German Peasant's Blind Date [Farming]

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Qin Li gave a cry and said, "Then eat the roast sausage.". I don't believe no one will set up a stall to sell sausages that day.

Jane originally wanted to pour milk on her head, hands have been raised, did not expect Qin Li will come to this move back to the horse gun, a moment too late to brake, and the shopping cart hit. Not only that, the milk that unscrewed the lid did not spill on the other side, but also spilled all over himself. Looking at the shirt drenched by milk, she screamed hysterically. Qin Li did not sympathize with her at all, if not for his quick reaction, it would be himself who would suffer. Yan Sen frowned at Janie, and his eyes were nothing but hatred and disgust. Janie wanted to make a scene, but she was shocked by his eyes and opened her mouth and lost her voice. How did this happen? She couldn't help asking herself. At this time, the store manager was alarmed by the movement here and strode over. She gave up on Janie, who had worked here as a foreman more than half a year ago, and was working under her own hands. Later, it was said that he was prosecuted, left a criminal record, and lost his job for no reason. Before the store manager could catch up with Janie, he heard someone beside him saying, "If you haven't paid for the goods, you will open them wantonly. This behavior should be regarded as stealing!" See the store manager turned to look over, Qin Li immediately pointed to the empty milk carton thrown on the ground, half of the milk fell on Janie, the other half fell on the ground, a mess. Janie's ex-husband found an Asian girlfriend, for which Janie made a lot of trouble. Everyone who lives in the same village has heard a little about it. Now a look at this situation, the store manager will understand two or three points, to change in peacetime, long ago let the guests lose money to go away,ceramic bobbin heater, and then fool around simply directly to the police. But, now in front of this person is Janie, after all, an acquaintance, the store manager does not want to make too stiff. So she made a ha-ha and said, "It must be a misunderstanding. Sorry, it affects your shopping mood. I will clean it up. Please continue to purchase happily." The store manager wanted to calm things down, but Janie refused, pointing at Qin Li and shouting, "This bitch, rob someone else's husband,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, I want to kill you.." Qin Li's face sank, and there were a lot of people watching the scene of bustle around him. This was the junction of several villages, so there were still strangers who did not understand. See passers-by whispering, watching her talk, suddenly become the target of public criticism, Qin Li felt very uncomfortable. What she hates most in her life is the mistress. How can she be a mistress. But if Janie shouts like this, those who don't know the situation will inevitably misunderstand. Qin Li felt that he should argue for himself, but before she made a sound, Yan Sen suddenly opened his mouth coldly, and his voice was really like the Siberian winter, without any temperature. Janie, please don't say anything. You were the one who cheated in marriage, and you had two of them at once. If my brother hadn't come home temporarily, I wouldn't know when to take this green hat with me. Janie was stunned, not only Janie, but also the store manager. In their impression, Yan Sen has always been cold and light, not many words, sometimes Janie said a few words, but also silent. I didn't expect to say so much at once today. Not only said a lot of words, 7g Ozone Generator ,ceramic welding tape, but also exposed these things, really a little bit of face also did not leave to Janie ah! Yan Sen, this is a blockbuster. His words immediately changed the views of passers-by, looking at Janie indignantly, this woman is too shameless, the thief shouted stop thief. Yan Sen intended to stand on his side, Qin Li felt a little more comfortable, full of confidence, can not help but straighten his chest, way, "store manager, you also see, today is not I want to make trouble.". My boyfriend and I came here to buy vegetables, and she suddenly caught up with me and tried to pour milk all over me. I don't have to argue with her. Anyway, I'm used to her being against me all the time. However, your shop has to make a little reaction to this behavior of taking without asking. Otherwise, anyone who comes to the supermarket in the future can open it first without paying the bill. I guess your big boss doesn't want to see this phenomenon, does he? As soon as Qin Li said this, the store manager knew that he had to be careful, in case someone was full and had nothing to do to write a letter of complaint, poking today's matter to the top, even she would be implicated. She and Janie were only nodding acquaintances, and there was no need to intervene in her family's disputes. Want to understand this layer of truth, she immediately changed her position, stand on the side of Qin Li Yan Sen, abandon Janie. She said very seriously to Janie, "If you come to the store to buy things, we are very welcome, but if you come to make trouble, then I am sorry, please leave the store immediately.". Otherwise, we'll call the police. Two hundred and fifty more from Janie, I can see that the public opinion is one-sided now. Everyone hates her when they see her. No one helps her. If she continues to make trouble, she will only make a fool of herself and lose face. So no matter how unwilling she was, she had to restrain herself. She stamped her feet mercilessly, stared at Qin Li and dropped a sentence, "You wait and see," and then turned around and ran away. There is no good show, and all the people who eat melons are scattered. The store manager said to Qin Li very apologetically, "I'm sorry to make you feel unhappy." Qin Li complained, "You should strengthen management, after all, this is a supermarket, not a battlefield." The store manager was afraid that she would make a big deal, so in order to avoid trouble, he took out a stack of coupons and gave them to her, saying, "I'm deeply sorry for what happened just now. No matter what you buy today, you don't need money." This is beyond Qin Li's expectation, she is just very uncomfortable by Janie, complain a few words, did not expect to cry children have sugar to eat, the sky actually fell pie. Since free to send, do not white not, Qin Li also has nothing to be polite, took the coupon handed over by the other party. Besides, Janie had been driven away, and she no longer embarrassed the poor store manager. Now that we have decided to show our skills tomorrow, we must buy enough meat, and forget the rest, the famous braised pork in brown sauce in China, as long as people who eat pork don't like it! And vinegar potato shreds. Don't Germans love potatoes? Then the shredded potato tube is full. Then there is a whole grilled fish, two of which are used to make a fish pot, one of which is made of self-made urinating fish balls with meat slices,Kamado bbq grill, and the three big fat fish sent by the villagers are all used. When Yan Sen heard her plan, he was worried. "Why are there only three dishes?"? What if I don't have enough to eat? Qin Li gave a cry and said, "Then eat the roast sausage.". I don't believe no one will set up a stall to sell sausages that day. “……” 。