but to laugh: "You and so on do this big evil, retribution is not far away!" " Then, in the form of a rainbow of colors, he fled to the sky and went up to Master Tongtian. He hurriedly picked up the seal and patted it, but it was empty. He let the Taoist Zhunti rush out of the encirclement and return to the lotus platform of the Buddhist altar, saying, "You wait for me to go back to the cave. You will be born when you are ready to kill!" Then in a twinkling of an eye, no one was seen. A line of Bodhisattvas and Buddhas had gone. Zhenyuanzi and Wukong no longer stayed. Zhou Qing stopped the battle and turned back to Lupeng with the Master of Tongtian Sect. He said, "He went back to the Biyou Palace." Zhou Qing said to Li Shihao, "Although the scum of Buddhism has not been eliminated, Your Majesty will return to the Heavenly Palace without hindrance." At the moment with the door to heaven, Li Shihao hurriedly carry the army, all the way to kill, Baoshu city where can block? Within a few hours, the city was destroyed. Seizing the Treasure Tree King and bringing him forward, Li Shihao asked, "If you can abandon the Buddha and return to the Tao,coltan ore processing, I will spare you from death." "The Buddha is always in his mouth," said King Baoshu. "How can he give up?" Li Shihao was furious. He fixed the mud palace with a seal and wasted his magic power. "Cut off his tongue," he said. Buddha is not in the mouth, you can abandon it! Then he had his tongue cut out. King Baoshu shook his head and pointed to his eyes. It means that the Buddha is in his eyes. Li Shihao gouged his eyes again. Baoshu Wang refers to his ears, the table can hear the sound of Buddha, Li Shihao will leave his ears, Baoshu Wang points to his heart, Baoshu Wang points to his heart, Li Shihao will dig his heart. King Baoshu is dead. Then Li Shihao ordered,chrome washing machine, "Hang it on the gate tower and defile its corpse!"! Anyone in the city who believes in and rejoices in the Buddha will be killed. The current big search, believe happy Buddha fruit not a few, all the way to the west, more than a thousand trillion Buddha, have worshipped happy Buddha, all killed. The blood light rushed up to thirty-three days away and did not increase or dissipate. A few months later, Xiniuhezhou and Nanzhanbuzhou were connected to the territory of the Tang Dynasty. It was said that a year had passed, and it was just five hundred years of killing luck. Nu Wa had seen the Primitive Heaven in the Mira Heaven. Seeing the innumerable flecks of blood rising from the Xihe Niuzhou, he felt uneasy in his heart. He said to the Primitive, "Elder Martial Brother, the boy has been in the lower world for many years, and his evil fate is already full. He can come from the upper world." The primordial spirit did not speak, but the empress added, "There are many unworthy disciples, Elder Martial Brother. They have given up the Tao and returned to the Buddha, but they are also doomed. They have their own retribution. After five hundred years of killing, Carbon in Pulp ,tin beneficiation plant, they have to respond to the plunder. From now on, they will be safe and secure, and they will not have to spend that effort to reopen heaven and earth. Isn't it good?" Primitive said, "Although the poor Taoist is in charge of the great religion, there is the Great Master of Xuandu in front of him. The Empress can go and ask him." "What does the Elder Martial Brother have to do with the Great Master of Xuandu?" Nu Wa asked. Then he called the boy and said, "Go and call Yun Zhongzi." Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 364 Seal (I). Standing at the gate of Shangqing Fairy Palace, the White Crane Boy was drowsy. Although he was standing still, yuan Shen had already gone to Taixu with the Duke of Zhou. Nu Wa has been staying in Shangqing Immortal Palace for several months. She talks with the Patriarch every day. I don't know what she is talking about? I've been working so hard, but I've been stuck here for months, and I haven't moved. The white crane boy suddenly woke up and heard the call of the goddess Nu Wa, and his heart was depressed. Although I am the body of a true immortal, I can't serve him for months without moving. The Patriarch really deserves to be a Taoist. He is still calm and relaxed! When the white crane boy entered the main hall, he saw yuan Shi sitting on the cloud bed. His eyes were open, his eyes were shining, and he was not moving. He was very impressed by the spirit of yuan Shen Ding Yujing. He admired her very much, but Nu Wa was sitting in the guest seat. Her expression was not very pleasant, and she seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied. Awful! What did the empress tell me just now? But I didn't hear it clearly! "When Nu Wa saw the boy come in to bow down, she said hurriedly," Why don't you go? " The white crane boy secretly complained in his heart. "And put on a pack, so as not to be blamed by the Patriarch!"! But I'm a child of Shangqing Palace, not a child of Nu Wa Palace. Even if the Empress orders something, the Patriarch has to open his mouth to do it! The boy of the white crane just thought about it in his heart, but he worshipped yuan Shi Tianzun again. yuanshi Tianzun picked up the three precious stones lying on the cloud bed beside him and said to him, "Go and summon the cloud to come." Only then did the white crane boy understand what was going on and hurriedly withdrew Nuonuo. Elder Martial Brother's disciples are really undisciplined! Seeing the white crane boy go out, the goddess Nu Wa snorted. The three sages, Taishang Laojun, yuanshi Tianzun, and Tongtian Sect Leader, were transformed by Pangu yuanshen. Although they were different, they could be regarded as the brothers of Nu Wa Empress. They all heard Hongjun's preaching. However, among the three sages, the Empress often had many contacts with yuanshi. Taishang Laojun often made alchemy and closed the door, and did not have many contacts. As for Tongtian Sect Leader, he had never visited her. Therefore, in the Shangqing Immortal Palace, the empress spoke very casually. yuan Shi listened, but did not speak. When the empress saw this, she stopped talking. "I'm afraid Elder Martial Brother doesn't like to hear that," she said thoughtfully. "It's going to the bottom of my heart." Neither of the two saints spoke at the moment. She sat down in silence. The empress only slightly fiddled with the bowl of immortal tea in front of the seat. She just wanted to take a sip, but it was cold. She immediately lost her mind and had to put down the jade cup again. She said to yuan Shi, "In a few days, it will be the day when Teacher Zixiao Palace opens and closes. Do you have any plans, Elder Martial Brother?" yuan Shicai said, "Before the teacher sits down, the boy will come and call me. The empress has never thought about it." Empress Nu Wa seized on the conversation again and said, "That's good. How about I go with Elder Martial Brother?" "Great goodness," said yuan Shi. Then he sat in silence, and the two sages sat down and waited for the cloud neutron to come. Said the white crane boy out of the Miro sky, down to heaven, straight to the east pole for countless miles, then see the infinite green mountains in the sea of clouds, trees faint, a school of green color,coltan ore processing, deep and quiet forest spring, birds singing mountain quiet. This is the land in the extreme east of Heaven. It is called Qingdiyuan. It is the place where Qingdi practices. It directly manages the essence of the innate Yimu. It does not receive the decree of Heaven. It is isolated from the three realms. There are thousands of miles of green mountains and countless desires. The beauty of immortals is innumerable. Countless immortals live in seclusion here. Qingdi Palace is in the mountains, which is misty and uncertain. No one who has no chance can visit it. ore-magnetic-mining.com