Purple shadow on a snowy night

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The dying light of the street lamp spread on the top of her dark hair, smudging with warm luster. That hand. A very serious tone.

Xiner looked puzzled about why Sister Lan spoke so strangely today. Just want to ask a clear, but a black eyes, do not know anything. Is the body not all right? "What's the matter with you, Saint?" At the moment before she lost consciousness, she seemed to hear the blue spirit panicking and shouting "Saint", Saint? What a strange name. Are they from a Jianghu gang? Chapter 24 One wave is not flat, another wave is rising (Part Two) Early in the morning, Xue Luo and Ye Chen were not there. They didn't know where they had gone. Blue Wing was practicing martial arts. Ziying thought that Xiner should wake up. She didn't know how she was now. Just as he was thinking about it, he came to the door of Xiner's room and wondered how the door could be open. Purple shadow gently entered the room, turned the screen, only to see a man with a sword was about to stab Xiner, but the people on the bed did not react at all, is it in the incense? "Stop it." As soon as the words are spoken, the man is deceiving himself. The man obviously did not expect that someone would come in at this time. At the moment of absence, the sword of the purple shadow was already in front of him. His reaction was not slow. The sword turned away from the attack of the purple shadow. Mouth in a mess as if to say something, see purple shadow no reaction, eyes actually have a moment of panic. The experience of the past few days has made Ziying no longer as merciful and deadly as before when facing the enemy. Before long, the purple shadow had gained the upper hand, and a sword passed through the man's left shoulder. Seeing that the situation was unfavorable to him,outdoor whirlpool, the assassin made a false move and fled. Not at ease Xiner, purple shadow also did not chase. Look, that person should also be a person in the polar night or spirit world, right? I must have wanted to use my spiritual power to deal with her just now, but I found that it failed, so I panicked. From Yechen, Ziying already knew that spiritual power had no effect on herself. That's why it's so hard to kill her at night. Go to the bed,jacuzzi bath spa, see Xiner's face is obviously poisoned, purple shadow secretly scolded himself just how did not think, but also entangled with that person for so long, now the poison has attacked the heart, but fortunately still saved. The sword rises and falls, the poisonous blood is released, and then matched with her self-made antidote "Golden Wind and Jade Dew" should be almost the same. Didn't you drink her blood last time? Although she has been unable to figure out why, but forget it, Shirley can not lose her, just sacrifice again. As she thought about it, her hands were not idle. The poisonous blood had been released. She put her own blood in a bowl and was preparing to feed the "Golden Wind and Jade Dew" to Xin'er. What are you doing Ziying looked up and saw Xueluo standing in the doorway with an incredible face. She was about to open her mouth when Xueluo pushed her away from the edge of the bed. She fell to the ground and her arm was cut by the falling sword beside the bed. Blood flowed. And the bowl in the hand has also been broken, the blood in the bowl and the poisonous blood of Xiner mixed together, suffused with flirtatious light, Whirlpool bathtub ,outdoor endless pool, only a moment, the poisonous blood has become bright red, not like the original dirty. It's a pity that no one noticed this strange scene. Purple shadow so fell to sit on the ground, she did not know why Xue Luo did so. She just wants to save Xiner. What's wrong with him? So inexplicably and easily pushed her away, regardless of her feelings, regardless of whether it would hurt her, is this the Shirley who swears to love her only from beginning to end? "Xiner, what's the matter with you? Xiner, wake up." Looking at Xiner's bloodless face, Xue Luo was worried. He didn't love her, but she was their saint of light and must not have an accident. What did you do to her? Her heart was bleeding when she saw the sadness and disbelief in Xue Luo's eyes, and the disgust that could not be concealed. There was an assassin. She was poisoned. I was just trying to detoxify her. The poisonous blood has been drained. Looking at the pool of poisonous blood just now, Ziying was startled. What happened? The color has changed. Following her eyes to see the blood on the ground emitting weak spiritual power, Xue Luo's heart tightened, what kind of woman did he fall in love with? "This is the poisonous blood you released from Xiner?" Listening to his gnashing of teeth, Ziying did not know what to say. At this time, Ye Chen and Lan Ling also arrived. Looking at everything in the room, I was so surprised that I didn't know how to react. Xueluo sat on the bed with Xiner in her arms and glared at Ziying. Xiner's wrist was bleeding, as if she were still in a coma. Ziying sat down on the ground with a pale look, a long cut on her arm with blood flowing, and her wrist seemed to be bleeding. The tip of Purple Shadow's Fallen Sword was still dripping blood and lying at the master's hand, not far from a broken bowl, a pool of blood and a pill. Ye Chen took the lead in coming to his senses from surprise and ran to Ziying's side, his eyes full of pity. Looking at the love of the purple shadow in the eyes of Ye Chen, Xue Luo was even more angry. Say, why do you want to harm Xiner? Ye Chen was also furious, but thinking of Ziying's care for Xueluo, he could not bear to break out: "Xueluo, Ziying is not such a person. Why don't you listen to her explanation? She was also hurt." Her injuries were self-inflicted, and I saw her hurt Xiner with my own eyes. Ye Chen, so you asked me to go out today in order to let Ziying kill Xiner, didn't you? Are you so afraid of the Saint of Light? Saint of Light? By the way, Xin'er is a saint of light, a person who is destined to walk with Xue Luo in this life. No wonder he is so nervous and so concerned. Purple shadow suddenly felt so ridiculous, even silly to think that Xueluo did not believe in fate, to protect Xiner just because it was his responsibility, he only loved her. Am I afraid of the Saint of Light? Sheryl, don't think too highly of her. If you use illusion to see what happened just now, the truth will come out. Xue Luo is stupefied, right, can't you know the truth by looking at it with illusion? He also hopes that his ideas are wrong. But at a loss, the illusion could not see what had just happened in the room. What's wrong "What's going on?"? Ye Chen, the answer is that Ziying did it. Only everything about Purple Shadow,outdoor spa manufacturers, about her past and future, can not be seen by illusion. She really did it. Why would she do it?! "Sheryl, is that why you love her more than your life?" "I regret having said that." 。 monalisa.com