Wan Qingsi _ Bobo

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"Brother Dao, don't panic!"! I'll help you subdue the Zhunti Taoist! With a roar from the south, a fire monster came out,

The book in my hand fell on the table, and I stared at the record in horror, as if the terrible conjecture in my heart had been confirmed in some way. Why haven't I been thinking about that? I went into a misunderstanding before that Chu Shang was not dead, but if he was not really dead, how could he deceive the court? How can you cheat King Jing? How can you cheat Yue Niang? I also went into another misunderstanding, thinking that Anyuan Xi knew Chu Shang, desperately looking for the time and probability that he might know Chu Shang. If these two points can not be established, but as I dare to guess, all my doubts have been answered. The day Chu Shang was captured and killed was the day when Anyuan Xi's head was broken and his life was in danger. If Chu Shang really died that day, and Anyuan Xi died at that time, and survived when the doctor said it was incurable, wouldn't such a situation be the same as so many time-travel novels I read in my previous life? Isn't it the same as what happened to me? Is it a person who, like me, has occupied the soul of someone else's body, a reincarnation? It's Chu Shang. Occupying the body of Anyuan Xi! My hand trembled slightly, and the record in the book seemed to turn into a strange spell, which made my eyelids jump. I subconsciously resist this guess, no, how can Chu Shang be Anyuan Xi? If he really lived in Anyuan Xi's body at that time, then the first time I saw him, he was already Chu Shang, but at that time, he did not show the slightest understanding of me, and those pedantic remarks and thoughts, it is impossible that Chu Shang would think and say, no, he is not Chu Shang! If he is Chu Shang, was he acting when he approached me? I recalled the expression, eyes, movements and remarks of Anyuan Xi when she was with me in the past, and felt cold in my heart. If those were all false,Glucono Delta Lactone, then this person would be too good at putting on a show, too terrible! However, if my guess is wrong, then everything is back to the original point, simply can not find any clues to the understanding of Anyuan Xi and Chu Shang. I took a breath and tried to calm my turbulent thoughts. Calm! Ye Haihua! Be calm! Come to think of it, is there anything you haven't thought of? Is there anything wrong with you? Ok, assuming that Anyuan Xi is the reincarnation of Chu, how can we prove it? From the first time I met Anyuan Xi, I began to recall, one by one, those details that were not noticed by me at that time, but now I think about them with strange details. The more I think about them, the more frightened I am, the more I find that there are more and more of the same things on them, arranged again and again, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,L Methylfolate Factory, only to find more and more "coincidences". For the first time, I heard Grandpa Fu say that he used to have a gentle personality, but after his head was broken, his brain was not very good, and his personality changed a lot. The second time, on the prairie, the White Horse Atilla asked the Shaman God for instructions, saying that he and I were seduced by the devil, possessed by the soul, and did dirty things. Possessed by the soul? Could it mean that he and I are both reincarnated? White horse Atila said we did dirty things, and I sniffed at it at that time, but if he was Chu Shang, it would be reasonable. And then Ure said that White Horse Atilla could not lie, so, the shaman God's instructions of filth, in fact, refers to what happened the night I just crossed? It was also after being thrown into the lake that Anyuan Xi's temperament gradually changed and her character gradually became tough. The third time, after escaping from the bottom of the lake, he talked endlessly about the Big Dipper, but did not remember where he learned the knowledge. Some time ago, when I went to visit Fengge, I accidentally learned that Chu Shang knew how to watch the stars. The fourth time, when I came back from the grassland, I invited everyone to eat hot pot at home. I heard Aunt Ann say that he had never eaten chili before, but that time he did not change his face. The fifth time, he was hit in the head by a container and said those nonsense in a daze. Every sentence, now that I think about it, seems to be linked to the experience of Chu Shang. After that, he woke up as if he was a different person and said those bastard words that made me sad. The strange way he looked at me at that time was so complicated. And the temperament he showed after returning to Hou Fu was quite different from that in Cangdu. He knows the martial arts of Chu Shang; he knows the inside story of the Wuji Gate; he secretly helps Yue Niang to grasp the real power of the Wuji Gate; he is drunk and runs to the Huanyue Pavilion subconsciously, because Yue Niang says that it is Chu Shang's favorite place to stay before; his temperament makes Feng Ge feel familiar; he listens to my complicated and inexplicable expression when I evaluate Chu Shang; When he heard that others humiliated me with the experience of being a brothel girl, he kept saying sorry to me painfully. His familiarity with Jianghu allusions and cruel punishments, his excellent ability to identify wounds, and his ability to deliberately restrain and dilute the sense of existence seem to be more like the instinct of a killer trained since childhood.. One by one, it reminds me that the similarity between Anyuan Xi and Chu Shang is so amazing that when the frequency of "coincidence" is too high, coincidence is no longer a coincidence. I suddenly closed the book on the table, and the chill spread from the soles of my feet to my whole body. I was frightened by my surreal speculation, by the "coincidences" I had analyzed, and by the strange facts. The feeling of fear grew from the heart, not frightened by the supernatural events of reincarnation, but shocked by the fact that the reincarnation was most likely Chu Shang. I can't figure out what he thinks, if he is really Chu Shang, why should he endure to stay in Hou Fu, what does he want to do? "Madam!" Ning Er ran in, "Master Qi said he wanted to see you." My whole body trembled, and I had no time to think about it, so I immediately wrapped the book in blue cloth. He wants to see me? Why does he want to see me? Does he know? Then he spat at himself. How could he know that I had just surmised this astonishing conjecture? I tried to calm down my confused thoughts, and it seemed that the psychological deterrence caused by Chu Shang was still there, so that when I heard that he might appear in front of me, I was so flustered! Calm down, Ye Haihua,Kava Root Extract, calm down to know what to do. I took a deep breath. "Let him wait for me in the study. I'll be right there!" " I put the blue cloth package in the wardrobe and went to the study. Stepping into the room, she saw Anyuan Xi standing up from the table. She leaned over and said, "Sister-in-law!" 。 pioneer-biotech.com