Cheap Attack BD-Shengzong Vulcan Forge Totem available for Path of Exile players

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This is a totem BD that can be used by the nobles or the sect

This is a totem BD that can be used by the nobles or the sect. Building this BD started out with the goal of being able to clear T18 with a relatively low amount of resources while still maintaining a high upper limit. In this context, "low cost" refers to the fact that the key damage enhancement equipment's C price can be quickly collected by moving bricks, the average price of a single piece can be bought for less than 30 C, and the remainder of the cost can be made up with HP resistance equipment. 150 wdps from a weapon that is not a glass cannon, and it is able to pass t18 normally in actual combat.


Even though the 150 physical damage and 240 fire damage it deals can only be added to attack skills, the Vulcan Forge, a dark gold dagger, still provides energy for spell BD. This is despite the fact that it orb of fusing should be designed for melee attack BD. It has a 200% increase in damage and a 200% increase in critical strike rate, making it the best option available among legal dark gold weapons of the same grade.


The advantages of dual-wielding Vulcan daggers include the following: unpopular weapons are not wanted at all, they are cheap, the 400% inc and 480% crit rates are greatly improved, and 100% of things are converted to poe currency fire; the disadvantages include the following: due to 100% of things being converted to fire, it is difficult to maintain the enemy in a bleeding state, and the damage limit cannot be increased by adding additional Chaos.


You are able to use any pure physical or physical damage spell totem at no cost, and you are also able to use the shock wave totem with pure physical damage, which has a great advantage in casting speed compared to the spell totem (the spell totem reduces the casting by an additional 30%). Since all of the material turns into fire, you are also able to use the shock wave totem with pure physical damage. Speed)It is to be anticipated that the following spells and totems will be available for use: Thunder Ball, Glacial Sting, Purifying Flame, Conviction Wave, Holy Resentment, Holy Flame Totem, Shockwave Totem, Blasphemy Spear, Void Dagger, Void Knife Rain, etc.


In this BD, Totem strongly recommends the use of the Purifying Flame Spell Totem (high basic damage + long range + large range + built-in large-scale dedication ground), and cooperating with super-high life spirits to achieve permanent bleeding when attacking fortifications, and obtain stable and greatly increased damage,,. Since it is difficult to hit full damage with the Shockwave Totem because of the concentration effect that takes place during actual combat and the fact that many bosses like to run around or chase you, it is more prudent to use the purified flame totem, which will blow up if you use the Shockwave Totem. Pob damage is exceptionally high, but the range is extremely limited.


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When an enemy is bleeding, the resident's damage is increased by more than 30W. This is the mechanism that causes the bleeding damage increase, and it can be seen in the paragraphs above. In spite of this, due to the fact that we are dual-wielding the incarnation of Vulcan Ignition, everything has been turned into fire, and neither our characters nor the totem are able to cause any damage to the physical world. Consider it more of a burst buff rather than a resident buff because there is no guarantee that the bleed will be perfectly maintained at all times.


The actual test in T17 can eat any skills, but the cost is high and the risk is high. Dual-wielding the incarnation of Vulcan Ignition, using the phantom guards to cause bleeding; the cost of 30C of 3 phantom guards maintains the ground under the premise; the actual test in T17 can eat any skills; however, the risk is high and the cost is high. The Body Kitava Courier service is poe currency not available and is not recommended. The Transmutation Guard summons life-body protection, causes bleeding with a one-handed sword, double-wields the incarnation of Vulcan Ignition, and causes bleeding with the spirit body.


The fact that there are so few skills, with bloodletting being the only one at level A, is one of the advantages. When the adversary is within a close proximity to the medium distance, bloodletting will occur even if it is in a state in which it is not bleeding. figures, as well as a few boss fights. Survival mechanism consisting of a 20% hard damage reduction for body protection, a 64% third resistance, a 9% high life second return, dual wielding the incarnation of Vulcan Ignition, and causing bleeding with pure agility and fragile curse. The position of vulnerability is that of a curse, and there is no benefit to having it. The T17/18 BOSS, on the other hand, possesses its own unique resistance to curses. After the effect of the curse has been mitigated, the probability of bleeding is approximately 7%, and the probability that touching something will trigger it is very high.


Holding the incarnation of Vulcan without fire by itself, control the rhythm and bleed every 4 seconds, and the output time of 4 seconds is not recommended because it is purely a feel problem. It is entirely dependent on equipment and talent affixes to stack, both of which can be stacked from the talent tree and sublimation divine guidance. The equipment can be found in the appropriate locations, and it is entirely dependent on equipment to stack. Ascension TalentThe Ascension Ceremony grants approximately 270 seconds of additional magic power in addition to a total return of 6. 8% seconds, which breaks down to 1% second return per totem and 1. 8% second talent tree. The Talent of SublimationThe sublimation ritual grants approximately 400 seconds worth of time, 0. 5% of the second totem for each totem, 0. 7% for the enhancement of the secret technique, and 160% for the speed of the talent tree.


We will reduce the amount of physical damage we take and increase our sublimation talent power conviction in order to increase our chances of receiving an endurance charge when we hit a critical ball. When we are cleaning the map, we can use Storm Brand—Critical Hit Ball and Injury Release—Brand Recall—Immortal Howl, both of which are almost at full power. When there is an endurance ball, you receive 5% elemental damage reduction; three resistances 75%; balance resistance in the later stage; and Oke Pharmacy provides 10% elemental damage reduction. The ball reaches material immunity and elemental damage reduction after two to three seconds.


Because of its high damage, the BD can be used to attack the fortress at a low cost, and there is no need to worry about the attributes or prices of the yellow weapons because they are not relevant to this battle. It is highly recommended that you use the Purifying Flame in conjunction with the Spell Totem, as this will provide you with a normal and smooth brushing experience. Because there is not yet a mechanism that is capable of producing perfect bleeding, it is important to remember that bleeding is not a consistent part of the output but rather an intermittent burst of damage. The spiritual body is represented by a dirty peeling blade, and the level 83 summon panel has 3W5 health. Through the use of the radiant head in conjunction with the talent and the dedication to the ground, 9% of a second equals 3000 seconds of recovery. In most cases, you will not die after brushing the map; however, in T17/18 there is no guarantee of survival. The advantage is that whenever it is out of the battle, it will release 100% of the bloodletting skills when it encounters a non-bleeding enemy again.