Legend of the Dog God

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If she remembers correctly, this seems to be the palace that the female monarch in the Valley of Sanskrit Sound placed for the emperor. Are they coming back.

Lingxu said hurriedly, "If you want to leave, just leave. Don't talk nonsense any more!" The other two people are silent, do not speak and do not go, Lingxu looked at the two people gently sighed, he understood the whole thing after, finally know that the original Protoss is to help themselves for a certain purpose, now the purpose is about to appear, once they refuse to have a great risk, perhaps Kuafu clan is not enough, but Ren Sa and Shen Lingyu and others are unpredictable people. If there is danger, it is better to bear it alone. "Are you all right, my benefactor?" He asked with concern, bearing Tian Jian Lingxu's eyes flashing. The latter came to his senses, looked at each other's sincere eyes, and said with a good-natured smile, "Oh, it's all right. I'm thinking about some questions about saving people." As soon as the day came, he patted his chest and shouted, "Grace, don't worry. These little things are all on me." While they were talking and laughing, a giant quickly ran up and shouted, "God, there suddenly came a few madmen. They are very fierce. We have been injured dozens of people!" Bear the weight of the day suddenly got up and shouted, "What?"! Hundreds of you beat a few people and injured dozens of them. Who are they and what do they look like? He replied, "He looks strange. He is even more strange than us. He talks crazily and always shouts to find their eldest brother!" After hearing this, Lingxu understood who the other party was and said, "Zaitian, they are my friends. Let them come in." When he heard that it was Lingxu's friend, he immediately ordered, "Engong's friend, please come in!" After a while, Lu Chaofeng and the Taoyuan brothers came bouncing in, followed by a silent smile in the world of mortals,heavy duty cantilever racks, eyes full of fierce murderous look, looking at the giants around. When Lu Chaofeng and the Taoyuan brothers saw Lingxu, they rushed up and chattered. The latter didn't know what they were talking about, but they were always happy to meet again. He looked at Lu Chaofeng, opened his big hand and said, "Is that you?"? Do you remember me? Little one? Lu Chaofeng looked up at the sky like a high mountain and nodded with a smile: "I didn't expect you to remember me. My body is so big and my head is good. At the beginning, my eldest brother put the primitive Protoss people. No wonder.." At that time, he saw Lu Chaofeng after he was released from Aoki Wang Ding. He was very excited at that time, so he still remembers it very clearly. Looking at Lu Chaofeng, he blinked his eyes and said to him, "Zaitian, go out for a while. I want to get together with the madman again." Carrying day did not think too much, nodded, shouted: "Engong something at any time to find me." Then he took the giant away from the original place. Lingxu laid a ban on it and said, "Why are you here now? It's very dangerous now!" Then he nodded to the laughing world of mortals to show that he had worked hard. The latter bowed slightly with a hungry nod and did not speak. Lu Shuang also went up to salute. Lu Chaofeng was the first to open his mouth and said, "Elder brother, what you asked to investigate last time is almost the same. None of these primitive Protoss is good. They spread the word everywhere that you are a primitive Protoss. They also tried their best to intensify the contradiction between the two clans. They began to look for trouble from the Xi people everywhere. Now the Xi people are all traitors to their eldest brother. Many gods are gathering here, heavy duty metal racks ,warehouse storage racks, saying that they are going to start a war again soon." Lingxu should have thought long ago that he would always help the Primitive Protoss, which would sooner or later arouse the dissatisfaction of the gods, but he did not expect the Primitive Protoss to "publicize" so vigorously that the day came so quickly. He asked, "What is the strength of the Primitional Protoss now?" Tao Yi interjected: "I pour, eldest brother, you do not let us check still do not know, the primitive Protoss has gathered all the strength this time, the strength is unprecedented strong, only the dark demon clan has four hundred thousand people!"! Two hundred thousand day demon clan, escape clan two hundred thousand, Kuafu clan one hundred thousand, there are some rarely seen race, where to drill out so many primitive Protoss, how can not see the shadow before. "Brother," said Tao Er, "what do you mean by getting out? How did you get out?" Peach three touched his forehead, sighed: "Hurt, I hurt, how can I have such an idiot brother, really hurt.". "Tao Si, still with an innocent baby face, cried," Brother, you've been hurt again. Every time.. " Lingxu heart is very heavy, this time the primitive protoss is prepared, and is determined to win ah, otherwise will not be so mobilized to gather so many people, they see their own people, this time the ancient emperor is a golden opportunity. Once this is not done well, it is easy to break out the third battle of the gods, which is an extraordinary catastrophe. Lingxu touched his nose and asked, "What else is the news?" Lu Chaofeng said excitedly, "There is another big news. The Primitive Protoss have captured a lot of gods. Among them, there are some masters of the gods, such as the Immortal God Emperor China and the Sound God Ai Guangling, as well as the Sword Demon God, the Wind God, the Conspiracy God and the Wandering God. Anyway, those who have a quarrel with your eldest brother have been captured by them. I don't have any opinion on this point. They are laughing and laughing.." Lingxu's face sank even more. The primitive Protoss were so scheming. In addition to the immortals, the gods who were wounded in the last fight were all arrested. In this way, they not only helped themselves, but also intensified the contradictions between other gods and themselves. The previous magic swordsman was an obvious example. Everyone would think that it was their own instigation. Lingxu secretly sighed, had to admire Ren Sa and Shen Lingyu and others are very clever, now he is in a dilemma, even if the original Protoss deliberately do this is to help themselves, after so many things after their own absolutely impossible and the original Protoss as an enemy, the rest is the Xi people, perhaps they have long considered the Xi people this point, so even if they can not draw themselves together, Also can't let oneself help the human race, the primitive protoss race has become intelligent, they understand that only the hundred fold book is the incalculable character, can bring the fatal threat. Lu Chaofeng became serious now and whispered, "Elder brother,asrs warehouse, the situation is very serious now. Most of the gods have regarded you as an absolute enemy under the guidance and propaganda. They all said they would punish you for your betrayal.". These gods are not as upright as the big men of the primitive Protoss. This time, they will help the primitive Protoss kill them completely. If not, you will be in danger. 。 jracking.com