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Qin Li gave a cry and said, "Then eat the roast sausage.". I don't believe no one will set up a stall to sell sausages that day.

These soldiers are not tall, manly, or even very short, but the same thing is that they all have a pair of very bright eyes, a pair of very strong and steady hands, even if their king stands ten feet away, they also look calm and calm. Feng Xi's eyes did not fall on those soldiers, but gently fell on Feng Xi, with a faint sigh, and a trace of helplessness as if the fate had long been peeped through but could not be changed, so light but so deep. Moments later, he gently moved his eyes back to the front, and Hua Jun was getting closer and closer. Your Majesty, there seems to be no movement from the Wind Army. On the tall and magnificent chariot pulled by eight horses, King Hua stood still and looked at the front. Five thousand Chinese troops had left the city but forty feet, but the city gate was still closed, and the wind army seemed to have no intention of going out of the city to fight. Isn't that Feng Xiyun going to use her blood phoenix array? Look down on Ben Wang? "Look again." King Hua frowned. The Chinese army continued to advance and was only thirty-five feet away from the city. Arrow Rain Team! Lin Ji gave a heavy shout. Suddenly, the hundreds of soldiers all stand in front of the battlements, bow and arrow, aim at the front, on the tower, in addition to the wind blowing the flag hunting sound,Ozone generator ceramic plate, no other sound, everyone is looking cautiously at the Chinese army. Lin Ji stared at Hua Jun in front of him, his eyes did not blink, near, thirty feet. Twenty-seven feet.. Twenty-six feet.. Twenty-five feet! "Shoot!" As soon as the command was given, the gate tower flew like arrows, and the Chinese army, which had not yet been on guard,steatite c221, screamed and fell down in a large area! "Shoot again!" Do not give the Chinese army a chance to breathe, with the order, the soldiers on the tower and fly out of the arrow rain, in front of the Chinese army, suddenly is a miserable cry, and fell down one! "Three shots!" …… "Good!" Feng Xi, who could be seen clearly on the gate tower, could not help blurting out praise. He looked back at Xiang Fengxi with bright eyes. "I didn't miss an arrow!"! The archer of a hundred paces! "This is the 500 Arrow Rain Team I selected five years ago after examining all the wind and cloud riders and the imperial guards. One hundred and fifty thousand of them were selected. In addition to Lin Ji's training in the past five years, it basically conforms to the rules I laid down in those years. One hundred arrows must be ninety-nine!" Feng Xi said calmly, his eyes fell indifferently in front of him, and as Lin Ji ordered again and again, the thousands of Chinese troops were less than half left! "No wonder you disappeared for a while after you stepped on the door of the broken soul." Feng Xi also moved his eyes back to the front, "The snacks sent by King Hua have become the target for you to practice arrows!" "Your Majesty, the wind army did not go out of the city, but shot our army with arrows, our army did not bring shield armor, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,alumina c799, please order the king to retreat, otherwise.." As soon as Liu Yusheng saw the defeat ahead, in a hurry, "the whole army was wiped out" and almost slipped out, but King Hua's cold eyes made him swallow it back into his stomach. King "Retreat!" After pondering for a long time, King Hua finally forced the two words out of his teeth, but his face was already livid, and his eyes were staring at the head of Li Cheng like a ghost fire. "Wind cherishes clouds!" Spit it out with gritted teeth! Received the order to retreat, the Chinese army fled hurriedly, five thousand attack, came back less than one thousand, even the leading general Meng left shoulder also has an arrow! "I am incompetent and have disgraced the king's life. Your Majesty, please punish me!" General Meng dismounted and knelt down in front of King Hua's chariot. King Hua stared at him for a long time. General Meng's forehead was covered with sweat, and his shoulder blades were already soaked with blood. Liu Yusheng, the strategist beside him, hung his head nervously and stretched out his ears, waiting for King Hua's next order. Go down and heal. For a long time, Hua Wang said coldly. www-xiaoshuotxt-c o m One five four Novel t-xt paradise "Thank you for your grace!" General Meng hurriedly kowtowed and stepped down, already in a cold sweat all over his body. His life was finally retrieved from the hands of the King of Hell. King Liu Yusheng spoke cautiously. Speak if you have something to say! "King Hua glared at him impatiently." Your Majesty, our army's large-scale attack is afraid of trapping its blood phoenix array, and a small number of marches are retreated by its flying arrows.. "Humph!" Without waiting for him to finish, King Hua snorted coldly, and his eyes were like wild beasts on the edge of rage, which were on the verge of breaking out. Your Majesty, there is a way to conquer the city of Li. "Liu Yusheng hurriedly speeded up his speech." Why didn't you say so earlier?! "King Hua was angry when he heard this." No, no, no! Liu Yusheng repeatedly said, "the little man just thought of it." "Speak quickly!" "Yes!" Liu Yusheng bowed his head and said, "Your Majesty, we have one thing that is not afraid of blood phoenix array or flying arrows!" "You mean.." Guns! King Hua woke up with a start. Yes Liu Yusheng nodded, "No matter the wind army is put out the blood phoenix array or defend the city, we all bombard it with artillery, no matter how fierce his formation is, no matter how strong his city is, it can't stand the blow of our artillery!" "Good!" As soon as Hua Wang clapped his hands, he finally unfolded his frowning brows, which had been frowning for days. "When will the five cannons made by Mr. Yushan arrive?" "Go back to the king, and you will arrive at the end of tomorrow!" "Well, give me a siege tomorrow!"! Ha-ha I think the girl of the Feng family is not defeated by the king this time! King Hua laughed loudly. It seems that King Hua was scared back by your archers. Feng Xi looked at the retreat of Hua Jun and said with a smile. Feng Xi Wen Yan did not smile easily, but gathered his eyebrows and looked at the line-ups of the Chinese army in front of him. He sighed slightly: "Tomorrow may not be easy.". On the third day of the fifth month, Shen Shi was in the middle. Knock, knock, knock. Knock, knock, knock. The war drums beat, the horses neighed, and the Chinese army began to attack the city. But see the front is a row of tight long shield, the whole body of the soldier holding the shield is hidden behind the shield, then is hiding behind the shield armor three latest artillery,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, and then is the fully armed gold army! "Sure enough!" Feng Xi looked at Hua Jun's line-ups. "I didn't expect King Hua to have this new thing." Feng Xi's eyes fell on the five cannons. "I heard that the cannons were made by the old man of Yushan. The fire bombs used were made of a kind of mineral soil unique to Yushan in China. They were extremely powerful. If they were hit, not only would their flesh and blood be reduced to ashes, but even the city built by this huge stone would be destroyed." 。