Beast Princess

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"Brother Dao, don't panic!"! I'll help you subdue the Zhunti Taoist! With a roar from the south, a fire monster came out,

"If my prince has something to do, you Yan will wait for our Qin State to flatten it." Chu Yun cold face, put down the cruel words, rare cold face of Chu Yun, so a straight face to have a bit of lonely feeling. Mr. Chu, don't get angry. They'll be all right, Wing King. "Doctor Lin quickly soothed the way, while a series of orders went down." Roar.. There was an earth-shattering roar, almost deafening. The roar from far to near gathered from all directions at a high speed, and it seemed that the wild animals in the forest were converging towards this side, and the sound could be judged by human beings to be so fast that it was unparalleled. The clatter of the horse's hooves came, and the figures in the forest shook a few times. Dugu Jue and the King of Yan rushed out from two directions at the same time. The officials of Yan immediately breathed a long sigh of relief. Relative to the relief of the officials of Yan, Yun Qing and Chu Yun frowned, and were forced to rush back, that. Without allowing them to think too much, Dugujue glanced at Yunqing and rushed to this side at a high speed. "Go, go quickly," he shouted. Behind them, the cloud saw a tree sweeping down, as if something had passed through it, and these towering trees made way for it, which was very strange. Ah Frightened screams and dying roars, interwoven into a piece and sent out, those who rushed up the imperial guards of Yan, bypassing Dugu Jue and the King of Yan, to meet the wild animals that rushed out of the mountains and forests, did not think that a face to face did not touch, was far away to fly out, the bones clicked straight, without a groan,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, died directly. The light cloud was in the front, and it was clear to see the wild animal running out of the woods. Huge, indescribable huge, iron-silver body almost as thick as a century-old tree, two people can only hope to embrace around a circle, a long snake body can hardly see the tail, a pair of red eyes on the flat head, full of irascibility and ferocity, the big mouth of the blood basin the size of a millstone is open, and the scarlet tongue is almost ten feet long. It was wet and covered with sticky mucus, which rolled up the human body as soon as it stretched and contracted,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, and dragged it directly into its mouth and swallowed it. The sharp arrows that shot at him, like tickling him, had no effect at all. They shot up and fell down. They could not hurt him at all, but only made him more angry. And behind a few pythons, tigers, leopards, and other ferocious carnivores, which are usually raised on weekdays and have obliterated the nature of wild animals, one by one seem to have taken the drug of irascibility, biting fiercely and incomparably, full of restlessness and madness. Even though Yunqing had experienced the scene of being surrounded by thousands of animals, he was startled by such a python, and his face was slightly pale. Help.. "Oh, my God, how could this happen." "Help me, help me." At this time, the whole hunting ground was in a panic, full of cries, screams, roars, protectors, Blue Bottle Serum ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, protectors, fleeing for their lives, frightened to walk. A tangled mess. Dugujue completely ignored the flustered crowd and rushed over quickly. He bent over and grabbed the cloud and threw it lightly on his horse. The horse ran out of the mountain forest and shouted in a deep voice, "Keep up." Behind the ink silver also caught Chu Yun, longitudinal horse and Mo from the rapid to keep up with, those who have been following the lonely state of Qin soldiers, followed without a word, than the panic of Yan princes, more of the lonely line of people extremely calm and calm. Roar, the overwhelming roar of wild animals came, the animals were blood-red eyes, frantically attacking the imperial army, almost encircled, leaving only the only way out of the mountains and forests has not been surrounded. Dugujue with his party, the wind galloping cable ran toward the exit, watching to go out through the forest, suddenly swished from both sides of the forest to shoot countless arrows. There was a flash of sharp light in Dugu's eyes, and the whip in his hand was waved into a light curtain. As soon as the sharp arrows met the light curtain, they broke one after another. For a moment, the jackals who rushed out of the woods on both sides of the road had surrounded the road, and all the people were surrounded in the mountains and forests. Hum With a cold snort, more than a dozen soldiers behind him immediately formed a battle formation, combining attack and acceptance. Useless things. "Dugu did not pay attention to the ambush, mercilessly waved the whip, did not stop, urged the horse straight away, while they have not yet stood firm to defeat them, to wait for them to attack the state of all out, it is troublesome, wild animals are not terrible, people are not terrible, terrible is that a few do not know where to drill out of the python.". Chu Yun and others listened to the words and followed them in silence. It was the King of Yan who was scolded by Dugu Jue. Unexpectedly, under his eyes, there was such a mistake. These beasts were obviously fed with medicine, and there were pythons in the mountains and forests. They had never heard of it at all. They certainly didn't know that they had got it. This man didn't know anything. What else could he do to be the King of Yan? Fool. Wing King, wait for me, wait for me. Behind him, the King of Yan and several important officials were chased by the bodyguards towards Dugu Jue, with a pale face. Dugu turned a deaf ear and fought with the jackals and wolves. The wolves howled, the swords roared, and a piece of blood suddenly appeared. Help.. The cries in the distance intensified, and there was a battle between man and beast. The cloud sat lightly in front of Dugu Jue, back tightly against Dugu Jue's iron chest, the slightly frightened heart in this heat, unexpectedly quickly calmed down, behind her is Dugu Ju, if he can't fight out of the world, then no one can go out from here, she doesn't like Dugu's many shortcomings, but does not deny the ability of Dugu. Settling down, Yunqing could not help turning his head and seeing the tragic situation in the distance through Dugujue's shoulder. The pythons were like entering the realm of no man, running amok. Any weapon in front of them was a child's play, completely ignoring it. Behind them, there were tigers and other animals, completely slaughtering human beings. Cloud light to see the heart of compassion, watching the lonely will rush out of the encirclement, but behind. When the right to try, can do naturally is good, if not, she also considered the best, a thought to determine, the cloud lightly took the guqin, ten fingers flying, melodious and peaceful sound of the guqin rippled in the sky, far away. The roar is still the same,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, the ferocity is the same, the fresh spell has no effect, and the beasts are still crazy.