wholesale Claw Machine Toy

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wholesale Claw Machine Toywholesale Claw Machine Toywholesale Claw Machine Toywholesale Claw Machine Toywholesale Claw Machine Toy

wholesale Claw Machine Toy Claw Machine Mini Toys Claw machine mini toys are a toy made of plush fabric, PP cotton and other textile materials with various fillings inside. It can also be called soft toy and stuffed toy. Product Details Name锛欳law machine mini toys Material锛歅lush fabric, Polypropylene cotton Series锛歁SL3 Product size锛欻=20/23/25cm Product weight锛欰bout 0.20kg Color锛欳olorful Packing锛歅ack into PE bag for 10pcs Player age锛歄ver 3 years old Plush toys can be used as store mascots or as store gifts. When the purchase amount reaches a certain amount, they can be given to customers with the goods. It can also be put into a beautiful gift box together with cosmetics, flowers and decorations. It can be matched with a small string of lights to serve as a birthday gift to your beloved. When claw machine mini toys are used for a long time or accidentally dirty, don't worry. Unlike other electrical products, they can't touch water. You can completely soak them in water and wash them with daily laundry detergent, and then gently shake off the water and put them flat on the drying net to dry until they are completely dry. If you don't have time to send it to the dry cleaner for cleaning, the effect of dry cleaning will be better. Claw machine mini toys are mainly made of fillings. The products are soft and can be easily put into balloons or eggshell twist eggs of suitable size. Toys loaded into balloons can be matched with shiny decorations and colored ribbons, which can be sent directly to people. Toys loaded into twisted eggs can be put into doll grabbing machines as gifts. They have a variety of sizes, can be put into twisted eggs of different sizes, and can be suitable for doll grabbing machines of different sizes. Meshalook Entertainment is committed to giving you a childhood dream.wholesale Claw Machine Toy website:http://www.mesha-look.com/soft-toy/claw-machine-toy/