The rise and fall of SADDAM HUSSEIN

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The rise and down fall of saddam hussein

In the year 16th July 1979 saddam hussein became a president  of Iraq and he started a war with iran ?? in 1980 its the first gulf War it was been going for 8 years till 1988 the Iraq has lost the war and later saddam hussein started a war with Kuwait in 1990 its second  gulf War Kuwait has lost the war its saddam first victory in Iraq ??  saddam sons udhay hussein and qussey Hussain was participated  in the war later America ?? helped Kuwait to win the gulf War Iraq ?? lost the war over 1000 of iraqsoldiers have died in Iraq ?? and later Un weapons  inspectors have visited Iraq to see Iraq army powers and saddam has built a weapons of mass destruction  and nuclear and chemical weapons are built in saddam hussein Iraq ?? army saddam soilders have not allowed  un weapons  inspectors  to see the Iraq weapons of mass destruction  and later in april23 2003 saddam hussein  lost his president  post and leave Iraq ??  and he hiding in dikrit village where saddam  hussein was born saddam  hussein  is underground tunnel where saddam hussein hiding and later in december10,2003 saddam hussein  was captured  by American forces  in dikrit and saddam has sent to jail later in December 30,2006 saddam  hussein  was hanged and saddam hussein  sentenced to death  because  of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction  and killing 300000 kurudhs in Iraq ??