The stars speak for themselves

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The observation of his surroundings and the relatively less urgent state made him quickly recognize his own situation and understand how to defeat Gelman. Sparrow, the enemy, is not the key. Escape from this strange and secret world is the point.

Liao Tao sat on the sofa and drank water easily, but Qingling stood nervously in front of him with his arms in his arms. The identities of the two examiners and the examinees were completely exchanged. All right! You can ask questions. Liao Tao drank half a cup in one breath and threw the cup on the table, indicating that Qingling could start. Qingling's face was ugly, but he couldn't help asking, "Did you see one or two people stealing things?" "One, haven't you already seen it on the roof?" Liao Tao said. Alone? Then how can you use two different ways to open the lock? Qingling questioned. Oh? Tell me more. "The room opened by the other party has a door lock forcibly broken by breath.". Mine, on the other hand, is clearly a superb unlocking skill, and the door lock is not damaged at all. Qingling said. Liao Tao laughed twice and scolded Ye Fan in his heart. After laughing, he said, "It's not necessary to use unlocking skills to unlock without damaging the door lock." "Oh?"? If it's a trick, it's bound to leave a mark. Qingling said confidently, "We have checked the door lock of my office, and it is not a trick." Liao Tao smiled again: "Have you ever thought that using the key is a simpler way?" "The key?" "Yes, that man has the key to your door." Liao Tao said, with questioning eyes to sweep the room Qingling's men one by one, the hint in the eyes is very obvious,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, is to say that Qingling's men have unclean people exist. The first question can only go so far, Qingling can not judge the truth from it. Then ask again: "Listen to your meaning, it is you helped us retrieve the thing that is stolen, since you have this ability, so it is not difficult to help the thief stay?" Liao Tao nodded: "Of course, it is not difficult.". However,stainless steel welded pipe, as a thief with quality and style, we should have helped each other. Now I have cheated the computer in his hand, and I feel very sorry. You still let me catch him and let you dispose of him. I really can't do this. What's more, I have already described to you what this person is like. With the ability of your virtual spirit, it's easy to find such a person in the art world, isn't it? Speaking of which, I think why don't you find this guy as soon as possible? When the truth comes out, you will see how impure your decision to doubt me is. Liao Tao knows that this person is impossible to find, naturally is a fearless look, which in the eyes of Qingling and others, is to aggravate the suspicion. But at this time the suspicion is two-way, not only worried that Liao Tao is not pure and wrong to believe him, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, but also worried that Liao Tao is very pure and wronged him. Liao Tao has been very satisfied to achieve such an effect. Now it can be said that the stolen goods were captured. It is not easy to win 50% of the trust with only a few one-sided words. Want to directly persuade Qingling they fully believe, that unless Qingling and others are as simple as the Wumao brothers. No one spoke on Qingling's side, so Liao Tao took the initiative to go out and continue to win trust. He took out a U disk from his pocket and then threw it on the table: "I have read the information you encrypted inside, so your ambition is not small.". However, it makes me more determined to cooperate with you. Originally, I had some hostility to the people of the virtual spirit, but you made me feel more reliable. I think you need some foreign aid to do this kind of thing, right? Qingling listened, silent for a long time, and suddenly a smile appeared on his face. As if he had made up his mind, he stretched out his right hand to Liao Tao: "Then I wish us a happy cooperation." Liao Tao immediately stood up, one right hand stretched out to hold it, and his left hand also touched the back of Qingling's hand. He smiled and said, "Qingling's skin is really good." Qingling smiled, but seeing that he did not pull out his hand, Liao Tao seemed to have no intention of letting go at all, so he struggled to earn back and get rid of Liao Tao's evil claws. Boss, what about this man? One of his men saw that Qingling had finished talking with Liao Tao, grabbed Xiaohe by the collar, and carried him over to ask Qingling. Qingling glared at him mercilessly: "Let go quickly. Don't you know this is a friend of Group Leader Liao?" Liao Tao burst out laughing: "My friend is very simple, you give a few red envelopes to send him away.". As for his ability to keep his mouth shut, I think you've seen it. Qingling nodded and motioned to his two men: "Send him back." When the problem was solved, the people in the room dispersed one by one, leaving only Qingling, Liao Tao and Ye Fan. Liao Tao looked at Ye Fan, who was sitting on the other side, with a startled look on his face and said, "Is this Mr. Haha?" "Of course." Qingling smiled. Liao Tao sighed: "Mr. Haha's transfiguration is really incredible. I've seen you three times in the past two days, and you seem to have changed three times, right?" "No, I'm just practicing all the time to keep myself from being rusty." Ye Fan said. That's it! So the man I saw last night wasn't you, Mr. Haha? Liao Tao suddenly said. What did you say Ye Fan is shocked, this fellow does what ghost, very not easy cover up in the past, how to pull oneself to come back again. Ha ha. Just kidding. Just kidding. If Mr. Haha wanted to take something, he would dress up as the boss of Qingling and swagger away it without anyone knowing. Liao Tao said. Ye Fan reacted at this time, Liao Tao is to take the opportunity to say this, to help Qingling dispel her doubts about Ye Fan. Qingling's suspicion of Ye Fan is not too heavy, imagine a person who can transfigure,mirror stainless steel sheet, why should he delete all the surveillance videos to prevent others from seeing through his face? "Now that things have been settled!" Liao Tao clapped his hands and stood up. "Can we start the next step?" Liao Tao looks like the dominant figure in this room. Oh Qingling looked at him inquiringly. Novel www. 1 ^ 6 k. First round Liao Tao smiled and said, "Did Group Leader Qingling really forget what I came to you for in the first place?" Qingling hesitated for a moment: "Of course I didn't forget. I just want to say that after we killed Ye Fan to avenge the Wolf Group Leader, will Liao Group Leader continue to cooperate with us?" 。