The Pillow Book of Three Lives and Three Worlds: The Final Chapter

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If she remembers correctly, this seems to be the palace that the female monarch in the Valley of Sanskrit Sound placed for the emperor. Are they coming back.

On the hollow sea surrounded by water walls, His Highness Lian San of the Nine Heavens poked his head over the chess table and greeted them from a commanding position: "Oh, the three heroes are finally back." With a smile on his face, he turned to the opposite side of the chess table and said, "They came back unscathed. There is no doubt that we won this game. Haha, give money, give money." A dozing head on the chess table immediately stood up, showing a beautiful face. His eyes turned to the three heroes who had returned safely. He immediately pointed angrily: "What's wrong with Xiao Jiu? Why did the ice face come out vertically, but Xiao Jiu came out horizontally? Lao Tzu is really wise. He said that the ice face is not as good as Lao Tzu's benevolence and righteousness. I don't know how to cherish the beauty and jade!" Dizzy, Su Moye turned to Haizi and said, "It's really interesting to bicker. But can you take a break and find a place for us to lie down first?" | Xiaosansansanmeng, please specify for reprinting | The fifth volume is wrong destiny. Seeing that the emperor did not answer, she just raised her eyebrows. She was silly for a moment. She turned her face to one side and said, "Don't raise your eyebrows. When you raise your eyebrows, I have a little, a little.." The emperor continued to raise his eyebrows curiously: "Just a little bit of what?" Her cheeks were flushed, and it took her a long time to come out: "Endure …" I can't help but want to kiss you. When he saw the emperor leaning over,wire mesh decking, he said in a low voice, "Here you are." Chapter 17 01 In fact, Lien Song-jun is not an upright immortal. He often does guilty things, but because Lien Song-jun never feels that these guilty things have anything, he seldom has a bad conscience. In Lien Songjun's own words, this is his calm demeanor. In the words of Cheng Yuyuanjun, who is Lian Song-jun's favorite,industrial racking systems, the tough bastard does not need to be explained. Song Jun, a tough bastard, is slightly melancholy and melancholy today because of his conscience. Speaking of Lien and Soong's melancholy and melancholy, we have to mention Donghua Emperor. The three emperors had their own dreams of Alanruo. After they came out, the immortal servants with eyes in the pair of birds did not have time to order them. They had already packed up three nearby bedrooms for the three of them. Holding Feng Jiu in his arms, the emperor entered one of the rooms at random. Lian Songjun knew about it and was about to greet the immortal servants who did not need to enter the room to accompany them, when he saw the emperor who had already entered the room suddenly appeared at the door again: "Come in." Even Song Jun is a little ignorant, he deliberately made such an opportunity, so that the two of them in the same room to say some small words and a couplet of friendship, the rest of their lives after the robbery, it is a good time to tell the truth, beauty this moment is the most fragile, cantilever racking system ,shuttle rack system, a little tenderness can be taken, this critical moment to take beauty, what did he recruit himself to do? Even Song Jun went into the room in a muddle and looked at Feng Jiu, a beautiful woman lying on the bed in her clothes. He was stupefied and said, "What are you doing to make her fall asleep? I see that she has some signs of waking up after you come out. I can understand that you are worried about her and hope that she can sleep more to refresh herself. But in fact, it's not good to sleep too much.." "Help me guard her and don't let her wake up before I come back," the emperor said as he tied his cuffs tightly with a pair of black ribbons. Lian Songjun looked at his tight cuffs and said, "Aren't you dressed for alchemy?" Care way, "is it difficult for Feng Jiu to catch something serious?" The emperor took a deep look at him and said, "Curse Xiaobai again. Be careful that I beat you so badly." Lian Song Jun came over and looked at Feng Jiu's face carefully. "Then why are you.." The emperor sighed, "She didn't want to see me, so when I was with her in Alanruo's dream, I used the identity of Xize. But when she woke up, she remembered that it must be difficult to do this. The bottle of Dan you sent to Laojun came in handy at this time." Lien and Soong were frightened: "Are you going to feed her the elixir to make her forget what happened in Alan's dream?" Donghua straightened his sleeve and said lightly, "I don't want her to forget all those things, so I have to refine the bottle of elixir, change its function, and rewrite all her memories, especially those I hid from her." "Is that what you want?" Lien Song-mu asked stupidly. Such a lover as he was determined not to think of such a crude and direct way. He was so shocked that he was speechless for a moment. After a while, he came to his senses and said, "You are like this. Wouldn't it be more difficult if she knew the truth one day?"? Think more about it. ” The emperor raised his hand and rubbed his forehead. "I summoned the Stone of Destiny," he said. "The Stone of Destiny said that we had a weak relationship and could not stand too much trouble. Xiao Bai, she is in my business. I've always been a little confused At this time, if I remind her that I hid it from her in the dream of Alanruo, I don't know what will happen later. I don't dare to take risks in this matter. After thinking about it, this is the best way. Lien Sung said with a deep sigh, "If I had known that, you shouldn't have pretended to be Xi Ze to coax her in that dream." Then he joked, "aren't you jealous when you see her get close to you?" Donghua frowned and said inexplicably, "Why should I be jealous? It's just under the guise of Xize. I'm still me. Isn't it because she has to be me in this life that she falls in love with me again?" "You're right," said Lien Song-gan with a smile. When the emperor went out, Lien Sung sat on the edge of the bed and sighed. He was too indecisive at the critical moment and could not say that he had missed the big event. It was indeed the emperor's style to be straightforward. However, he was vaguely worried about this decision this time. Now he is half an accomplice in cheating the little fox. Lien and Soong looked melancholy on the bed and sighed with melancholy. The little fox is pure and kind, but she can't do it. But if you don't, the emperor will lay hands on him, and it must be a heavy hand. Yeah? No, yeah? Let's just forget it. When Feng Jiu opened his eyes, it was already night. Half of the clear moon outside the window shone in a hot spring pool in the room, and the water rippled slightly. Like fish scales, the faint fragrance of flowers came from the breath. Looking up by the moonlight,shuttle rack system, I saw a lacquer board hanging with silk thread beside the bed, and a pot of Mahamanzhu Shahua in full bloom sitting on it. If she remembers correctly, this seems to be the palace that the female monarch in the Valley of Sanskrit Sound placed for the emperor. Are they coming back.