Mu Shao, your wife is born again.

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"Because your daughter abducted my son," said Mrs.

"Because your daughter abducted my son," said Mrs. Xue angrily! Originally two people broke up, should not meet! But my son was softhearted and went out to meet your daughter the day before yesterday and never came back! A shorter woman beside Mrs. Xue said, "Your daughter calls my Kaikai every day. My Kaikai doesn't want to talk to her. She cries and begs. She says she's pregnant. I don't know whose bastard she's pregnant with!"! I just want to rely on my Kaikai! Now, two people run together! The women who surrounded Mrs. Xue denounced one after another: "Kaikai is the only one in our Xue family. If anything happens to him, can you take the responsibility?!" It seems that they should all be Xue Kai's aunts and aunts. The guests in the banquet hall looked at each other. Speaking of, it seems that I didn't see Miss Muyun today, this. Is this an elopement? I don't know who said that. Nonsense! Mu Rongxuan was so angry that his face turned red. "My daughter can't elope with someone!" He turned his head and shouted at Mu Ling, "Tell your sister to come down!" Mu Ling was so frightened that he shivered and hurried upstairs at a loss. Mrs. Xue pulled up a chair and sat down in a strong manner, looking like she was waiting to ask for punishment. The music stopped, the guests stared at this side, and the atmosphere of the banquet was completely destroyed by the female generals of the Xue family. "Mrs. Xue, if you want to find Miss Muyun, you can ask someone to send a message first. Isn't it rude to come to the door so rashly?" Someone couldn't help saying? What's more, today is Miss Muzi's banquet. It's really unfair for you to make such a fuss about Miss Muzi. Annoyed, Mrs. Xue said to herself,smart board touch screen, My son is gone! How can I care so much?! Just as he was about to say a few words to the man, he turned around and found that the other party was actually the governor's secretary! Not only the governor's secretary, but also Fu Chujun, who was always too arrogant to take anyone seriously, was standing beside Secretary Wei at the moment, looking at Mrs. Xue with strong dissatisfaction in his eyes. Mrs. Xue's heart missed a beat. Out of the corner of her eye,75 inch smart board, she glanced at the other guests and found many familiar faces! These people are very important celebrities, ordinary banquets are difficult to invite them, why would they come to attend such a small celebration banquet?! Is not admitted to a good school? As for inviting these people? The Xue family is rich, and the banquet can be extremely luxurious and grand, but it is very, very difficult to invite such guests. Mrs. Xue felt incredible. She was shocked and jealous. She thought to herself, "Even the unstinting second young master of the Gu family is here." If Mu Yun had not broken up with Xue Kai, these connections might have developed into connections of the Xue family. Mrs. Xue's heart throbbed at the thought! I just feel like I'm missing out on a fortune! At this time, two beautiful young girls came side by side on the other side of the stairs. It was the two sisters, Mu Yun and Mu Ling. Chapter 746 make good use of your mind. Mu Yun already knew what had happened from Mu Ling's mouth. She hurried downstairs with a pale face. As soon as she saw Mrs. Xue, she quickly opened her mouth and explained, digital touch screen board ,75 smart board, "Mrs. Xue, have you misunderstood?"? Xue Kai and I did break up, but after breaking up, I never looked for him, ah, these days I have some typhoid cold, afraid to infect the guests, so today did not go downstairs.. Mu Ling also helped: "Yes, how could my sister elope with someone?"? But Xue Kai called her several times to go out, but my sister refused. "Impossible!" Mrs. Xue stared at Muyun with unkind eyes and said, "My son won't lie to me!"! He told me himself that you called him and asked him out! Muyun took out her cell phone and showed it to Mrs. Xue. "Mrs. Xue, I really haven't called Xue Kai recently!" But Mrs. Xue didn't look at it at all. "Call records can be deleted!"! Miss Muyun, you'd better say it directly. Where did you coax my Kaikai to?! Mu Rongxuan's eyes fell between the two, with the anger of forbearance, his hands clenched into fists, confused in his heart, unable to tell who was telling the truth. If Mu Yun lies, the daughter encourages other people's young master to elope together, Mu Rongxuan must severely teach her a lesson! If Mrs. Xue is lying, Mu Rongxuan must come up with the most decent solution as soon as possible. But why did Mrs. Xue lie? What are the motives and reasons? There is no need for Mrs. Xue to embarrass a 20-year-old girl. Mu Rongxuan in the heart of the balance, involuntarily biased toward Mrs. Xue, feel that this matter is probably Mu Yun is playing tricks, he knows his daughter, is so careful. If the scheming is used well, it is brilliant; if it is not used well, it becomes despicable. Mu Rongxuan full of anger burning, has almost found Mu Yun guilty! How could Muyun not see the anger and resentment in her father's eyes? She felt very sad, and there was no wave in her heart, as if such a result had been expected. She knows too well what her father is like! Just as Muyun tried to explain again, her cell phone rang. Not Muyun's cell phone, but Mrs. Xue's cell phone. She frowned and answered the phone, because the banquet hall was very quiet at this time, so the cry on the other end of the phone suddenly came out very clearly: "Mom!"! Come and help me! Please help me! I've been kidnapped! Xue Kai's voice suddenly stopped, followed by the kidnapper's voice: "Prepare 10 million in three days!"! Don't call the police, or wait to collect your son's body! The phone was forcibly hung up by the other party. Mrs. Xue's face was already white! She was frozen in the same place! The guests who were closer looked shocked and looked at each other, while the guests who were farther away did not hear clearly,65 inch smart board, and they were all in a fog. What's wrong “…… Looks like a call from the kidnapper? "Is it a prank?" "It sounds like it's true." Xue Kai's aunt suddenly broke down and said in a loud voice, "My Kaikai!"! ——” The women of the Xue family were all in a mess! "Did you do it?!" Mrs. Xue suddenly came to her senses and looked at Muyun bitterly. "You hate what happened last time, so you wait for an opportunity to retaliate!"! What a vicious heart you have!!! 。