How To Get and Use Aspects In Diablo 4

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In this guide, we'll explain how the Aspects work together in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 offers myriad techniques to help players gain an edge in the battles in the unforgiving world. Aspects are one of them, which are used to augment Legendary-style passives items. This helps with making your own build, so you don’t have to rely on random item drops. For that purpose, in this article, we will show you how to get and use Aspects in Diablo 4.

There are two ways to get Aspects in Diablo 4:

You will get an Aspect as a reward for each Dungeon you clear. Aspects earned from Dungeons will appear in your Codex of Power, not your inventory. Fortunately, you can hover over a dungeon on the main map to see what Aspect is there.
You can extract Aspects from legendary gear. Doing so will destroy the piece of gear and leave you with the Aspect in your inventory. This process will also cost you a bit of Diablo 4 gold. But this works well when you have an under-leveled legendary that you want to keep.

Regardless of the method you use to receive an Aspect, you can then head to an Occultist shop to imprint it onto the gear. This will then add whatever effect the Aspect features to that piece of gear, giving you access to that special ability or buff. All you need is gold and a quick trip to the local Occultist. Here is where you will find the first Occultist in the game, Demyan, in Kyovashad. Now you’re talking to the Occultist, here is what you need to do:
From the Occultist’s menu, go to the first tab, “Imprint”.
Drag an item from the Equipment menu to the bottom right side of the screen.
Place it in the “Item” box in the Imprint Aspect menu to the left.
Click on the “Aspect from The Codex of Power” or an “Aspect from Inventory box” and select any Aspect.
Check if you have the required items in the “Material Cost” box.
Finally, hit the “Imprint Aspect” button to apply passives to your item, and it will appear in the fourth box at the bottom.

In order to imprint an Aspect onto gear, it will cost you Veiled Crystals, which are rare items that you can receive from salvaging gear or as loot drops. It will also cost a hefty gold sum to imprint an Aspect, so ensure you have the funds. And think wisely about whether you even want to, and please be aware: Imprinting Aspects will only add a new unique effect to the item; it won’t change the other stats like damage.

That’s all there is to this in-depth guide on how to use Aspects in Diablo 4. It can be a lot to understand at first, but it’s a powerful mechanic to use. You should take your time deciding what gear to imprint an Aspect on, as that will affect your character’s build.