Heard I'm a wife-gnawing clan [wear quickly]

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Gege,fine bubble diffuser, what's the matter? You have to tell me the truth." It seems that Miss Jia doesn't know. Of course, with her experience and experience, she may also be good at both singing and acting.

Su Jin put down the letter paper, specially found a vase, and inserted the sweet-scented osmanthus into it, which was really outstanding. Chu Chen wrote a letter to accuse Chu Shilang, Chu Linshan, and the sanctimonious Number One Scholar Li Huairen of taking and plundering the fruit wine, which he had specially prepared for the hostess. Three people still have a conscience, leave a jar, wait until you get married, drink together. I don't know why Su Jin is looking forward to her future life. It must be very interesting to be with you. Miss, sweet-scented osmanthus is really fragrant. How about taking its flower and making it into sweet-scented osmanthus cake? Qiuhe said with a smile, the young lady looked at the sweet-scented osmanthus for a long time, sometimes laughing, sometimes frowning, but the eyebrows were dizzy with a trace of sweetness. Hey, I haven't got married yet! The son-in-law almost took the young lady's soul away. Su Jin met God, jade hand picked a flower, I do not know why, unexpectedly smelled the fragrance of fruit wine, wine is not drunk everyone drunk, face appeared unnatural blush. Su Jinqian dragged his side face, "recently the spirit is not good, the sweet taste in the incense burner is too dull, it will go.". The fragrance of this flower seems to be absent, fresh and pleasant, put it in the boudoir,rapid sand filters, presumably to improve sleep. "But the young lady used to say that among the flowers, sweet-scented osmanthus is too sweet and greasy, which makes people more and more irritable." Qiuxia said with an incredible face. You little hooves, this is a gift from your son-in-law. Can it be the same? The nurse went to Su Jin's side, "I smell the sweet smell on the young lady's body, and the old woman died." Yes, it used to smell elegant, but now it smells dull. Guye has a bag of sugar every day, and we only smell it every day, and our teeth are all sweet. Su Jin is holding a serious,Rotating sludge scraper, the heart has long been embarrassed to death, this group of small hooves, it seems that they have been too indulgent recently. This person is really, there is no gift every day, every time it disturbs people's mind. Mother Su has been paying attention to the situation in her daughter's yard. She is forced to smell the sweet and greasy smell of her son-in-law's candy every day. She is more and more dissatisfied with her husband and son. Look at her son-in-law, and then compare with her own man. She simply can't look at him. She also allows herself to be a romantic genius. In fact, she is a bad old man. Su Hezhi and Su Mengde were talked about by their old father all night, and it seemed that they suddenly got through Ren Tong's two veins, only to realize how stupid they were. With the present thinking to see Chu dust, have to admire this person, sophistry a good hand. Su Shangshu refreshed, he said his seed, how stupid than the old man Chu's children, the original is that he forgot to give his son ventilation pulse. Morning court has been in a good mood, looking at the emperor's mood is also good, the hall is peaceful, he is relieved to wait for the next court, find a time to drink a cup. Chu Shilang smacked his lips and was still savoring the fragrance of the wine. Unfortunately, disc air diffuser ,Wall Penstocks, he drank too much yesterday, leaving only one jar. When my son goes out to walk the birds, he should be able to drink half a jar by himself. I saw Chu Aiqing's body was floating, and I thought she hadn't woken up yet. The morning court was drawing to a close, and everyone thought that today, in a harmonious atmosphere, everyone would go to the next court to do their own business. Emperor Xuan is looking for something to refresh everyone. As soon as Chu Shilang's legs were weak, he almost sat in the main hall. Why did the emperor always stare at the back of his house? He was just a petty official. My good first prize winner, good second prize winner, how about the taste of wine, I will tell you about it. Emperor Xuan sat lazily on the throne, seemingly just chatting with the ministers, without any sense of dignity. Li Huairen came out, "report back to the emperor, the taste is very good, after drinking, my body is unobstructed, the original Shen Ke has been ill for a long time, as if it was all gone overnight." It was the first time he had been drunk, but there was no adverse reaction after he was drunk. On the contrary, he was in better spirits. There must be a mystery in the wine. Your Majesty, there should be some medicinal herbs in the wine. Chu Linshan said, the younger brother's last jar of wine is about to be lost, fortunately he hid a jar, the emperor should know, he inferred that the emperor will not want his wine, should want to see the younger brother's reaction. Mother has two jars of wine, and she won't give it to my younger brother. It's really pitiful. Oh The emperor looked at the three men below with a half-smile and turned to look at Su Shangshu standing there calmly. The old fox was in a good mood! I heard there was still a jar of wine left for when the little bastard tied the knot with Su Aiqing's daughter. Su Shangshu secretly spurned Chu old bastard, had good wine, did not know to call the in-laws, was named by the emperor, secretly happy in the heart. Don't you want to die if you don't know how to present a good thing to the emperor? I didn't expect the surprise to come so quickly. He was a little dizzy when he was hit by a mallet. It had nothing to do with him. Why did the fire burn on him. Since my daughter and Chu yuan's engagement, why do I feel that I have been targeted by the emperor, this son-in-law will not be the legendary jinx, focusing on the pit father pit father-in-law. It's not even married! I've been targeted twice by the emperor, and I've got married. The emperor Su Shangshu secretly glanced at Chu Shilang and motioned him to say quickly. Chu Shilang lowered his head, pretending not to see Su Shangshu's eyes, the emperor did not let him speak, or pretend to be a grandson, before he was not taken seriously in the hall, now repeatedly named, a little uncomfortable. This wine should be offered to the emperor. After the next court, he wanted to settle the account with the assistant minister of Chu. Su Shangshu said respectfully, "My daughter must be delighted to know." "The child must be overjoyed to know." Chu Shilang hurriedly declared that the little bastard knew that he had been sold by his father and father-in-law, but he was not crazy, and he would certainly fight to the death with Lao Tzu. The emperor was satisfied and announced his retirement. He was looking forward to the day of hunting more and more. He wanted to take a good look at such a noisy boy. The ministers thought that the emperor would show his power, and they did not know how to give the good things to the emperor, so they enjoyed them by themselves. Unexpectedly, the emperor did not say anything, and the matter was settled. Su Shangshu went home and ran to Su Jin to smear Chu Chen. "This boy is really impolite. He doesn't know how to dedicate good things to the emperor." "Dad, this daughter knows," Su Jin did not expect his father to have such a childish side, "Chu Erlang is not sophisticated, do not know is not strange." Daughter so toward Chu little bastard, Su Shangshu decided to wedding day must be difficult little bastard. In the past, I didn't know what the little bastard meant to my daughter. I was afraid of scaring my son-in-law away, so my daughter had to be a Taoist nun. Now that I know,disc air diffuser, I shouldn't torment my son-in-law. Chu Chen hugs a whole body snow-white white dumpling to go home, hears the capital noble female all likes to raise this kind of animal, Su Jin should also like. khnwatertreatment.com