Give you full marks for sweetness.

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The dying light of the street lamp spread on the top of her dark hair, smudging with warm luster. That hand. A very serious tone.

Jiang Zhiyue silently followed up and closed the door, making sure that no sound would leak out to attract the police uncle, and stood calmly watching the cat-and-mouse show. Pumpkin Head is 22 years old this year. He is a graduate majoring in broadcasting. A fledgling little man dares to provoke the leading director in the dubbing industry. He must be living too comfortably! Jiang Zhiyue counted the people present, took out his mobile phone and ordered all the milk tea. The milk tea shop was downstairs, and five minutes later the distributor knocked on the door of the recording studio, and the farce inside was temporarily over. Smiling, Jiang Zhiyue gave all the teachers milk tea, took out the last cup and walked slowly to the pumpkin head, which was tidied up by Li Ge. At the moment, the little pumpkin was lying on the sofa with his buttocks covered. Jiang Zhiyue handed over the milk tea: "I don't know what flavor you like to drink, just buy it." Pumpkin head, with tears in his eyes, took the benefactor's hand and said, "Thank you, you are an angel." He sat up straight with difficulty, lowered his head and took a sip of milk tea. All his expressions suddenly froze. For half a second, he closed his eyes sadly and resisted the impulse to spray the liquid out of his mouth. After swallowing it, he looked at her in disbelief. "*** me, what is this?" Jiang Zhiyue curved her lips and sank a small swirl on her cheek: "Milk tea, I'm afraid you don't like it, so I specially asked the waiter to add two more sugars." The small pumpkin turned into a small bitter gourd, and Jiang Zhiyue walked contentedly to Li Ge's script. - On Friday night, the dubbing of Qunza was officially over, and Jiang Zhiyue received a reward of 3,000 yuan on the spot. Working with Pumpkin Head Xu Qian was not tiring. Li Ge's attention was all on him,whirlpool hot tub, and his anger spread all over him. Xu Qian was scolded all over the floor, and he breathed a sigh of relief when he walked out of the recording studio. I said, "Sister Xiaozhi, beautiful, lovely and generous Miss Jiang Zhiyue, where did I offend you and punish me like this?" Jiang Zhiyue licked her lips and smiled with an innocent expression: "You are not happy." Xu Qian carefully recalled where she was upset. In his mind, when they met for the first time on Tuesday morning, they argued about the FIO motorcade. He was thoroughly enlightened and pointed a finger at the tip of the girl's nose: "Are you a fanboy of FIO?" The temperature is getting lower and lower, and the body is as cold as Jiang Zhiyue, who lives very hard after winter every year. She stretched out her hand to cover her mouth and nose and breathed out a mouthful of hot air. Her clear eyes were covered with mist, and the red tip of her nose looked very harmless. I've seen a man work hard. She put down her hand and her voice was very soft. "I can't bear to see others pointing fingers at his efforts." Xu Qian scratched the back of his head and sincerely apologized to her: "I'm sorry. My attitude is a little radical. Think about it carefully. If FIO had used stimulants, they would have won the first place." Jiang Zhiyue listened to his words or something wrong, took out the ticket in his pocket and patted him on the shoulder. Tomorrow's game, massage bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub, you open your eyes and see clearly how FIO got the ticket to the finals. The little girl's strength was not small, and the strength of the clap on his shoulder was clear and clear. Xu Qian assumed a posture of begging for mercy, and just wanted to hold her wrist, but there was a low warning sound behind her: "Did she let you touch it?" He Sui stood under the street lamp, the light outlined the deep outline of his side face, just standing there quietly, crushing the other side's momentum without leaving any points. Xu Qian opened his eyes wide and said in disbelief, "You are the vice captain of FIO!" He followed from far to near, looked down at the girl who was in an out-of-body state, lifted her eyelids to look at him again, and said with a lazy coda, "Isn't it one of the stupid ones?" Jiang Zhiyue came to his senses, not daring to think about how long he had been standing there and whether he had listened to every word of their conversation. She pulled his sleeve and tried to intercede with his voice partner who was going to work together for a long time: "Senior, he has no malice, and I have also punished him!" He Sui is in a good mood, with a faint smile on his lips: "I'm not angry. It's a joke." Xu Qian: That's not the joke. He Suizhao called a taxi and asked the little girl beside him to get on the taxi first and wait for her to sit down before bowing in. Jiang Bie went to the research Institute for the professor. Halfway through, he remembered that he had a sister who suffered from night blindness. He returned to the dormitory at 10:30 in the evening. Afraid of an accident, he shook up He Suiti, who was about to take part in the competition, to see if he had any extra energy to pick up people. Unexpectedly, he agreed without much hesitation. Jiang Zhiyue looked at the reflection on the glass, tightly grasped the satchel hand slowly loosened the force, moved his arm at the same time, accidentally touched the person beside him. Her heart was beating like thunder. She held her breath and turned her head sideways. "Senior, do you think you are working hard?" He Sui threw his cell phone into his pocket and raised his eyebrows with a somewhat confused expression. Jiang Zhiyue breathed a sigh of relief, and the heat on her cheeks gradually dissipated: "It's all right, we must refuel tomorrow." It seems that she and Xu Qian said that sentence was not heard by me, she did not see He Sui practice several times, in fact, some of the suspicion of self-talk. And like him, he doesn't like publicity, and he has to pick other players' holidays when practicing driving, so he certainly doesn't like others to make irresponsible remarks. Jiang Zhiyue turned her head to the other side again, missing the corner of the boy's mouth. He Sui's eyes were deep and deep, and he stared at the small pull on the back of the girl's head for a while, smiling a little meaningfully. The feeling of being unconditionally supported and protected is quite good. The author has something to say: He Suiyou this! Insidious and cunning! A man! Has been playing tricks on us, Xiaozhi!!! Sweetness 26% The driver sent them to the downstairs of the girls' dormitory, collected the money and drove away. Around 10:30, groups of young lovers hugged each other downstairs to keep each other warm. Jiang Zhiyue pulled He Sui to an empty corner. Suddenly a gust of cold wind rolled up the remaining fallen leaves on the ground and rustled. Jiang Zhiyue took out a fluorescent pen from her schoolbag, "Senior, you stretch out your hand." He Sui's fingers,hot tub wholesale, curled up in his pocket, moved and did as he was told. The little girl took his finger and wrote something on the palm of her hand. The dying light of the street lamp spread on the top of her dark hair, smudging with warm luster. That hand. A very serious tone.