Quickly wear the best goddess, all of them are beautiful.

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Her face was full of tears,aluminum tile trim, which washed away the powder on her face, and the black skin covered by the powder was exposed, forming a distinct gully.

She can only be in despair and fear of being bitten by zombies, lonely in the dark twitching into zombies. It was after experiencing the pain of the original owner that she was deeply touched. Since there is fate to meet, within the scope of ability, it is also OK to save two people. Fu Sang anxiously pulled down Jun Li and kissed him on the lips, with a look of request in his eyes. I see. Jun Li Ci's beautiful eyes flashed slightly, and his thin lips opened lightly: "Save only this time." He always answers her requests. Jun Lici pushed her over there, very fast, and arrived in less than half a minute. On the streets of the city, a group of people were running this way, passing them quickly, and in front of them- A girl in a one-piece bear dress stood trembling in the middle of the street, crying in fear. Standing in front of a tall figure, like a father's back, firmly shouldered the heavy burden, hands into steel punch after punch to knock down zombies. Horrible zombies issued a strange and terrible roar, like the tide rushing past. Whoo-Uncle Xiong- The bear took advantage of the gap time,tile profile factory, turned around and shouted: "Lulu, don't worry about uncle, run..." A zombie, who had escaped the bear's obstruction, rushed at the girl with a low roar. Lulu- "The big bear's eyes are about to crack.". In the Nick of time. A wind blade cut the zombie in half, and in the middle of the city's streets, a sharp wind blade harvested the zombie. The bear finally escaped from the zombie pile and ran to Lulu's side,stainless steel tile trim, holding the lovely girl back. The handsome young man came like a God, and the slaughter of zombies was as elegant as an artist. When the bear passed by Fusang, he had no time to see the girl clearly and took her wheelchair away. ……” Fu · Zombie Girl · Sang was dragged away in a muddle. Jun Li resigned to solve the zombie, look gloomy to catch up. (End of this chapter) 339. No Chapter 339 The Name of the Disease Is Your Love as Medicine 20 [Recommended Ticket Plus More] Chapter 339 the name of the disease is your love for medicine 20 [recommendation ticket plus more]. Fussan experienced the feeling of flying in a wheelchair. This taste.. It's so exciting. The big bear pulled her to walk like flying and caught up with the team at once. But in a moment, his hand was pinched. There was a sharp pain in his wrist, and the bear turned his head subconsciously. The handsome young man, like a God, grabbed his hand with a gloomy face, and his eyes were like the most ferocious beast, giving people a chilling feeling. Bear's power is body tempering, which can conjure up weapons with tempering, china tile trim ,stainless tile trim, and can withstand tremendous forces. The emaciated teenager actually pinched him and felt a sharp pain. If he doesn't let go, his hand may be useless. The bear let go of his hand decisively and stopped with Lulu in his arms. There is no roar of zombies in the back. It seems that in less than half a minute, the teenager has slaughtered all the zombies by himself. If the zombie is not afraid of the heart, only know how to bite the human gnawing monster. That This teenager is even more terrible than a monster. The crowd stopped and gasped for breath. The bear hugged Lulu's eyes and looked fiercely at the men in the squad. Hey, don't stare at me. A man said, "It's the little girl who doesn't want to go." "We have supplies on us, and Lulu refuses to cooperate." "Lulu doesn't want to go. She has to stay there and wait for you. What can we do." Several big men saw the bear alive, hurriedly began to shirk responsibility. After all, he had to go on. Even though he had great anger in his heart, he endured it and patted Lulu on the back to comfort her. When they saw that Junli was pushing Fusang to leave, they hurriedly shouted, "Brother, don't go yet." "You're going to Yaoyang base, too. Let's form a team and set out together. It's safer." The captain winked at his team. A member of the team said: "Our car is a modified car, in case of a zombie tide, faster than your SUV." "There are no towns ahead for dozens of miles. We have bathrooms and all kinds of supplies in our car. It's more convenient for you to walk with us." Fu Sang heard the word "bathroom" and was moved. Even if she is a zombie girl now, she has to be clean to be comfortable. With a slight pause, Junli said coldly, "I'm going to collect my things." The men of the squad were all smiles. If before is because of the woman, only then wants to let the gentleman leave to join, after just that soul-stirring battle, they have a little more thought. Jun Li's strength is very strong, and joining the team is a great good thing for everyone. The team has a premonition that the team will arrive at Yaoyang base quickly and safely when you leave to join the team. Jun Li Ci reappeared, carrying a huge package similar to travel. Slightly surprised, the squad asked, "Where's the woman you're with?" Jun Lici looked at him lightly and said, "Her legs are not convenient." People's hearts flashed a strange feeling, legs are not convenient to put people in bags, not afraid to suffocate in it? Jun Lici got into the car with the bag on his back and carefully and gently put the bag in the last row. After they got on the bus, they sat down one by one, and the modified car started to drive out of the doomsday city. Jun Lici pulled the bag open, and Fu Sang leaned out of his upper body and lay on the soft seat. Fifth watch. This week, we still recommend more tickets every day. The more tickets we have, the more we explode. Many people will open the fan skirt on Friday. Good night, be sure to remember to vote, go duck! (End of this chapter) 340. No Chapter 340 The name of the disease is your love for medicine 21. Chapter 340 the name of the disease is your love for medicine 21. Because of the seat in front, the people in front can not see the situation behind. Just after a war with zombies, we do not have the energy to manage too much else,stainless steel tile edge trim, the men of the team closed their eyes to rest. The bear patted Lulu on the back and fed her milk. Lulu was drinking milk with her eyes closed, and her little back moved occasionally, but she still looked very uneasy. jecatrims.com