Good Death

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He got up and shouted,Magnesium Oxide powder, "Boy, don't move his mustard. It belongs to my family." Shi Jia!? As soon as Shi Cheng's voice fell, a whisper sounded between heaven and earth.

Yan Li fell from his elder brother, he was still in shock looking at the old man in front of him, with his irascible temper, even dare not rush forward, the old man in white brought him an absolute shock. No one had ever been able to get rid of himself so easily, and he knew clearly that if the old man in white wanted to kill him, he would have at least dozens of chances just now. The rock looked nervously at the old man in front of him and peeked at Dumb behind him. Dumb, who had the highest skill in the crowd, was still in the retreat of forgetting both things and me. It seemed that he could not wake up for a while. The old man in front of him did not know whether he was an enemy or a friend. He asked tentatively, "Old gentleman, we seem to have nothing to do with you. Why did you attack us?" The other side showed a strong strength, so that his tone became very polite, at the same time, the rock is also careful to guard, he secretly determined that if the old man's target is Dumb, then he can only step on his own body in the past. The four holy judges fell behind Xuanyuan. They stood there quietly. Although the momentum on their bodies converged a lot, they still made the Rock Brothers feel weak. An old man in white was already so powerful,Magnesium Sulphate price, and four masters came. These people were not what they could deal with. "I never need a reason," said Xuanyuan proudly. You don't have to worry. I never take advantage of others. When will the boy behind you wake up? "I don't know," murmured the rock. The old man of unknown origin, causing great pressure on his mind, subconsciously pulled out his long knife, urging the fighting spirit in his body to fight. Xuanyuan suddenly raised his head,Magnesium Sulphate producer, looked at the tree house above, and said in a deep voice, "Two little girls, if you don't stop the spell, I won't stand on ceremony." It turned out that Zhuo Yun and Xing'er also woke up when Xuanyuan arrived. They were shocked by the pressure brought by the old man. They quickly and quietly recited the incantation of the elves, ready to help the Rock Brothers against the enemy at any time. Unexpectedly, they were seen through by Xuanyuan, whose hearing was unusually sensitive. Xuanyuan's penetrating eyes shocked them. In desperation, Zhuo Yun floated down from the tree house with the stars and hid behind the rock brothers. Xuanyuan smiled and walked towards Dumb. The rock touched his brother lightly with his shoulder, and the two of them roared at the same time, attacking Xuanyuan with one knife and two axes at the same time. Without looking back, Xuanyuan still walked in the direction of Dumb. The golden light flashed, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and two golden lights took over the attack of the Rock Brothers. At the same time, the two brothers were shocked by the surging golden fighting spirit and withdrew four or five steps away. The two men in gold stood in front of them. It was the hands of the two men in gold that had just received their attack. Their hands were shining with pale golden fighting light. The rock's heart sank. The old man's men alone could not deal with it, let alone protect Dumb? "You'd better not do it yet." A deep voice came from behind the Rock Brothers, who looked back in astonishment and found that Zhuo Yun and the Elf Princess were already under the control of two other men in gold. "What are you trying to do?" Roared the Rock? I'll fight you. Long knife brandished, the whole body's fighting spirit instantly condensed, in the rage, the rock fully played its potential, the blade actually lit up three feet long fighting spirit light, people and knives in one, suddenly split to the man in gold in front of him. There was a flash of surprise in the eyes of the man in gold. He stepped back and circled his hands with a dignified face. A whirlpool of golden fighting spirit appeared in front of him. "Hey." With a low shout, he greeted the heavy chop of the rock with a golden whirlpool of fighting spirit in his hands. The rock flying in midair suddenly felt more awake than ever before, a Pure Brightness in his mind, the True Qi in his body constantly surging out, regardless of his own defense, the whole body's fighting spirit completely melted in the attack, the yellow fighting spirit on the blade brightened a few minutes, suddenly split on the golden vortex. Xuanyuan stopped and looked at the rock in surprise. The strong young man's fighting spirit had given up life and death. He was so similar to himself at the beginning. The fighting spirit of the young man had gone beyond what he should have at this age. He had burst out all his potential to form a powerful attack force. Xuanyuan's eyes could not help showing approval. Nod secretly. In the loud noise, the rock was shaken back with blood, and the long knife made of refined steel in his hand was broken inch by inch. The Holy Judge also stepped back five paces, the gold clothes on his shoulders were somewhat damaged, a trace of blood oozed out, his face was pale, and his eyes showed a look of surprise. The Rock is indeed proud to be able to hurt the Holy Judge in the Holy Holy See. Rock force hurriedly took his eldest brother down, huge impact even with his divine power also back three steps before standing firm. In a flash of gold, two holy judges had flown in front of them, giving them no chance to resist, and the golden fighting spirit had sealed their meridians. The injury of the rock made Zhuo Yun, who had been restrained, feel a great pain in her heart. Her eyes suddenly turned red. How she wanted to rush to see the rock, but her body could not move. Xuanyuan withdrew his eyes and continued to walk towards Dumb. He was very surprised by the True Qi emanating from Dumb. This honest True Qi was definitely not what he could have as a young man of about twenty years old. He did not seem to have such a deep skill when he was forty years old. Xuanyuan stood in front of Dumb and watched him silently. Looking at the flow of True Qi, a ray of excitement rose from the eyes of Xuanyuan. This child is really strong! He did not disturb Dumb's retreat. He floated up and landed in front of the Rock Brothers. With a wave of his hand, a white fighting spirit hit the Rock in the chest. Rock whole body a shock, only felt a warm air flow to open his chest silted up the breath, the whole body a smooth, immediately spurted a mouthful of congestion, the body is much more comfortable. He looked at Xuanyuan with some puzzlement. Xuanyuan waved to the two holy judges, and they retreated. Looked at the side of the rock force glaring at himself, he casually patted, untied the ban on the rock,calcium ammonium nitrate price, said lightly: "You should know that your skill can not cause any harm to me, I have something to ask you now, I hope you can answer truthfully." 。