The Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Female Partner of Quick Wear

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Her face was full of tears,aluminum tile trim, which washed away the powder on her face, and the black skin covered by the powder was exposed, forming a distinct gully.

The expression on Helian Ying's face froze, then looked at Ning Shu with a half-smile, and did not say much, but also knew that the goal had not been achieved this time. By this time, Ning Shu really breathed a sigh of relief, finally got rid of the fate of marriage, but the price is expensive, Ning Shu took a look at He Lianying, and his eyes are on, his eyes appear dark and deep. And Ning Shu's feeling is to be stared at by the lone wolf, Ning Shu said, afraid of your wool ah. Since can't and, so let the big Yongchao cede territory indemnity, and a country princess dowry purpose also can't reach, Mobei envoys before go, to the direction of the capital, swear to let the big Yongchao pay the price. He Lianying sat on horseback, looking up at Ning Shu standing on the city gate, wearing a light riding suit, her hair tied into a high ponytail, commanding, and looking at herself. Ning Shu narrowed his eyes, looking at Helian Ying, intuition may also see this guy in the future, with the original owner and his entanglement, was originally husband and wife,tile trim manufacturers, should not be so no entanglement. He Lianying stretched out his hand to Ning Shu, as if he could catch her in the air, and then put his finger on his lips to lie and kiss her gently, as if he had kissed Ning Shu. Then he smiled at Ning Shu, threw his whip, turned his horse's head and galloped away. When Ning Shu saw Helian Ying's movements, he felt cold all over and turned back to the Princess Mansion. After the Mobei envoys left, Li Wen immediately appointed Shen Feng as generalissimo and went directly to the border. Everyone knows that Mobei will not stop. Shen Feng is about forty years old general, is a rich general,stainless steel edge trim, no one unexpected such an appointment, but let everyone unexpected is, Li Wen unexpectedly appointed Princess Jiahui, Li Xueshan as the left forward. Let a woman go to war, this is an unprecedented thing, in the court above set off a great uproar, the wave of opposition is wave after wave, Li Wen only said a word to let these sour Confucian scholars directly shut their mouths. If Princess Jiahui is not allowed to go, then you can go, even if there are no people like you in the court. Look at Li Wen's posture, is really want to get them these powerless civil officials to the frontier, but also immediately let people prepare things to leave. Then these people were dumb, and after shrinking their necks, the bullshit was gone. After Ning Shu received the imperial edict of appointment, he began to prepare his own things directly, and all the supplies must be ready. Xiao Hong arranged a lot of things for Ning Shu and asked, "Princess, are you really going to fight?" The imperial edicts have all come down, stainless steel tile edging ,tile trim factory, and there are still those who fake and brag with Li Wen. Forced to blow too much. Now it's time to redeem the promise. Ning Shu first went to see Shen Feng, Shen Feng followed Ning Shu to fight, there is no special opinion, just said on the battlefield regardless of men and women, Ning Shu said he would obey the command. But Ning Shu did not expect to see Duan Xinghui, but also in Shen Feng's side to see Duan Xinghui. Ning Shu looked at Duan Xinghui in surprise. Shen Feng explained to Ning Shu: "Now Duan Xinghui is the bodyguard beside the last general. The last general is very talented. The first failure is due to the lack of guidance." Well, the male Lord is not the same, go where there are noble people to help, but also became the guard of the grand marshal, on the battlefield is a great contribution. Plus there is a strong luck to add to the body, this guy is not going to rise again. But Ning Shu did not say anything, in the country's major issues of right and wrong, personal issues can be put aside first. The marshal is in charge. Ning Shu said to Marshal Shen. Star Emblem, send the princess for me. Shen Feng said to Duan Xinghui. Shen Feng hugged his fist and said to Ning Shu, "Princess Jiahui, please." Ning Shu looked at him indifferently, turned around and walked away, Duan Xinghui followed Ning Shu, watching her long ponytail with the movement of walking, a swing, graceful posture, noble and graceful. Seeing that Princess Jiahui didn't say a word to herself and ignored him at all, Duan Xinghui suddenly felt a sense of loss. It was undeniable that Princess Jiahui was really excellent and thought of going to the battlefield with Princess Jiahui this time. Somehow, Duan Xinghui's heart actually gave birth to a subtle expectation. Gong. Princess. "Duan Xinghui originally wanted to say something to Ning Shu, but Ning Shu went out of the General's Office and turned over directly on horseback without even looking at him.". Let Duan Xinghui's voice break in the wind. Duan Xinghui helpless, can only ride back to Duan Fu, learned that Duan Xinghui to go to the battlefield, the whole person is excited, to be exact, is strongly opposed. Duan Lang, have you forgotten the last time you were injured? Er Ya said excitedly, "You were seriously injured last time. Duan Lang, don't go." Duan Xinghui had no choice but to say, "I am a military general. I need to stand out as a soldier. The final destination is a corpse wrapped in horse leather." Chapter 57 General Love Village Girl (26). In a word, Erya was obsessed with Duan Xinghui and didn't want Duan Xinghui to go to the battlefield. First, when Duan Xinghui was saved by her last time, she was covered with blood and looked like she couldn't survive, which left a deep impression on Erya. Second, because in the capital, she is the closest, to rely on only Duan Xinghui, if Duan Xinghui left the capital, leaving her here alone, Erya just thought about it and felt afraid. In this Duan Fu, in addition to Duan Xinghui, other people are not close to him, look down on her, there is a yuan Dong who is full of malice to her, and a Duan wife who is extremely disgusted with her. Er Ya's heart is more and more frightened, the whole person looks timid, in the absence of the previous pure beauty, under the consultation of Mrs. Duan, no matter what you do, you are thinking about whether it is against the rules, sometimes wrong, these women who teach the rules of the whole person's means are very clever. Can't you forget Princess Jiahui? When you hear that Princess Jiahui is going to fight, you go with her. How dare you say it's not because of Princess Jiahui? Her face was full of tears,aluminum tile trim, which washed away the powder on her face, and the black skin covered by the powder was exposed, forming a distinct gully.