Strongest Master Exchange System

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Her face was full of tears,aluminum tile trim, which washed away the powder on her face, and the black skin covered by the powder was exposed, forming a distinct gully.

The strength of the celestial demons swimming on the edge of the space fissure is mostly in the middle or early stage of foundation building, and it is extremely rare for the strength above the late stage of foundation building. As long as it is determined that a group of celestial demons do not exceed eight heads, Yan Xu decisively led the crowd to attack, in addition to the beginning of two rusty cooperation, to the back more and more smoothly. And get rid of a team of four evil spirits outside the sky, Yan Xu six people quickly left the scene of the battle, found a cave to stay and rest, while the entrance of the cave was sealed with a hidden array, which could not be seen from the outside. There are only a few moves in Tianwaixiedongfu, and it won't take long to complete the task if it goes on like this. Cui Cheng changed the gauze of his left shoulder wound to expose the scabby wound and said in a relaxed tone. Cui Cheng's shoulder wound was left when he first fought with the evil spirits outside the sky, but then he fought with the evil spirits outside the sky for nearly a dozen times without any other injuries. The wound on his shoulder was close to healing due to the efficacy of the elixir. Had it not been for Xu Yun's timely action, your arm would have been useless long ago. Bei Tuguang clapped Cui Cheng's shoulder heavily with one palm, and the pain made Cui Cheng scream. After a series of battles, a group of people became more familiar with each other. Beitu Guang loved to make fun of Cui Cheng. Along the way, they made fun of each other. Cui Cheng covered his arm and jumped away,metal trim manufacturers, crying and saying, "If you don't die in the hands of evil spirits, it's not worth it if you break your shoulder." He is also reminding you. "We must not take it lightly to deal with the evil spirits outside the sky. Don't really think that they are easy to deal with." Yan Xu said with a faint smile. Yan Xu took out the blue and gold engraved plate, only to see that nearly one third of the area of the engraved plate had been dyed black. All the way. Yan Xu and his party killed dozens of celestial demons, and the military exploits they collected achieved such an effect. According to this calculation, it is necessary to slay at least two hundred more celestial demons before the whole blue and gold plate can be dyed black. Around this area,aluminium tile trim profiles, all the single or small number of celestial demons are almost killed by us, and I'm afraid the other side will send stronger demons to track me and so on, and then there will be a fierce battle. Yan Xu's tone gradually became dignified. With the strength of six people against more than two hundred days of evil spirits, even if each person is a talented disciple of various schools, it is also a challenge to complete this task. Chi Mingzong sent more than twenty thousand people and nearly four thousand teams. There must be a few people who can really make this blue and gold engraved plate all black and then return smoothly. Since it is a trial task, the difficulty is certainly not small, I alone and other human monks sent more than twenty thousand people at a time. Then how many evil spirits should there be outside the sky? Several people realized the seriousness of the problem, and their expressions, which had been slightly relaxed after repeated victories, were once again dignified. In the corner of the cave, Deng Yu, stainless steel edging strip ,aluminum tile edge trim, who was studying the magic weapon of evil spirits, suddenly looked up excitedly and said, "Finally, let me find out some ways!" "What have you got?" Yan Xu and several people came around Deng Yu. Deng Yu put more than a dozen evil instruments on the ground and carefully told Yan Xu and others about them. Only Liang Yong guarded the entrance of the cave to prevent foreign enemies from attacking. The two most suspicious places are the evil magic weapon. First of all, it is not the magic power but the essence of life that drives this instrument, and secondly, these instruments are almost identical, they are carved out of the same mold. Even if the master refines two instruments of the same kind, there will be subtle differences due to various reasons such as materials, and it is unusual that the dozen or so evil instruments in front of him are exactly the same. What's the use of saying this? It can kill evil spirits anyway. Cui Cheng knew nothing about refining utensils. Hearing what Deng Yu said, he felt dizzy. He shook off his hand and sat on the ground. Deng Yu is still in high spirits. He went on to say: "It is indeed useless to study the instrument, but it can be boldly speculated by combining all kinds of signs.". I'm afraid we are not the real evil spirits outside the sky when we kill these evil spirits. It's just a flesh and blood sacrifice. Flesh and blood sacrifice is a general term for a kind of sorcery. A small number of evil sects in Luotian Mainland have mastered similar sorcery. By sacrificing the corpses and flesh of monks or monsters, they can re-refine them into flesh and blood puppets that can be driven. It's just that the flesh and blood puppets of the general flesh and blood sacrifice act stiffly and without intelligence, and can only wait for the order of the sacrifice to act. When we meet these evil spirits, they don't look too simple. They should not be flesh and blood puppets, right? Zhao Yan could not help but turn pale and asked, thinking that fighting with evil spirits might be a pool of flesh and blood. Deng Yu looked embarrassed: "This is exactly where I am confused. After all, I just heard that I don't know much about flesh and blood sacrifice. This is also a bold guess.". ” "Maybe your guess is right. How do you feel about fighting with evil spirits?" Yan Xu hugged his arms and touched his chin, looked at Cui Cheng and said. Evil magic moves are few and lack of variety. "The movement is not stiff, but the reaction is slightly slow." "Every time I cast a spell, they respond in almost exactly the same way." Several people added that the more they said, the more they felt that Deng Yu's guess was very possible. Yan Xu crouched down to draw a brief map on the ground, pulled out a very long thick line and pointed out a few dots beside it, pointing to one of them and saying: "This thick line represents the central area of the spatial fissure, and our position is at the edge of the outer spatial node." After this period of time hunting evil spirits, Yan Xu carefully observed the surrounding landscape environment. The central part of the space fissure is very far away, but in the higher mountains, you can still see the location of the space fissure through the thick fog, and the surface is deeply excavated and stands more than ten miles high, just like an endless mountain range. And Yan Xu and his party have a circular stone circle a hundred miles away, which can be seen faintly by the sight of the mid-stage repair of the foundation. The circular stone circle is actually formed by countless red rubble hanging in the air. From time to time, groups of celestial demons flew in and out around the circular stone circle. Obviously, the evil spirits in the surrounding sky take the space nodes in the circular stone circle as their base camp. Around this invisible space crack, there are countless space nodes. Low-level celestial demons come to Beixingzhou through the space nodes, but it is not without cost. In order to expand the sphere of influence as much as possible, the other side is likely to use the art of flesh and blood sacrifice. Even if only a few real celestial demons come to each space node,aluminium edge trim, as long as there are a large number of corpses and flesh and blood, they can rapidly expand their sphere of influence, and then wait for more celestial demons to invade Luotian continent through space nodes and cracks.