The sound of the palace all night

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Make such a judgment in an instant, this immediately

Make such a judgment in an instant, this immediately let Chen Chengan and Xu Suyuan be amazed. However, the gradual clarity of the situation has made them more worried. If the northern army used to guard against Khitan is really controlled by Khitan people, then this is not so much the biggest joke in the world as the biggest crisis of the court! The third volume wants to go to Qingyun Road. Chapter 51 plans to go out safely. "Wang Ye!" Seeing Jia Yuefeng hurrying into the door, Li Mingze showed a smile and waved his hand slightly: "If you are here to tell me that northern Xinjiang is in an emergency, then needless to say, I don't even know such a big news!" Jia Yuefeng immediately showed doubts and sat down on Li Mingze's chair with a puzzled face. He asked tentatively, "Since Wang Ye knows, why don't you think of a way?"? Now there has been a lot of discussion outside, more scholars are ready to sign a letter, the momentum has been very fierce. Wang Yeh does not often say that the people's hearts can be used, to this point, it is a great opportunity for Wang Yeh to take advantage of the situation. "Opportunity?" Li Mingze smiled, then shrugged his shoulders and stood up, thinking of the news he had sent back from the nail he had worked so hard to set up in northern Xinjiang. Compared with what ordinary people know, what he knows is more detailed and more real, so he knows all kinds of changes and news in Zhenbei Army, even the situation of disagreement between the upper and lower levels. However, so what if you know? Although he is a prince now,information kiosk price, he is only a prince and has no real power. Those ministers can also speak out their opinions in the court, but every time he goes to court, he only needs a pair of ears, and this mouth is simply a decoration! If he goes beyond the limits, then Cui Suxing may laugh at it, but others will never miss such a great opportunity. At a time like this, do you think I can get a lot of answers by raising my arms? Then you don't have to look down upon those people in the court! I can guarantee that as long as I have the slightest change,temperature check kiosk, I may be immediately charged with a house ransacking! Even if the court really needs my advice, let me ask you, I don't have a single soldier in my hand. What can be done ?” "This.." Under Li Mingze's questioning like a storm, Jia Yuefeng was full of excitement and finally disappeared like ice and snow. He wrung his fingers so hard that he couldn't help thinking of the days when he was almost idle in Taichang Temple. Compared to doing nothing. Isn't life more important? However, he spent so much money at the beginning. Not just to live a stable life! "But Wang Ye, now that the new emperor has ascended the throne and the eldest princess has assisted the government, it can be said that the situation in the court is still unstable.". The turmoil in northern Xinjiang is the best opportunity if it is missed. So, once the world is peaceful, the long princess really stabilized the situation in power, and the emperor is getting older day by day, then, the future situation is hard to say. Wang Ye is not a mediocrity. Why don't you try to invite Miao to go to northern Xinjiang? Li Mingze's face finally suddenly gloomy down, Jia Yuefeng can think of things, Interactive digital signage ,digital signage screen, of course, he can also think of. However, it is easier said than done, why should the court agree to his request? Others will take his voluntary invitation as a joke. Or is it simply believed to be ill-intentioned? He had set a few nails in the army in the north of the town, but. Whether the overall situation can be suppressed at the critical moment. It is not only personal ability and tolerance, but also real strength. And for him. The strength in hand is too little! Cui Wei did not want power, but the queen mother put the power in her hands. Li Mingze wanted power, but the queen mother refused to give it. In the dead of night, he would always think over and over again about why the queen mother would rather set up a baby in swaddling clothes than consider their grandchildren who had grown up? Could it be that just because his father had been a deposed emperor and had done heresy, he was no longer the grandson of the Empress Dowager? You don't have to worry about these things. In a word, you have spent a lot of money on me, and I won't forget it. "He turned and walked up to Jia Yuefeng, looked down for a moment, and suddenly said with a smile," I once said that you would enjoy more splendor than wealth, and you would never forget your promise. These days Jingzhaofu and the bodyguard Qinjunsi will be strictly investigated, you go out as early as possible, so as not to get burned, do you understand? Jia Yuefeng nodded hurriedly, thinking that he had nothing more important to do here, so he got up and left. When he went out and got into his carriage, he had just wiped his forehead with his veil, and he sighed when he saw that his head was covered with sweat and grease. It is said that wealth is sought in danger, which is true. It is rare to have a lot of money, but it is even more rare to seek a position for oneself. He has thrown caution to the wind, and the consequences are beyond his own prediction. In the empty hall, Li Mingze stood there in a daze and suddenly let out a burst of laughter. If he had no ambition, if he was just a mediocre prince, then, would the queen mother have been willing to marry Cui to him? Unfortunately, there is no if in this world. After all, he is not Liu Yuxuan, his eyes in addition to Cui Wei, there are more ambitious things, the former he has not enough, then the latter he absolutely can not give up. Perhaps one day he will be able to successfully recapture the former with the latter. Wang Ye! Hearing this timid voice, Li Mingze instinctively felt a burst of disgust and took a deep breath to maintain the rigid face. Turned to look at the beautiful figure, his eyes suddenly a hazy, as if to see the familiar smile. Almost instinctively, his lips moved slightly, and two inaudible sounds burst out. Su-er. Liu Rui at the door did not hear Li Mingze's meaning clearly, mistakenly thought that he was calling himself,face recognition identification kiosk, and immediately showed a surprised and happy smile. Putting the tray in her hand on the table next to her, she saluted and said, "Wang Ye didn't use anything in the morning. These cakes are all made by my wife herself.." 。