Lord of Secrecy

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The observation of his surroundings and the relatively less urgent state made him quickly recognize his own situation and understand how to defeat Gelman. Sparrow, the enemy, is not the key. Escape from this strange and secret world is the point.

Among them, he held a strange pistol in his right hand, which was gray as a whole, a few circles larger than the ordinary revolver, like a giant hammer in the small half of the classical war. This pistol is also unusual in that it has six barrels, each of which is quite thick and deep, and its wheel is inlaid with more than a dozen ugly rivets, which has a rough aesthetic feeling. Ciunas. Korg is holding a piece in his left hand. Half of the dial of the "Iron Sheet" pocket watch is neatly arranged with various symbols, arranged in chronological order, half is chaotic and even invades the opposite area, and the two seem to be connected in the mechanical core behind the scenes, which can not be seen directly, with a more complex and dizzy structure. Almost at the same time, a figure outside the window stood out from the huge red moon and glided at a very fast speed. He was getting bigger and clearer, a young man with dark hair, brown eyes, deep contours and cold lines. Wearing a silk hat and a black windbreaker, the young man carried a unique revolver in one hand and a transparent human skin in the other, as if he were carrying the huge red moon in the clear light. Gelman. Sparrow 。 Chapter 80 two prohibitions. Seeing a young man wearing a black windbreaker and holding an iron black revolver descend from the red moon, Cunas, who is no stranger to important people all over the world. Korg responded immediately. 。 He held the left hand of the "iron" pocket watch, moved his thumb quickly to one of several metal buttons embedded in the top of the pocket watch, and raised his right arm sharply, aiming at Gelman with six gray barrels in a circle. Sparrow 。 The process, like a spark from the collision of metals, was soon over, and Cunas. Korg's left thumb didn't go down. 。 He overcame his conditioned reflex and did not directly use the "prohibition" of "Concerto of Light and Shadow". It's because he's right about Gelman. Sparrow doesn't understand. I don't know what the other side is best at,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and, with Gelman. Sparrow doesn't necessarily look like Gelman. . Sparrow Blindly "banning" is a waste of opportunity. He intends to observe and wait for a while, so as to formulate laws and regulations more pertinently and distort the rules. Bang, bang, bang, bang! The strange pistol let out a desperate scream, a storm of black and cold bullets, and enveloped the enemy under the red moon. At this time, Gelman. Sparrow's figure was suddenly transparent. Become less real. The bullet that arrived at the same time penetrated the target in the black windbreaker, tearing the shadow he left behind. And chunas. Behind Korg The cool-faced Gelman. Sparrow suddenly emerged His body was half bent, leaning forward, and the black hat on his head was stained with blood in the crimson moonlight. He jerked up the iron-black long-barreled revolver in his hand, opened his mouth slightly as he aimed, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and tapped the trigger. Boom! Ciunas. Korg's right side . The floor exploded, sending up countless splinters. Gelman. Sparrow's shot went so far. And the destructive power is obviously insufficient. This is the "distortion" of the "Fallen Count", which deviates the trajectory and reduces the power. Take this opportunity, chunas. Korg "Confused" the measure of distance, one step to the balcony of the bedroom. Then he half turned his body, snapped one of the metal buttons of his "iron" pocket watch, and solemnly opened his mouth: "Transmission is forbidden here!" Silently, some unknown change took place in Meige Manor, where the huge red moon shone. After shooting, Gelman's body quickly faded. Sparrow stood out again from the void. 。 He failed to change positions. Concerto of Light and Shadow "," Forbidden "! -To Cunas. For Korg No matter Gelman.. What exactly is Sparrow good at? Since he can "teleport", it must be "banned" immediately. An enemy who can "teleport" without interval, high frequency and short distance is not only annoying, but also dangerous! Finding himself "teleporting" unsuccessfully, gelman. Sparrow's expression did not change. The figure took a quick twist, losing all color, leaving only a deep black. The "deep black" suddenly collapsed and spread out on the ground, merging with the shadows of the areas where the moonlight did not shine, and it was difficult to distinguish each other. Bang bang bang bang, Gelman. Where Sparrow was standing. A bullet hole appeared and tore the floor. Boom! It collapsed directly, revealing the room below, but no dust rose. But in such a movement, Meige Manor is still shrouded in a deep shadow, no one woke up, no echo. Ciunas. Kolgok held back at once. "Forbidding" the impulse of the shadow to hide, carrying "Revere's desperate cry", holding "Concerto of Light and Shadow", calmly looking around, waiting for Gelman. Sparrow reappeared 3.launch an attack. But in the shabby room, the shadows were silent and there was no movement, while outside the window, the spires and chimneys were still covered with cold black, and the huge red moon seemed to hang on the roof. Plants in the garden, vines in the distance, all kinds of classical windows, in such a night, seem to degenerate into the background, clearly visible to the naked eye, but do not even shake. The whole Meige Manor is so cold, dark and silent that it seems to be forgotten in a corner where no one pays attention to it and no one can find it. As a demigod, as a big man in the intelligence world, chunas. Korg was quick to speculate. It is suspected that this is related to the authority of the "hidden" realm. It gave him a lot of associations, and Gelman. Sparrow still didn't show up. 。 He didn't even make a sneak attack, but also gave up the opportunity to strike continuously,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, leaving me so many gaps. Doesn't he know how difficult it is for a high-order "lawyer" or "arbitrator" to be prepared in the early stages of a battle? Ciunas. There was a flicker of doubt in Korg's mind. 。 The observation of his surroundings and the relatively less urgent state made him quickly recognize his own situation and understand how to defeat Gelman. Sparrow, the enemy, is not the key. Escape from this strange and secret world is the point. sxthsteel.com