Mutation for 13 seconds (full version)

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"Brother Dao, don't panic!"! I'll help you subdue the Zhunti Taoist! With a roar from the south, a fire monster came out,

Cheng Zai frowned with displeasure, but then nodded slightly. That's right. Unconsciously, everyone came and gathered at the door of the room. Excuse me Xiaofeng spoke. What about the baby? "What else can I do?" Chengzai answered. Is it difficult for you to leave it alone? "No, of course I don't mean that." Xiaofeng scratched his head. The baby began to cry. Cai Cai Mei quickly coaxed him, but he couldn't stop crying. I seem to be hungry. Rong Meizi said. Maybe there will be milk powder somewhere. She said and went into the kitchen. It seems that maybe it's better to leave it to the mother and the nurse. Cheng Zai said. Too many people just get in the way. The rest of you, go to another room first. The places to stay tonight are Room 23 and Room 24. The room where the baby was was room two and two, and the others left Nai Nai Mei and Rong Mei Zi and Wei Yang there and gathered in the living room of room two and three. I want to discuss with you what to do from tomorrow. Cheng Zai looked around the crowd. Although I don't know what happened, I'm sure that everyone except us seems to have disappeared. However, if we look for it again, we may find survivors,D BHB Factory, like the baby next door. But I personally think that instead of looking for survivors, it is better to think about how to survive in the future. Although we can still use electricity now, we'd better be prepared that we will face the situation of power failure sooner or later. The same goes for gas and tap water. What should we do then? We should think of a countermeasure first. "The electricity will be cut off." Asuka looked up at the ceiling lamp and muttered. Perhaps I should say, why is there electricity now? It is reasonable to say that the people of the power company should also be missing. "Because the power generation system or the transmission system is almost fully automatic." Xiaofeng answered the question of high school girls. As long as the fuel is not used up,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, it can continue to supply electricity. But if there is an accident, I don't know what will happen. "As you know, accidents happen everywhere." Cheng Zai said. There are also many places where power has been cut off. Even in this apartment, I don't know when the power will go out. Maybe we should assume that all the electricity will be cut off sooner or later. "Then we have to stock up on food first." Tai Yi spoke. Makoto nodded with a smile. It's really important to stock up on food. At the very least, we should first know where and how much food there is. "You mean we're going to stay here for the time being?" The Winter Tree asked. That's what I intend. Cheng Zai nodded and looked at the crowd. I don't know if this is the ideal place. Maybe there are better places. But now we've got babies and people injured. It is not easy to move collectively. In short, the most important thing now is to create an environment where everyone can live safely. Shanxi Fanxiong, sitting on the dining chair, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, put his hand on his injured knee and lowered his eyes with guilt on his face. May I ask a question? Toda, sitting on the sofa, raised his hand and asked. What's the problem? "No matter what we do in the future, must we follow your instructions and act collectively?" Makoto gave a wry smile. I used the radio to gather all of you, and I naturally have this responsibility, so for the time being, I am only responsible for the integration. If anyone is willing to give the order, of course I'm willing to give it to him. "Let my husband be the leader for a long time.". What is your complaint? Asuka cast a look of disapproval at Toda. I do not pretend to be a leader. Makiya said, looking at Toda. I have no intention of ordering you. I'm just expressing my opinion and asking for your opinions. If there's any better ideas, I'm all ears. "I don't know if it's a better idea, but I think it's right to do one thing before looking for food." "What is it?" "For help, of course." "Call for help.." "?" Makiya repeated his words confusedly. Toda nodded and said: I am a realist. I have always believed that people should think as rationally as possible. "So am I." "As you say, it does seem that all human beings except us have disappeared.". But I think they're just not here and actually should still exist somewhere. In that case, finding out where they are should be the top priority. There are more than 100 million Japanese alone. Do you think so many people are teleporting to other places? "This explanation is at least more realistic than assuming that they disappeared for no reason." Not really, Asuka muttered. After Toda stared at her coldly, he continued: Besides, we don't know anything about the situation in other places. Maybe you just see the situation in Tokyo and think that human beings have disappeared. Maybe nothing happened anywhere else. If so, what is the Government doing? According to you, does it not mean that the government knows this situation but does nothing? I don't know that either. In short, I think we should look for places where there are people. I'm sure they must be somewhere. "Specifically, how to find it?" "I'm afraid we can only look for it separately.". The transportation agency has been shut down, so it's probably going to be cycling around. Makiya did not nod in agreement. He looked around at the crowd. What about other people's opinions? Do you agree with Mr. Toda? No one answered. Chengya's eyes shot at the winter tree. What do you think? "Me.." I think that's just a waste of effort. Brother, you should think so yourself, right? How can it be a waste of effort? Who knows before you do it. Toda roared. Given the current situation, isn't the answer obvious? We're the only ones left. There is no one else. The winter tree took a breath and spoke again. Although I don't know what happened,Theobromine Powder, only a few of us were saved. The others are probably no longer in this world. They're all dead. Everyone's expressions seemed to freeze, but it didn't seem that they were petrified because they heard the unexpected speech. Dongshu is convinced that everyone already knows it. They all know it, but they just deliberately don't touch the topic.