Stone of Venice _ Heng Shu

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At that time,tape measure clip, he took the attitude of not commenting, but after breaking up with me, he made a reply. That is to turn himself in.

"Thanks!"! My kind and generous young master! Magpie is always at your service! His coda was drawn out again, and though the words were respectful, there was a note of schadenfreude in the tone. Then he took off his three-cornered hat, put a few flowers in the air with his right hand, bowed to the ground, and made an exaggerated gentleman's salute. The ceremony was particularly ironic in the light of his dirty coarse clothes. When he got up, Magpie picked up Giacomo's white brocade coat stained with blood on the floor and rolled it into a ball and held it in his arms. I'll take care of that for you. Young master, please help yourself. If you have anything, just tell me. Giacomo waved, and the little man left the room. When the man left, Giacomo pushed open the window. He saw the familiar figure walk out of the gate with his clothes in his arms, then turn into a quiet alley, and soon disappear. The boy breathed a sigh of relief and finally put down a big stone in his heart. He was completely relieved that Magpie would do things-because he was sure that Magpie would sell everything, even his soul, for money. He didn't even have to worry that Magpie would sell himself for more money-after all, this was Venice, the Venice of the Podrin family,Fiberglass tape measure, and who could afford a higher price than the Podrin family? At the same time, Giacomo gradually got used to it, lost consciousness inexplicably, and then woke up again and again in strange places. And Magpie, the little hoodlum who suddenly appeared from nowhere, always took care of everything for him with irony. They have never made any mistakes. The golden sun shone on Giacomo's face through the open window, the distant aroma of toast and milky coffee,Horse weight lbs, the cool morning breeze brought the sparse voices of early people, and the creaking of the wooden wheels of the wheelbarrow over the stone brick road. Giacomo took a deep breath, adjusted his clothes, pushed open the door and walked down the stairs. This is an unremarkable alley west of the Rialto Bridge. Giacomo went downstairs and walked a few steps through the alleys, past the lively seafood market in the early morning, to the Rialto Bridge. Passers-by, familiar or not at all, rushed to greet him. Master Bordelin returned the salute, nodding and smiling, and despite his cheap coarse clothes, his handsome face and elegant manner made it obvious that people ignored this point-no matter what happened, he was still the richest Master Bordelin in Venice, Walking measuring wheel ,Surveyors tape measure, the charming Giacomo Casanova in Venice. Since the Middle Ages, Rialto Bridge has been the trade center of Venice. It was originally a wooden bridge, but it was changed to the present stone bridge after it collapsed because of the heavy load. Made entirely of white marble, it is the most magnificent bridge across the Grand Canal on the main island of Venice and the symbol of Venice. Under the Rialto Bridge, there is a bustling market of vegetables and fruits, with endless sales, while on both sides of the bridge, there are rows of shops with all kinds of novel small commodities, works of art and silks and satins. One of the largest, the oriental mahogany turbot, divides the Venetian's stained glass windows into squares of varying sizes and fills them with expensive porcelain. There are elegant traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain, as well as modern porcelain depicting complex European patterns. An ostentatious Burgundy woodcut plaque at the gate was coiled with the striking gold capital letters "Podrin Porcelain". Giacomo pushed the door open and went in. Miss, you have a good taste. This bottle is really made in China. Look at the color, the enamel.. I dare say that there is no other such bottle in all Venice, no, not even in all Europe! "Oh, I can't afford it." The woman laughed. "Show me something else." "No, no, this bottle is really the best, but it's not expensive at all." The seller hurried to the woman and lowered his voice. "Because it was a pair, and now there's only one left, so the price is discounted." "Oh?"? Where's the other one? The woman was interested. She played with the porcelain bottle and looked at each other with interest. This The seller looked embarrassed, and for a long time, he opened his mouth and said, "." Our young master accidentally broke it. There was a cough behind him, and the seller and the woman turned back at the same time. "You?" The woman opened her eyes wide and her face showed surprise. "We're meant to be, Miss Selena." Giacomo blinked. "Good morning." "What are you." Selena turned to look him up and down, surprise in her eyes. Although the boy's hair was carefully arranged and the clothes on his body were neat, it was already heaven and earth with yesterday's dress. The white brocade coat, which was beautifully embroidered with curly leaf patterns, was replaced by a short grey-blue coarse cloth coat with one button missing, and the collar of the jacket, which was turned out of the collar, not only had no lace, but seemed to be wrinkled. My dear Monsieur Casanova, have the Venetian hunters become the hunted today? The woman raised one eyebrow and smiled faintly in her voice. Following the other's gaze, Giacomo lowered his head and pulled his unyielding collar. "Even a good hunter makes mistakes." He raised his head and made a face at the girl, "because my heart seems to have been captured by a better hunter." "Oh?" Selena narrowed her eyes. "I wonder who the lucky lady is?" "Is there a more attractive woman in all Venice than the beautiful and noble lady before me?" Giacomo smiled. As he spoke, he gazed into the girl's hazelnut eyes, then slowly bowed and raised the back of her hand for a gentle kiss. His eyes never left the girl's eyes for a moment. Mademoiselle Selena,Pi tape measure, your humble servant Giacomo is at your service. Then with his other hand, he pushed the precious blue and white porcelain vase back into the girl's hand. "It's rare that Miss Selena likes my family's things. This vase is my gift." "I appreciate Master Podlin's kindness.". But we are not relatives, and I dare not accept such a valuable gift. The girl's eyes curved charmingly and she was smiling.