Wan Long Shen Zun

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He got up and shouted,Magnesium Oxide powder, "Boy, don't move his mustard. It belongs to my family." Shi Jia!? As soon as Shi Cheng's voice fell, a whisper sounded between heaven and earth.

The red sword is still spinning in midair, because of the high-speed movement around, there are countless sword bodies, and then by Mo Yun's point, toward Wen Qingye killed the past. Like countless flying swords falling from the sky, each flying sword with a terrible temperature, like a meteor in general, people do not doubt, if hit that tragic scene. Wen Qingye raised his eyebrows slightly and raised the sword in his hand. The black blade was as magnificent as the starry sky, with a very attractive divine light. Poof! A strange sound came from a reading of the sword, and everyone felt a surge of spirit. By the time they came to their senses, the light of the sword had already killed them in front of them. Tianmo Chasing Soul Sword! Soul stirring! "" Wen Qingye grabbed the hilt of the sword with his right hand, and the light of the sword that Mo Yun had split out in front of him was a fierce stab in the past, with a terrible black blade light on the blade. Clang! The two swords intersected, the red and black light also hit hard, a terrible storm of True Qi rippled, some of the tables and chairs that had remained around turned into debris, and all the masters swung their bodies and flew high into the sky. Wen Qingye's body floated out directly, and waves of scorching temperature came from the body of the sword, all of which were constantly dissolved by Wen Qingye's True Qi. At the moment of the collision of the two swords, Mo Yun's face suddenly became extremely pale, and his footsteps were stepping back in the air. If someone can look inside Mo Yun,Magnesium Oxide MgO, he will find that his internal organs are almost broken, if not for his seven-grade Jinxian's cultivation, he may die directly because of the internal organs shattered. Xiaoqing sneered, "the loss of my Dingfeng Restaurant must be compensated by this blood dragon brake." "Not necessarily" Bai Ruxuan held his chest in both hands, with a ray of light flowing in his beautiful eyes, and looked indifferently at Wen Qingye and Mo Yun in front of him, "I don't think Mo Yun may be able to survive." When Xiaoqing heard Bai Ruxuan's words, she was slightly surprised and said, "Miss,caustic calcined magnesite, what do you mean?" Xiaoqing looked at the distant Wenqing night, some strange eyes, why do I always feel that this beard is somewhat familiar with it? Bai Ruxuan looked at Mo Yun's pale face and then at Wen Qingye. He whispered, "The master of the Fairy Gate has reappeared." Because Wen Qingye is pressing the use of Tianmo Chasing Soul Sword, so none of the onlookers can see that Wen Qingye is using the famous martial arts of killing immortals. Wen Qingye looked at Mo Yun face a change, know the timing is good, sneer at a, in the hands of a read sword light big show. Whoa! A move of the art, Wen Qingye then disappeared in the public's field of vision, when the public reaction came over, he has appeared in the distance Mo Yun not far away. Mo Yun in the heart hit a excited spirit, no longer dare to hold big, hurriedly displayed the law of heaven and earth, five grades of Tao body is also running out. The red sword also changed in his hand and became hundreds of feet long. Baizhang Demon Sword! Mo Yun clenched his teeth, held his sword in both hands, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and split the sword toward Wen Qingye, who rushed to the distance. The red sword in his hand came like cutting off the mountains and splitting the sky. Wen Qingye's eyes are as steady as mountains, and the sword in his hand is calm and leisurely, which contains a terrible murder in the dark. Clang! Clang! Wen Qingye did not expect Mo Yun to have such a powerful counterattack at this time, the pace of repeated retreat, the corners of the mouth can not help but overflow a trace of blood. Boy, are you still trying to kill me? Holding a giant sword, Mo Yun suspended high in the sky, looking at Wen Qingye with a cold face, "Today I will cut off your head, let the younger generation take a good look at the consequences of offending my blood dragon." Swish! Mo Yun finished, carrying the sword in his hand and killed Wen Qingye in front of him. Buzz! Buzz! Wen Qingye's eyes were cold, the sword in his hand turned, and the cold wind flowed out of the body of the sword and attacked the front fiercely. Shi Cheng stood high in the sky, feeling the gloomy cold wind. He could not help frowning slightly and said, "What a terrible wind! This martial arts is not simple." "Die, boy!" Mo Yun held the sword in both hands, stepped on it, and cut it directly toward Wen Qingye. Wen Qingye is fearless, but also directly displays the law of heaven and earth, although there is no strong Taoist body support, but the strength of the promotion is also very extraordinary. Tianmo Chasing Soul Sword! Chasing the wind and devouring the soul! Wen Qing night a sword toward the front of Mo Yun swept away, rolling black sword gas accompanied by the terrible wind, around some naturally timid monks, frightened face is a pale. Clang! The two swords intersected again, and the air waves rushed crazily from the middle of the two swords to the distance. Wen Qingye suddenly felt a red blood gas straight into the Dantian, hurriedly running the Kirin fire to burn the blood gas clean, at the same time, the pace is also toward the rear back a few steps. Mo Yun's footsteps were motionless, his eyes opened angrily, and he looked at Wen Qingye in front of him in amazement, but his breath was gone. Chapter 1455 identity exposure. Mo Yun is dead!? Is Mo Yun, the master of the Blood Dragon Temple, dead? The presence of extraordinary monks, naturally can feel the breath of Mo Yun has disappeared, at the same time, that Mo Yun's neck appeared in the middle of a thin red line, a head fell directly up, rolled on the ground twice. Looking at Mo Yun's death, Xiaoqing gasped and said, "What a great swordsmanship!" She did not see clearly how Wen Qingye's sword cut off Mo Yun's head, that Mo Yun's head fell to the ground, this swordsmanship has been unpredictable to describe. Bai Ruxuan nodded, frowned, and said, "This man's swordsmanship is really good." Xiaoqing looked at Wen Qingye and said strangely, "Miss, why do I always have a familiar feeling when I look at that beard?" Bai Ruxuan laughed and said, "It's your illusion." Wen Qingye walked indifferently to Mo Yun's side and picked up the Sumeru mustard on his finger. When Shi Cheng saw that Wen Qingye wanted to take away the mustard, he immediately quit. He got up and shouted,Magnesium Oxide powder, "Boy, don't move his mustard. It belongs to my family." Shi Jia!? As soon as Shi Cheng's voice fell, a whisper sounded between heaven and earth. stargrace-magnesite.com