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Facing the camera, Xun Fang said lightly: "I can make a breakthrough in Overlord,

Facing the camera, Xun Fang said lightly: "I can make a breakthrough in Overlord, just like I can laugh proudly in the world. Friends who like Overlord can continue to support me. I will not let you down." That reporter MM asked with a smile: "In the afternoon, your guild is unique in the world and will encounter the first guild Snow Moon. How much do you think your team is likely to win?" "50-50!" Xun Fang's face is not red and his heart is not beating. The seven-star lantern burst out laughing beside it: "I rely on..." Reporter MM is maintaining professional accomplishment, hurriedly turned the lens to the seven-star lamp, surprised way: "Hehe?"? Isn't this Hall of Famer Seven Star Lantern? Ha ha, just heard you can not help laughing, I would like to ask you how to look at the afternoon of the world's matchless VS Snow Moon this amazing confrontation? The seven-star lantern grinned and said lazily, "An amazing duel?"? Forgive me to tell the truth, the world's unique level to the snow moon shoes do not match, but also 50-50, really laugh off their teeth, the snow moon substitute team can ravage them.. Reporter MM kept calm and said with a smile, "This.." In fact, it's all the words of one family. I believe everyone is looking forward to the confrontation between Xun Fang, who is proud of the world in the overlord, and the frivolous scholar. The seven-star lamp continued to talk nonsense, but the reporter MM did not give him the lens, knowing that Xun Fang would not be scolded to pieces. Time flies,interactive panel board, and the game of 16 to 8 starts soon. In the first game, the soul returns to the battle robe VS sword and rose. Sword and Rose is a mythical guild created by a generation of talented girl Murong Shanshan, but the legend is only a flash in the pan after all. Today's Sword and Rose is no longer the grand occasion of the past. It can only be said that the WSL journey of Swords and Roses has come to an end, and the leader Nangong MM also said that there is no pressure to lose. The result can be imagined to lose, 4:1, won a 1V1, but also to save some face. In the second game,smart board for conference room, the Temple of the Moon played against Qingmei Boiling Wine. Honglingwu personally supervised the battle, although unable to summon the ice dragon mount, but Honglingwu still easily killed the opponent's most powerful warrior Guan Yunchang, and finally the Moon Temple ended the opponent with a score of 5:0, Han Xin, Jian Feiyang, Pupil Ruo Dianxing and other masters have been on the stage, it can be said to be invincible. The third scene, Autumn Rain Age VS Trevi Fountain. Lonely grave uncle this period of time a lot of training masters, and Qiuyu Nianhua has always been low-key, many of the masters are enough to frighten people, and the Trevi Fountain is also one of the rare strong alliances in China, but no one would have thought that the final score of the Trevi Fountain was 0:5 was abused by Qiuyu Nianhua, smart board whiteboard ,electronic board for classroom, Qiuyuanhua ace Hellfire two consecutive rounds of thunder and lightning seckill opponents. It has left a deep impression on many audiences. This is the ultimate master in the legend, the supreme realm that can not be expected. In the fourth game, finally, it was Xueyue's turn to play. Xun Fang brought five people to the stage, three of whom I know, King Jing of Zhongshan, Tranquility, and the high-level archer who is good at assassination, all of whom are under 30 years old, the golden age of professional players, while the other two seem to be not bad, they should be all the masters that Xun Fang has won over. Iced tea whispered in my ear: "Since Xun Fang can attract the top master of tranquility, the rest of the people must be difficult to deal with, we had better be careful, do not capsize in the gutter." I nodded: "That's safe, ice girl, you come out first!" " "Good!" The iced tea is very excited, and the fighting spirit is high. Xun Fang cast a defiant look in his eyes and said with a sneer, "I don't shed tears without seeing the coffin!" Snow and Moon World Chapter 1110 Rain of the World Mowu Hooligan of the Other World | Mortal Xiuxian Biography | Very Pure and Ambiguous | Lingwu Nine Days | Breaking the Sky | Evil King of the Other World | Devouring the Stars | God of War | Dionysus | Immortal Inverse Update Time: 2010-11-14 12:24:47 Number of Words in this Chapter: 6598 "Scholar, put you in the third place!" The iced tea reminded me. / "Uh-huh.". ” I nodded. In fact, the person I want to catch most is Serenity. He is also the strongest guy in this team. It's easy to say when I encounter him with Iced Tea. But once Ziyue and Daohuaxiang encounter Serenity, it's hard to predict the outcome. After all, the operation of high-level assassins is not bad. They can kill Daohuaxiang to death. Enter the list of players one by one, and soon after, the match between the two sides appeared on the big screen. 1V1: Iced Tea LV-275 VS Zhongshan Jingwang LV-257 1V1: Light Rice Flower LV-274 VS Tranquility LV-264 1V1: Frivolous Scholar LV-277 VS Baibu Chuanyang LV-261 1V1: Purple Moon LV-272 VS Bloodthirsty God of War LV-259 2V2: Frivolous Scholar LV-277 Iced Tea LV-275 VS Tranquility LV-264 Baibu Chuanyang LV-261 …… Seeing this confrontation, I couldn't help but feel a twitch in my heart. I really guessed that the faint fragrance of rice flowers had encountered tranquility, which was a little dangerous. With quiet attack, it can break the cyclone shield of rice flower fragrance in three seconds, and then chisel vertigo, backstab, boning and so on, with unimaginable consequences. However, Iced Tea and I should be regarded as a stable scoring point, and a 2V2 will not be a threat, in short, it is certainly no problem to enter the top 8. On the sidelines, everyone discussed tactics, while the big screen outside showed an empty boulder valley, and the audience could not see the situation of the players, which was also for the sake of confidentiality. In the first game, we must win! I say. Iced tea nodded: "Don't worry, Zhongshan Jing Wang that goods is what things, the tea outside is still warm,touch screen whiteboard, look at my iced tea sister warm tea cut Huaxiong!" I couldn't help laughing and patted the buttocks of the iced tea. "Go!" Iced Tea gave me an angry look: "Gone ~" "Brush!" The iced tea disappeared outside the court and appeared in the valley of the huge stone. King Jing of Zhongshan immediately entered the court. He looked like a hero of benevolence and virtue. He pressed the sword and said, "Give in a lot, iced tea beauty!" Iced Tea smiled. "Go to hell!" 。