Return of the Condor Heroes

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If she remembers correctly, this seems to be the palace that the female monarch in the Valley of Sanskrit Sound placed for the emperor. Are they coming back.

Yang Guo saw that he tried desperately to save himself, and the blood in his chest surged up, where was he still nostalgic? I thought to myself that if I didn't repay him with my life, it would be a waste of my life. He immediately jumped down from his back and danced the gentleman's sword into a group of sword flowers, protecting Guo Jing. He was like a mad tiger, and all his moves were desperate. His Holiness and Xiaoxiangzi were stunned. "What are you doing, Yang Guo?" They cried. Yang Guo did not answer, but he stabbed His Holiness with a sword. The tip of the sword trembled, and he stabbed Xiaoxiangzi back. The two men saw that his eyes were red and his expression was very different. They could not help but take two steps back. They all expected that he would rob the title of "the first warrior of Mongolia" and monopolize the work of killing Guo Jing. "Just leave me alone," said Guo Jing. "It's important to run for your life." "Uncle Guo," said Yang Guo, "it was I who hurt you. I will die with you today." Jian Guang Huo Huo, just protect Guo Jing, regardless of their own safety. His Holiness and Xiaoxiangzi raised their weapons and attacked Guo Jing together. But Yang Guo's sword moves were so smart that they couldn't get close to each other. Thousands of Mongolian warhorses surrounded, the voice shook heaven and earth, watching the three men fight. Guo Jing repeatedly urged Yang to escape quickly, but saw him blindly defending himself, anxious, grateful, touching internal injuries, no longer able to support, knees a soft, sat down on the ground. Nemo Star broke three ribs, still in pain, carrying the iron snake slowly approached, wanted to assassinate Guo Jing. Yang Guo stabbed several swords,push back racking system, bent over Guo Jing on his back, and rushed out. His martial arts are not as good as His Holiness's. How can he support Guo Jing at this time? Several times, with a sniff, his left arm was cut by the golden wheel with a long cut. Twenty-second Dangerous City Baby Girl (1) When Guo Jing and Yang Guo saw that they were not lucky, Meng Zhan's horses suddenly dispersed one after another. An old cripple, holding an iron crutch in his left hand and waving a hammer in his right hand, rushed in and shouted, "Mr. Yang, rush out quickly. I'll break the back for you." At a glance in his busy schedule,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Yang Guobai recognized Feng Mofeng, a disciple blacksmith of Peach Blossom Island. He was very surprised. During the fierce struggle, he had no time to think about how this man would suddenly come. It turned out that Feng Mofeng had been recruited into the army by the Mongols to make and repair weapons, and had secretly assassinated a centurion and a centurion of the Mongolian soldiers. He did it in secret, undetected. This day heard the sound of shouts, saw Guo Jing and Yang Guo surrounded at a high place, and immediately entered the rescue. His sledgehammer made the wind whirr, and when he died, he fought his way out. Yang Guo was overjoyed and grabbed his sword, but His Holiness turned the golden wheel and took his sword and Feng Mofeng's hammer at the same time. Only when Xiaoxiangzi's mourning stick was handed to Guo Jing's back, did His Holiness relax Yang Guo and let him return to the sword to rescue him. But if his wheel hits Guo Jing, Xiaoxiangzi will also carry the pole and stick away. Had it not been for the two of them, although Yang Guo had sacrificed his life to fight, Guo Jing had already died. Kublai Khan promised the honor of "the first warrior of Mongolia" that day. He hoped that everyone would be brave, but he did not know that everyone would check each other and cause great harm, which he did not expect. But although Guo Jing's life was saved for a while, the Mongolian army had already spread around like an iron wall. His Holiness and Xiaoxiangzi competed for the first place. Nemo gritted his teeth to endure the pain, but he was also looking for flaws to offset the gap, warehouse pallet racks ,drive in racking system, using sinister tricks here and there. By this time, Guo Jing and Yang Guo had been fighting in the army for more than half an hour. The sunlight was slightly off, and His Holiness danced the golden wheel. His moves suddenly changed, and he intersected with Yang Guo's sword. Gentleman's sword is a sharp blade that cuts iron like mud, while Jinlundeng is cut out of a gap. His Holiness took advantage of the situation to send it forward, and the wheel was accompanied by a strong wind. Yang Guo was afraid of hurting Guo Jing, so he didn't dare to dodge sideways. Back to the sword, the golden wheel slanted slightly, and there was a light sound. The lower arm of his right hand was scratched by the mouth of the wheel again. Although the wound was not deep, it cut the blood, and the blood burst out. Between several strokes, he felt that his legs and arms were getting weaker and weaker, and his strength was getting weaker and weaker. The enemy's offensive was urgent. How could he slow down to wrap the wound and stop bleeding? Feng Mofeng hurriedly waved his hammer and struggled to come to the rescue, but His Holiness clapped his left hand one after another, so that he could only parry. If he had not done his best, it would have been difficult for him to protect himself. Seeing that there was a bargain to be picked up, Xiaoxiangzi swung his stick and shook the Nemo Star Iron Snake open. He jumped up and nodded his stick to Guo Jing's head to release the arsenopyrite. Yang Guo was so frightened that his left hand grew out in the crisis, grabbed the head of the stick, and the sword in his right hand came out. At this time, his whole body was wide open, and His Holiness only needed a light round to kill him immediately, but His Holiness intended to use his hand to drive Xiaoxiangzi away, waved his hand to force Feng Mofeng away, and reached out to Guo Jing's back to capture him alive and make a remarkable achievement. Xiaoxiangzi didn't expect that Yang Guo would try his best to act foolishly. Before he fell to the ground, the stick had been caught. He couldn't exert his strength in midair. The white light flashed in front of his eyes, and the tip of the sword had pierced his chest. As a result, he had to withdraw his hand and put the stick away. He leaned back and saved his life. Feng Mo turned the wind hammer and threw it at His Holiness's vest. When His Holiness returned to the wheel, there were two loud bangs, which made Feng Mofeng's hands crack, and his left palm grabbed Guo Jing's vest. With a roar, Feng Mo threw away his hammer crutches, stretched his hands from behind His Holiness, and hugged him firmly. They fell to the ground. His Holiness was furious and slapped him on the shoulder, shaking his internal organs as if they were upside down. Feng Mofeng in the army saw the Mongolian army cruel and tyrannical, drive people against Xiangyang, and saw Guo Jing struggling to fight to the death, repelled the enemy, he and Guo Jingsu don't know each other, more don't know he is a division of fast son-in-law, but know that this person died, I'm afraid Xiangyang is difficult to protect, is to make up his mind, rather teach yourself suffering from a thousand knives, also want to save Guo Jing out of danger. His Holiness took out his palm quickly and incoherently, and immediately hit Feng Mofeng with broken muscles and bones and serious injuries to his internal organs. However, he never let go of his hands, and his ten fingers sank deep into His Holiness's chest muscles. The Mongolian soldiers would have been around to watch the fight, only to say that His Holiness would succeed, so they did not intervene. Suddenly, when His Holiness fell to the ground, Xiaoxiangzi retreated and rushed up. In this situation, even if Guo Jing was not injured, no matter how strong his martial arts were with Yang Guo, how could he defeat the thousands of soldiers who had arrived at the same time? "That's all, that's all," Yang Guo sighed. Waving Xiaoxiangzi's stick, suddenly there was a light sound,warehousing storage solutions, and the end of the stick spewed out a black smoke. More than ten Mongolian soldiers in front of him were fumigated by the poisonous smoke, and immediately fell down. It turned out that he was waving a mourning stick at random, and accidentally touched the machine and sprayed out the toad poison sand hidden in the stick.