Underbelly black little crazy queen: Evil king, please take it

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If she remembers correctly, this seems to be the palace that the female monarch in the Valley of Sanskrit Sound placed for the emperor. Are they coming back.

Jiang Louyue took a deep breath, and there were very complicated emotions in her beautiful eyes. She didn't know why she had to compromise and why she had to save him? She just couldn't leave her brother alone. Very good, all the raw materials for making the phantom play, you can go to the opposite Liusan Pavilion for free, and I will give you a lot of money from the auction price. The voice of the mysterious cabinet owner, Sen Han, finally softened a little. I don't need the money. "You do." Jiang Louyue frowned. "Why do you decide things for me?" Just because I'm your master! Emperor Yin roared in the depths of his heart. It's a bargain. You do things for me, and I'll pay you. It's perfectly justified. Jiang Louyue's beautiful eyes are cold: "This is not a'transaction ', but a coercion." The anger in Diyin's heart jumped up again. He has always been a very calm person, but I do not know why, in the face of her, always out of control. You go out. Facing her for one more moment, he was afraid that he would do something he regretted. Jiang Louyue, like'Meng 'amnesty, immediately turned around and left. One more moment in the same room with this'sinister 'and cunning fellow, and she felt very uncomfortable! After leaving Jiuding Pavilion, Jiang Louyue went to Liusan Pavilion to collect free materials,mobile racking systems, and then left. Lou Yue, why didn't Xiao Jiu come back with you? When Yao Lao saw Jiang Louyue, he kept looking behind her, and the old man's face was full of expectation and worry. Jiang Louyue pursed her lips, lowered her eyebrows and eyes slightly, and said,mobile racking systems, "Elder Martial Brother, he has received an order from President Feng to go to Jingchuang Forest to carry out his mission. He can't come back this time." "Well." Disappointment and worry crossed the old man's face. "Is it dangerous to carry out the mission?" Jiang Louyue's heart trembled slightly, remembering the warning of the Lord. Not dangerous. Not dangerous. She smiled very brightly and waved her hand. "It's a very simple task. It's still four people traveling together. There are senior students and senior students covering their brothers. It's absolutely no problem.". Master, you can rest assured. "That's good. That's good." The melancholy cloud between the'medicine 'old eyebrows dispersed and smiled happily. Jiang Louyue lowered her head slightly and her beautiful eyes dimmed. Master took care of Elder Martial Brother as if he were her own son. If anything happened to Elder Martial Brother, Master would surely not be able to live. That evening, back to'Medicine 'Wang Gu, Jiang Louyue began to produce the first part of "The Demon Concubine of the Disaster Country". She had done six sets of the first phantom play, and she was familiar with it again. The effect of the divine water given to her by the Lord was remarkable. As expected, it was similar to the black'color 'fire of the Elder Martial Brother. The impurities in the white twinkling wood and the magic rattan were all dissolved cleanly. Jiang Louyue stayed up all night and worked hard to refine the inscription. Two hours to practice into a phantom play, a whole night, until dawn, refined three sets out. But she was still indefatigable and anxious, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, thinking about the safety of Emperor Jiuchen. The cabinet owner needs 100 sets of the first phantom play of "The Demon Concubine of the Disaster Country". According to the progress of producing three sets a day, it will take almost a month to complete the production! The holiday lasted two days, and it was over soon. After Jiang Louyue returned to Cang College, he had been paying close attention to the whereabouts of the four people in the line of Emperor Jiuchen. One day, two days, three days.. On the seventh day, the Elder Martial Brother did not come back. Jiang Louyue has already produced twenty-seven sets of phantom plays of "The Demon Concubine of the Disaster Country", and she can't hold back. On this day, after the end of the course of Cangtian Pavilion, Jiang Louyue saw Feng Jingnian from a distance, and immediately went through the crowded crowd and chased after him. Principal Feng! Principal Feng! When Feng Jingnian heard the shouting, he stopped, turned his head and smiled. "It's Lou Yue. What's the matter?" "When will Elder Martial Brother be back?" Jiang Louyue's eyes are staring at Feng Jingnian, his voice is a little urgent, "The task has been going on for nine days, how come it's not over yet?" She inquired that the tasks received by the students of Cangtian Pavilion could be completed in about seven or eight days. Nine days? Feng Jingnian frowned slightly, pinched his fingers, and then said, "It's really nine days. It shouldn't be so long.". This was Xiao Jiu's first task, and the old man specially sent three highly experienced senior students to go with him. ” The three men mentioned by the head of the cabinet were arranged by the headmaster? Jiang Louyue was a little surprised. It shouldn't be. Principal Feng is very good to his brother. He is almost like his own grandson. How can he hurt him secretly? "Wait another two days. If Xiao Jiu doesn't come back in two days, I'll send a teacher from the college." Feng Jingnian's face'color 'is slightly dignified. Two days later, the emperor nine Chen still did not come back, Jiang Louyue began to panic. The two teachers of the college were also sent to the forest of the window, looking for the whereabouts of a line of four people, including Emperor Jiuchen. Three days later, the two teachers returned the same way, but the search was fruitless. Emperor nine Chen line of four people, was judged to be "missing", Cang college once again sent out a team of seven teachers, went to the forest of the window, launched a large-scale search. Jiang Louyue is about to go mad. After school that afternoon, she sneaked out and went to the Inscription Master's Guild. Then, with the help of Guyue, she quietly escaped from the back door of the Inscription Master's Guild and went all the way to Jiuding Pavilion. I want to see the Lord! Jiang Louyue found the old star and clasped the old man's shoulder tightly, frowning and emotional'excitement '. The old star was startled. He was flat. He was no match for Jiang Louyue. "Lord.." he said shakily. The head of the cabinet is busy with his affairs in the palace. He is not here. Jiang Louyue said angrily, "Your cabinet leader has gone too far. I have already promised him to continue to help him produce" Disaster Country ", but he even attacked the Elder Martial Brother. The Elder Martial Brother went to Jingchuang Forest to carry out his mission, but he did not return. He has been judged missing by the Academy!" The old star froze for a moment and then laughed. Lou Childe originally you are for this matter, our cabinet Lord has'handed over 'generation,Teardrop Pallet Racking, as long as Lou Childe you do a good job of cabinet Lord'handed over' generation down, a month later, the emperor Childe will naturally come back safely. 。 jracking.com