Mansion Mansion

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He got up and shouted,Magnesium Oxide powder, "Boy, don't move his mustard. It belongs to my family." Shi Jia!? As soon as Shi Cheng's voice fell, a whisper sounded between heaven and earth.

But I have an advantage, I am not very rich, but I have a lot of opportunities, have seen a lot. Money, more than this purse of dollar bills is not as good as how many times the wealth, I have seen more than once, so can not be completely. Moving sound and color. The shark raised his voice. "Look!" "I can't see," I said calmly. The shark reached out and grabbed a handful of dollar bills and shoved them into my hand. I took a handful of dollar bills and stroked them. "Yes." Money, dollar bills? Shark: "Yes, the total is two million, as long as you nod, all yours!" " I let go of my hand and let the money fall. "It seems a little shocking that you are willing to pay such a high price to buy me." Smell! The shark stared at me and said slowly, "If you can't do it at such a high price, it's really shocking!"! ” I immediately said, "Mr. Sha, just now you promised that this matter has nothing to do with crime, but as far as I know, there are already two." How do you explain the disappearance of a person and the mysterious death of a person? The shark stayed for a while and then said, "I have declared that I don't know anything about science, according to them." It was just an accident, not intentional. I took a breath: "I have heard this sentence several times, but what kind of accident can cause death?" Dead and missing? The shark did not make a sound, and I saw that his face was very ugly. I added, "You can make another accident." I also become the person in the accident,Magnesium Oxide MgO, can save this sum of money! The shark's face was even uglier. He straightened up, and at that moment he showed the ferocity of the big man of the underworld. He said, "First, the person who takes out the money doesn't care about the money at all. Second, if you really want to fight to the end, then." What you said is not impossible to happen! He was threatening, and I sneered, "Well, then I'll just wait for it to happen!" Shark suddenly stood up,dap diammonium phosphate, look angry, look at him, he immediately ready to leave. But he stared at me for a moment. "Why?"? You have paid a great price. You have become blind! I immediately said: "Yes, you are right, I have paid a great price, so I have to get something back." Come here He raised his foot and kicked the coffee table. "That's a lot of money. That's what you can get back!" " I sighed: "Mr. Sha, you do not understand, I do not want money, I have enough money, food and clothing." So, more money, can not move my heart! He leaned down and shouted at me, "Well, what do you need?" I said, "I need to understand the truth of the matter. I need Mr. Guo and Luo Ding to come back. I need to understand the cause of Chen Mao's death!"! ” Shark's breath, a little rapid, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, may be angry, may also be because of my insistence, and he felt fear. He exclaimed, "Nothing will come of you, nothing!" "I'd like to try," I said. At this time, Bai Su came over, picked up the money that had fallen on the ground, put it in his purse, and zipped it up. Bai Su stood aside and never opened her mouth. Only then did she say in a very calm voice, "Mr. Sha, he." Need a rest, please go! The shark stared at Bai Su again, perhaps he did not know the origin of Bai Su, thinking that such a ferocious appearance could frighten her. Before long, under Bai Su's calm and contemptuous smile, the shark became embarrassed. He picked up the bag and weighed it in his hand. "Well, I'll use the money to buy that thing back from you, OK?" Ok I smiled. "According to Han Ze, that thing is a video camera. Look, it's going to be with the American astronauts on the moon." It's the same price, but I'm sorry, it's not for sale. ” The shark seemed to be unable to bear it any longer. He roared, "It's no use keeping that thing!" " Still keeping calm, I said coldly, "That's not true. At least someone is willing to buy it from me with so much money." !” The shark glared at me viciously. I still pretended to be blind and didn't show anything. The shark turned around. He and his men went to the door together, and when he came to the door, he stopped again: "Weasley, your." It's the same as the legend, but if you don't give up, it's really not good for you. I sneer, way: "This kind of menace, I am to hear since childhood big!" The shark turned with a look of extreme anger on his face and said, "I am not threatening you, but I am explaining to you." The truth, I have told you, is that there is no sin in this matter, and there is nothing that interests you! I raised my voice. "You're wrong. A good friend of mine has disappeared for no reason. Is that yours, Mr. Sha?" A masterpiece? I saw the shark look furious, but he didn't let his anger come out. He just waved his hand and was cold with anger. Smiled: "If it is my masterpiece, then I am also a scientist!" " When I heard his words, I couldn't help but feel a sudden shock in my heart. I really cannot understand what he meant by that, and if I have to infer, I can only It is inferred that the disappearance of Xiaoguo and Luoding has nothing to do with him, which is the matter of "scientists". The so-called "scientists", since But it's Wang Zhiyi and Han Ze! But why did scientists make them disappear? I reached one of the shark's men and opened the door. The shark was ready to go out! At that moment, I felt that if I wanted to uncover the mystery of this matter, I should not insist too much. In my opinion, at least, I should strive for the opportunity to meet with Wang Zhiyi. So I immediately said, "Please wait." The shark stood still and did not turn around. "Did you say you were asked to come to me?" I asked. "Yes," said the shark coldly, "but I will never say who it is." I do not have this extravagant hope,calcium nitrate sol, because I know that the person who called the shark must be the "curtain" in Han Ze's mouth. After the host, "who is this person, it is impossible to imagine!".